Before Ending US Tour in NY, Brazil’s Sepultura Will Crisscross Country

Sepultura's latest album Brazilian/American metal band Sepultura will be in New York for one show on Monday, April 30, at Irving Plaza. The band is right now in Russia, for shows as part of its “Relentless Worldwide Tour.”

This will be their first show in New York since the launching of the 2011 album, Kairos.

“We are so excited to go back to North America,” commented Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser. “Last year’s tour was great, but this time we have the new album, ‘Kairos’ out and people already know the new stuff.

“Plus, it’s the first time we are touring with our longtime friends in Death Angel, Havok, and our brothers from Brazil, Krisiun… So prepare yourselves for an amazing and historical tour. North America deserves some real extreme and intense metal! … Destroy!”

Sepultura has 12 albums and is a champion of sales around the globe. In the US alone the band has sold over 3 million records and around 20 million across the world, having won several gold and platinum records all over the planet, including in France, Australia, United States, Cyprus, Indonesia and their native Brazil.

Sepultura is considered today as a musical phenomenon in its style. The band will also be launching a documentary film in the summer. The show will open with Death Angel< Havok And Krisiun. Tickets can be bought online at

The New York show will be the final stop of the US-Canada tour, which will also include: Santa Ana (CA) on April 10, San Francisco (CA) on April 11, Portland (OR) on April 12, Seattle (WA) on April 13, Salt Lake City (UT) on April 14, Denver (CO) on April 15 and Billings (MT) on April 16.

Before the end of April they will be rushing from city to city playing practically every night in Regina (SK) (Canada). Winnipeg (MB), Madison (WI), Chicago (IL), Rochester (NY), Toronto (ON), Quebec City (QC), Montreal (QC). Pawtucket (RI), Albany (NY), Baltimore (MD), Pawtucket (RI, Burlington (VT), New York (NY).


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