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Brazil’s Labor Minister Boasts Country Is Starting Year at Full Power

zzz Figures disclosed by Brazil’s General Records Office for Employment and Unemployment (Caged) show that industry, the sector of services and civil construction presented the best result in the series last month. Six of eight sectors boosted the record generation of 181,419 jobs in January 2010.

After a strong drop in December 2009, the transformation industry posted a result 17% higher than the previous record, in January 2008, and generated 68,920 jobs.

The service sector, boosted by tourism, generated 57,889 work posts, a record figure since the figure started being recorded. This was also the case with civil construction, with generation of 54,330 jobs.

According to Labor minister Carlos Lupi, the record in January shows “full recovery and that industry is starting 2010 at full power” and that the foreign sector has improved, with the return to exports. “This shows that the sector, that was weaker in 2009, has recovered,” he said.

Of the sectors researched in the transformation industry, only food presented retraction in figures, boosted by the seasonal aspect, due to strong rains, for example. The reduction was 0.08%, or 1,408 fewer jobs.

Among the regions of the country, the Caged pointed out that all also broke job generation records. The region with the greatest creation of jobs was the Southeast, rising 0.44% (79,652 jobs), the South, with growth of 0.86% (52,078) and the Midwest, with growth of 1%, or 24,271 posts.

According to the Caged, São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Santa Catarina presented the greatest growth, with 51,159, 20,492 and 19,290 new jobs, respectively.



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  • Lloyd Cata

    Where’s The Beef?
    Glad to see strong job numbers in ‘some’ major sectors, such as the ‘transportation’ industry.

    Perhaps my friend, João da Silva, will get me the numbers for NE, North, and NW, since they are ‘technically’ part of the same economy, although with different economic indicators. It is telling that one of the major indicators in these areas is ‘slave labor’ which would probably account for several percentage points of the labor market in these areas.

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