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650 Brazilian College Students Just Arrived in the US for Brazil-US Exchange Program

Brazilian students in the US Hundreds of Brazilian students have arrived in the United States this past week starting a program called Science Without Borders. 650 college students will be studying in over 100 U.S. universities in 42 states across the country.

They are just the first wave of academics participating in Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s Science Without Borders program to come to American classrooms.

Last year, American president Barack Obama and his colleague Rousseff set complementary goals for international education.

Obama announced the “100,000 Strong for the Americas” initiative to increase international study with a target of 100,000 students from Latin America and the Caribbean studying in the US, and a reciprocal 100,000 students from the US studying in that region.

Additionally, President Rousseff’s “Science Without Borders” scholarship program will support as many as 101,000 outstanding Brazilian students for international study in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in the next four years.

“Our relationship with Brazil continues to grow, and this investment through educational exchanges will continue to benefit our society for generations,” said the US State Department.

The program has financial support from private and state companies in Brazil, many of which have already committed to employing the students after the complete their studies and return home.


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  • Spiffy

    By the way Costinha…….
    Just like I don’t put up with any bullshit from Americans knocking Brazil, I damn sure don’t like your attitude about the USA. Don’t wish us bad bro…If we don’t succeed, nobody succeeds, including Brazil…..I promise, if we go down the tubes, there will be a long list of countries that will preceed us. Wake up call amigo. Acorda.

  • F-35 stealth supersonic fighter jet

    the united states of america .and the united states congress and its laws by the people for the people
    so americans who advocate for “rule of law” are trash??…go F–k yourself donkey cart jockey …we have laws on freedom of expression and opinion .this site is an american registered site in los angeles calif.,the united states of america .

  • costinha

    @americanos numero zero
    God Mess Amerika, Land of the Fee and Home of the Slave!



  • cassio

    @americanos numero uno
    I have reported you to the site admin and I will not rest until you are banned from this site. and even if you change account I will know it is you. trust me I know your style of trash. Boy, talking about human trash hum?

  • americanos numero uno

    its like butter smooth orderly and effectual ..and very necessary. just ask any american
    the answer is deportation by attrition..or starving them out …no entitlements funded by us american taxpayers ,a felony to employ them ,and no bank accounts or any financial transfer or transactions .its a felony to employ them ,assist them conceal them hide them traffick them marry them for a green card harbor them or traffick or smuggle them or provide them with fraudelent documents …all felonies in addition to illegal entry or illegal presence ….enforcement of any or a combination of those lawswhich are our existing laws allreadt in place will have them buying plane tickets and bustickets with their broods going with them back to their beloved home coutries.quite simple ,common sence laws that will and must be enforced mandatorily coming very soon …

  • americanos numero uno

    here are the actual penaties for illegal aliens in the usa in violation of us laws on illegal entry and illegal presence
    here,a better way to promote international harmony . brazil must agree to an extradition agreement with the united states of america if it wishes to get ANY visa for ANY brazilian national to enter the usa for ANY reason .Amd make it a felony if any brazilian national violates the terms of that visa which is a privelege and not a right to have.any violation of the terms of these visas subjects the holder to jail in a us prison ,no bond,and the banning of that brazilian national from ever entering the usa again and of course immediate deportation if the alien has commited any crimes while in the usa they will beimprisoned until there sentence is fully complete and then permanently deported …take it or leave …no exceptions .

  • Spiffy

    Education and harmony
    This is one of the ways to promote international harmony and peace and place differences in a sense of equilibrium. Education displaces ignorance. Of course there are bigots who will find fault even with the above mentioned measures.

    As this earth becomes more populated there is no doubt that the poor will continue to place an exponential load on the economies of the rest of society.

    Its not just the USA that has poor immigrants (legal and illegal) pouring through its borders. The process of immigration is almost osmotic in that poverty will migrate from areas of greater concentration to areas of lesser concentration. The semi permeable membrane being international borders.

    Can we deport them all? Nope, this is a pipe dream that bigots throw out there hoping somebody will figure out how to make it really happen.

    I don’t know what the answer is exactly, but if there is a hope for an answer, its not in hate and bigotry or isolationism. If there is an answer, it is in educating more people and together finding the answers to our condition in a coherent and humane manner. We can fight each other for diminishing resources and space or we can use what God put between our ears and figure a way out our path forward.

    Our president hasn’t done everything right, none before him ever has accomplished this. I didn’t even vote for president Obama, but he is right with the “100,000 Strong for the Americas” program. Even if it is rightly or wrongly construed as being pure politics.

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