85% of Businessmen in Brazil Betting They’ll Make More Money This Year

Brazil realBrazilian businessmen are more optimistic for 2010 regarding their revenues. That’s what the Serasa Experian Entrepreneurial Expectation survey concluded after interviewing 1,012 businessmen across Brazil. Results show that 90% of them are going to raise their revenue estimates for the first quarter of the year.

The services and trade sectors recorded the highest growth expectations. In industry, 85% of businessmen showed optimism. In terms of regions of the country, North, Northeast and South had the highest share of businessmen willing to revise up the expected revenues of their businesses.

With regard to revenues expected in 2010, 85% of interviewees bet on a higher figure than in 2009. As for investment, 52% believe that that planned figure is not going to change, but for 37% investment should grow in the first quarter.

The credit conditions and supply should also increase, in the opinion of interviewees. To 58% of financial institutions in Brazil, the credit supply to companies is going to increase compared with the fourth quarter of 2009. To 36%, the supply will be the same, and to 6% it should drop.

Another aspect surveyed was number of employees. To 62% of interviewees, the number of workers should remain the same as in the fourth quarter of 2009, and to 34% there should be an increase.

At various points of the survey, the trade and services sectors have stood out, complemented by the expected increase in credit supply to consumers, showing that the domestic market will be the highlight in 2010 for businessmen.

The Brazilian Northeast region is the most optimistic. According to the survey, the reason for that is the resumption of local industry and tourism, resulting from the recovery of employment and income.




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