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Hillary Clinton Asks Brazil to Join US Against Iran and in Favor of Honduras

Clinton, Sarney, Temer in Brazil US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, in a visit to the Brazilian Congress said the United States would like help from Brazil in dealing with the nuclear proliferation, the Iranian nuclear program and the new situation in Honduras.

Clinton also met with the presidents of the two legislative houses, Michel Temer (PMDB, São Paulo) (Chamber of Deputies) and José Sarney (PMDB, Amapá) (Senate).

As for Iran, Clinton pointed out to Temer and Sarney that Russia, China, England, France and Germany are all in favor of new sanctions because they are all convinced that the recent decision by Tehran to enrich uranium to 20% is part of a plan to build nuclear weapons. Iran denies this.

Mrs Clinton warned that Iran wants nuclear weapons not only to attack Israel, but to exert political pressure over the whole Middle East and especially the Arab nations. She called on Brazil to join the effort to halt the proliferation of nuclear arms, according to José Sarney.

The American secretary also spoke to the leaders of the Congress about Latin America and the need to overcome the conflict in Honduras by bringing an end to its domestic problems, an effort Brazil can and hopefully will be a part of, she told Temer and Sarney.

During her one-day visit to Brazil, Hillary was expected also to meet with president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and sign a series of cooperation agreements.



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  • a priori

    Iran is the land of the Aryans, that is the origin of the word, allies of Hitler they have no compunction of irradicating populations.

    Israel was bought from absentee landlords from the Ottoman Empire, there is no such thing as a Palestinian, they were share croppers, and in preponderance were squatters.

    The cultural, linguistic, and genetic evidence provide consensus that the Ashkenazi Jewish population originated in the Middle East. Jews have lived in Germany, or “Ashkenaz”, at least since the early 4th century. If the Ashkenazi are invaders then they are from Israel and should and did return there. Hitler threatened the world, Aryan supremacy, and Ahmadinejad threatens Israel, Israel has the force to end the threat. Israel will not repeat history and be led to the gas chambers again.

    A 2005 study by Nebel et al., based on Y chromosome polymorphic markers, showed that Ashkenazi Jews are more closely related to other Jewish and Middle Eastern groups than to their host populations in Europe. However, 11.5% of male Ashkenazim were found to belong to R-M17, the dominant Y chromosome haplogroup in Eastern Europeans, suggesting possible gene flow. The authors hypothesized that “R-M17 chromosomes in Ashkenazim may represent vestiges of the mysterious Khazars”. They concluded “However, if the R-M17 chromosomes in Ashkenazi Jews do indeed represent the vestiges of the mysterious Khazars then, according to our data, this contribution was limited to either a single founder or a few closely related men, and does not exceed ~ 12% of the present-day Ashkenazim

    Eike Batista is building a port north of Rio to export to China. The economic wealth of Brazil is tied to China and India. The Aryans (Iran)are on the wrong side of history again. They are a theocratic military dictatorship, hastening the 12th Imam and the rebirth of the world. Between India and China there are 2.5 billion people that disagree. I dont have to be German to understand Brazilian economics. I can study Eikes Batista and if I have the intellectual acumen can understand the economic future of Brazil over the next quarter century.

  • a priori

    threatened with annihilation, israel would nuke iran back to mesopotamia, israel traded its support for the ’57 war over the suez canal between france, england and egypt for nuclear technology; so in a half a century israel did not use nucular weaponry, though it most assuredly was able to deter its destruction merely because the arab world believed they would be vaporized and could be vaporized if it were existentially threatened. Venezuela is the bug, it seems that there will be confrontation after March 7 and the Iraq vote, assuming everything is as hoped Iran will be surrounded by forces that have no more wish for a rabid facist in the midst of all the oil in the middle east, the internal revolution will suppress the facistic militaristic 12 imam madness of the theocratic military dictatorship in power. No one is interested in a military dictatorship in Iran. Brazil’s business is with China not Iran, I recently heard the interview with Eikes, he represents the sanity and direction Brazil is going to take in the next 20 years and Iran is of no political or economic interst to Brazil.

  • Homan

    i think this arian people(Iran)following truth and the world working some how that finally truth is successful and US and Israil will lost every things because they are liar,and brazilian people, like all other tolerant people in the world likes truth, the day of US and Israil finished and they are in abrupt of naught.

  • Andrade

    [quote]these aryans are also a huge market for brazilian products & brazil will pursue this commercial opportunity – seig heil[/quote]

    You are quite right. Seig Heil to you too.:D;-)>

  • wiseman

    not sure where you get your doctored historical facts.

    fyi, most of northern india started out being occupied by the aryans.

    i think the aryans just checkmated the genocidal, criminal, imperial anglo-zionist cabal. cry me a river….;-);-);-)

    these aryans are also a huge market for brazilian products & brazil will pursue this commercial opportunity – seig heil 8)8)8)

  • wiseman

    a priori – mossad jew sewer rat
    iran is not mesopotamia – get your historical facts correct.

    israel is a illegal artificial settler state set-up & promoted by the anglo americans.

    the ashkanazi jews are not even semite people, they are slavo-turkic khazar converts, who originate in the region between the black & caspian seas.

    israel is a genocidal, apartheid, criminal fascist state hiding behind a ‘facade’ of ‘democracy’.

    israel’s nuclear technology was provided by the frogs & in some cases stolen outright.

    vaporizing the arab world would be the end of israel as most of it’s population would die off from the radiation effects borne by wind flows.

    israel did not use nuclear weapons because the ussr would have put an end to it’s existence.

    iran has checkmated israel & put it between a rock & a hard place.

    venezuela is not the bug. bugs are what you have up your rear end.

    the rabid fascists appear to be net&yahoo & lepermann.

    iran is a huge export market for brazilian products & brazil will pursue commercial relations with it, whether you like it or not.

    given that you are not brazilian, you are in no position to decide if iran is of political or economic interest to brazil.

  • wiseman

    lying 2 faced bimbo
    what about israel’s illegal stash of nuclear weapons & it’s occupation, bombing & threatening of arab countries.

    china is definitely not on board & russia is ambevilent.

    iran needs a nuclear capability to defend against anglo-zionist aggression.

    dont pull brazil into your dirty games. brazil has a non-aligned, independent foreign policy.

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