Presidential Hopeful Rousseff Urges Union Between Left and Center Left

Dilma Rousseff and president LulaChief of staff Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’ ruling Workers Party presidential hopeful, admitted that there was concern over the impact of a divided left ahead for the coming October presidential election, as happened in Chile where the conservative Coalition for Change defeated the ruling Concertacion in office for two decades.

“The Chilean election can signify some concern in Brazil, and underlines the importance of a strong bond between the left and center left; what happened in Chile was they run disunited, but is was their choice”, said presidential pre-candidate Rousseff who is strongly sponsored by Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Last week Lula cautioned about the risks of a divided Brazilian left committing the same mistakes as the progressive parties in the Chilean presidential election which resulted in the victory of Conservative Sebastian Piñera.

To achieve the unity of the so-called progressive arch, Lula has promised to discuss with Brazil’s Socialist party so that they do not present their own candidate and join support for Ms Rousseff.

However it is anticipated that the current cabinet chief will not have the full support of the Brazilian left since Socialism and Liberty, as well as the Green party will have their own candidates next October 3.

Rousseff meantime again attacked the center right opposition, headed by the Social-democrats which recently questioned the Growth Acceleration Program, PAC, an ambitious long term investment plan of infrastructure and housing, according to daily Folha de S. Paulo.

“It’s quite difficult to agree with someone who is only intent in destroying PAC,” said Rousseff.

President Lula said that next March his administration would be launching PAC II, a public works program for 2011/2015, which will have to be executed by the following administration since his mandate ends next December 31.



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