Brazil Vows Not to Allow Houses Rebuilt on Floodplains After Dozens Are Killed

Flood in Palmares, BrazilBrazil’s minister of Cities, Márcio Fortes, has confirmed that houses destroyed by floods in the states of Alagoas and Pernambuco will not be rebuilt on river banks or floodplains.

“Today the governor of Alagoas has begun a careful survey of the destruction. Homeowners from other states will be included. What we will not do is rebuild in the same location. We must move these people away from danger, away from the river banks and floodplains. That means we have to obtain other areas, we will have to buy, expropriate or receive land donations,” the minister said.

The good news the minister had was that additional government funding, which could mean a big delay, would not be necessary because a federal homebuilding program, (“Minha Casa Minha Vida”), had money for home construction.

“The message I want to give residents is that resources are available. What we need to do is complete a survey of the situation, how many families were affected, how many homes are needed.  And we will do that as soon as possible.”

In his final remarks, the minister referred to the serious problem of continued rainfall in the region and announced that distribution of food and medical supplies will continue until the situation returns to normal.

“Families that have been removed from areas of risk will receive food, shelter, water and medicine as long as necessary,” declared the minister.”



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