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American Tourist Arrested in Brazil Trying to Pull Insurance Scam

Deat, Tourism Police Station in Leblon, Rio, Brazil American tourist Porfilio Nicholas Anthony, 25, from California, was arrested in Rio early this Monday by officers of the Special Tourist Service (Deat). on charges of trying to pull an insurance scam.

Anthony told police that he had been assaulted at about 6:30 am by a tall strong man armed with a knife who took his three bags not far from the Copacabana Atlantic Hotel where he was staying.

In addition, the American said he had walked two blocks to catch a taxi, something very unusual for tourists staying in Rio's south side.

Suspicious of his story, authorities went to the hotel and found out that he had checked out at 10:30 am from the place, four hours later than he said the robbery had occurred. They also discovered that his luggage was still at the hotel's luggage room.

Anthony was taken to the Deat's police station in Leblon and his case is being now followed by American officials from the US Consulate in Rio.

According to the Brazilian police, the American tourist reported the fake theft to get the US$ 17,000 of luggage insurance he had bought. Now instead he is going to be indicted for fraud and will be slapped with a steep fine. He might also get up to five years in jail.

In July two British tourists were also arrested trying the same kind of scam. Shanti Andrews Simone Claire and Rebecca Turner, both 23 and both lawyers, complained to the DEAT that thieves had taken their bags and documents. At that time police also located the luggage that had supposedly been stolen.


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  • Purple Rain

    [quote]@Purple Rain, you obviously do not know of what you speak.[/quote]

    Read usa_male and Roger’s comments. So obviously you are the one who’s ignorant here.

  • Nicholas usa_male

    “Canada’s new media never give ethnicity”

    American is not an ethnicity. second, On Canada’s liberal CBC they do tell when it’s an American (US citizen=Nationality) who screwed up in the country. The mean stream Media here in the US, unfortunately, is more political correct.

  • Roger Rosato Alves

    That’s just because it’s funny
    The reason that Brazil’s media shows this kind of stupidness is because it’s REALLY pleasurable for Brazilians to read such thing. People from US always say Brazil is the land of whores and drugs, say there’s only monkeys and snakes and when they get there they think Brazil’s is none’s land and just act REALLY stupid, they turn into another people. It’s just funny and pleasurable for Brazilians when they see the snooty US people getting screwed through their ignorance. Belive me: I’m Brazilian and THAT’S THE WAY IT IS. If you intend to come to Brazil, please get informed and, if you think you’re gonna find the no-law paradise PLEASE BEAT IT! No country is perfect, but please, don’t make ours worse…

  • gringo1

    @Purple Rain, you obviously do not know of what you speak. Canada’s new media never give ethnicity, nor country of origin when talking about stories involving crime. One day Brazil will grow up and understand why, you sadly, I don’t hold such high hopes.

  • Breckenfeld

    One More American Moron
    Too bad. Perhaps he just thought he could get away with that because he was in Brazil.
    Too bad he is American. If he made the news, too bad too. Ha, ha.

  • Purple Rain

    [quote]The ONLY reason this story is news worthy in Brazil is because of the Man’s nationality, and the timing is interesting too. I’m not defending the idiot – let him do the time. All criminals should be locked up. But to claim this is a news story just because he is American? No.[/quote]

    Like any other Media like any other country, the Media wants stories that sell, stories that people will get interested to read and another American idiot being jailed in Brazil is something people will get so much pleasure from the reading.

    Don’t pretend other countries are different: Europe and Canada don’t like you too

  • gringo1

    There are dumb criminals everywhere, and many in Brazil (too many actually), but singling out the man’s nationality is simple Brazilian xenophobia. You would never get away with that in the US or Canada unless the criminal was an illegal, and even then the media would simply say “an illegal”. Actually, a man accused of fraud in the US or Canada, or Europe for that matter, would never even make the news (unless the value was in the millions). The ONLY reason this story is news worthy in Brazil is because of the Man’s nationality, and the timing is interesting too. I’m not defending the idiot – let him do the time. All criminals should be locked up. But to claim this is a news story just because he is American? No.

  • travelr

    Dumb criminals . . .
    Are everywhere. These guys should get what they deserve. They give Americans a bad name.

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