Brazil Insists Talks with Iran Should Continue Without Dogmatism

Iran's AhmadinejadBrazil remains willing to mediate talks between the International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran, in an effort to ensure that the Iranian nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. This was the message once again from the Brazilian government.

This time coming from Brazil’s Foreign minister, Celso Amorim, speaking in Madrid at the Brazil-European Union high-level meeting on Foreign Affairs and Security.

Amorim declared that it is essential for Brazil and the EU to work together to find a negotiated solution to resolve the question of the controversial Iranian nuclear program.

Amorim went on to say he still believed there was room for a negotiated solution. He admitted the international community had to be certain the Iranian program was not for military ends. But he pointed out that the negotiations had to proceed without becoming dogmatic. 

The Brazil-EU meeting deals with a wide range of issues, from a Strategic Partnership Action Plan to cooperation in areas of poverty reduction, climate change, bilateral system strengthening, human rights, economic relations, consular issues, education and culture.

Also on the agenda: the Doha Round trade negotiations, Haiti reconstruction and aid, the Mercosur-EU association, the Latin American, Caribbean – European Union summit scheduled for Madrid on May 18, the Allied Civilizations Forum in Rio de Janeiro on May 28 and 29, and preparations for a G-20 summit in Toronto on June 26 and 27.




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