After 44 Back-to-back Days of Rain São Paulo Goes in State of Attention

São Paulo flood São Paulo city, in the Brazilian Southeast, had today its 44th consecutive day of rains and arguably the worst so far, with the whole city being put in state of attention. Congonhas airport was closed, rivers flooded and there were reports of hail at about 4:45 pm. 

The CGE (Center for Emergency Management) had decreed a state of attention for the entire city of Sao Paulo at 4 pm. Due to the overflow of the Ipiranga stream and the Aricanduva river the regions of Ipiranga, Aricanduva and Itaquera entered state of emergency at the end of day.

In just three days of February São Paulo had 132 mm (5.2 inches) of rain, which corresponds to 44% of historical average for the month. The excessive heat since the beginning of the week has been pointed out as the main culprit for the storms.

At about 6 pm, according to the Traffic Engineering Company (CET), São Paulo had 32 points of flooding, 16 of them impassable. At that same time, the city recorded 130 miles (81 miles) of gridlock. The worst point was in the Marginal Pinheiros, going to Interlagos. There were 9.4 kilometers  (5.9 miles) of slow traffic there.

The bad weather also forced the Congonhas Airport, in the south side, to close for landings and takeoffs at 4 pm, reopening only one hour and a half later. Sixteen percent of the flights were late or had to be canceled.

Meanwhile, the temperature in the city of Rio de Janeiro peaked at 40° C (104° F) at 4 pm, on Thursday, according to the Climatempo. The high temperature was recorded in Campo dos Afonsos, in the west side of the city. In the north, the Tom Jobim International Airport recorded 38° C.

The temperature also reached 40° C in the city of Criciúma, Santa Catarina, as measured at the local airport.

In Urussanga, in southern Santa Catarina, the thermometers read 38.7° C, according to the National Meteorology Institute (Inmet). In Indaial, in Vale do Itajaí, the heat reached 39.1° C.

According to Climatempo, the strong heat recorded this week is due to a large and strong high pressure system that moved over Brazil. The reduction of moisture levels caused by this system caused the amount of clouds to also decrease over the states of the South, Southeast and Midwest regions of Brazil.


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  • jake

    “bullshit artist” – definition for Brasilian guy
    “bullshit artist” is slang for somebody who talks themselves bigger than they are capable of – All your men in this country are like this. And all your women I can not even get to without a fight from a jealous man.

    can you build this brick wall ok? Yeh I can do everything! the brasilian says.

    Fucking hell man, if you just told me honestly what you CAN do then I could account for it.

  • jake

    I bet those sujoinhos are just a block away from the jeitinhos.

    fuck you brasil. A country of bullshit artists.

    New York, New York. Fuck the jews and fuck this shit too!

  • jake

    John of Silver
    “You lost your bet McCrann. Last week I was there and there were hundreds of such “sujeitos” on the side walk. I heard that they left SP to escape the rains and Kassab paid for their transportation.”

    I would have too. I dont even know if you could trust me with power. I would have done alot more than that.

    Well all is fine now in Floripa, the crack-heads have taken over and terrorised the neighbours.

    I have seriously lamented my obsession with bringing the Dormobile Poptop to Brasil, 50 years late.

  • paul&samantha

    jake wear the bloody hell are ya ,nobody wants to tell us in hampton

  • dnbaiacu

    These weather make me wonder…….
    If there is any scientific credibility to strange weather patterns of 2012? Crazy weather in the U.S right now.

    I guess we shall soon see.:o

  • João da Silva

    Jake McCrann
    [quote]I bet in Floripa I dont walk out my front door into the street to discover a passed-out crack head on my foot path? [/quote]

    You lost your bet McCrann. Last week I was there and there were hundreds of such “sujeitos” on the side walk. I heard that they left SP to escape the rains and Kassab paid for their transportation.

  • jake mccrann

    What would Sao Paulo be like without traffic jams?
    Well that answer will cost you R$3 million. I want R$3 million otherwise I will register the company in Australia and there will be not one fucking thing you Brasilians can do to stop me taking control of all your logistics networs in SP, RJ, and MG. I will take it all and I will take it all from an Austrlaian registered company so that none of your corrupt fuckers nor the jews can touch us.

  • jake mccrann

    30,000 per week I will sell it for
    There are two options here. I go ahead agressively in a free-capital market and take control of logistics in Sao Paulo or the government gives me 3 million dollars to lead it publically.

    You choice. OR you can burn in hell as you are obviously doing a good job in in this shit whole of a life you call Sao Paulo Traffic Jam.

    You should change the name of the city to Traffic Jammed.

    If it was a gov project then it will take half the time to impliment. But free market is far more exicting. You would really have to offer me about R$3 million for one year of work to work with the government.

  • jake mccrann

    And I do have a solution for the traffic in Sao Paulo. I can actually solve the traffic congestion problem as it was one of our projects in third year mathetmatics at Melbourne University. The problem is the ELITE fuckfaces. They are all fuckfaces. All of them. Every single fucking one of them.

  • jake mccrann

    After 44 days of rain, and 300 days of 2009 with rain I AM LEAVING SP
    I bet Floripa doesn’t have so much rain. And I bet that mofo doesn’t eat and wapr their US5,000 dollar classical guitar either. This city is a shit hole in every direction you look at it. If I EVER come back it will be in a helicopter only.

    I bet in Floripa I dont walk out my front door into the street to discover a passed-out crack head on my foot path? Should I go on? Or I don’t discover that 100 families stormed one of my properties in the night and put up card-board houses literally robbing me of 500,000K because I have to pay the government now R$5,000 per family for the ROTA to come and kick them out? I could get fucking BlackWater to burn down their favela for less – but then I would kill all those innocent children.

    Look, the city is scum. Its finished and I HATE the elite in this city. I spit on your grave. You are not educated in anything but hoarding money. You are SCUM of the earth MORE than some chachasseiro in the street passed out unconcios in the gutter. You are SCUM.

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