Export and Domestic Growth Go Together, Says Brazil’s Lula

Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, said yesterday that Brazil is about to enter its best phase in the external market. According to the President, the country is currently responsible for 1.12% of all products traded in the world.

He recalled that in the seventies, Brazil’s share of the international market was 1.2%, but it fell to 0.70%.

“In two years of our administration, we reached 1.12%, which means we are getting closer to Brazil’s best moment today, with China taking care of a great portion of the world commerce,” he added.

President Lula mentioned that the government adopted the policy of investing in exports as well as in the internal market, so that business communities can calmly make their investments.

“We decided that it is perfectly compatible to export and grow internally.” He informed that manufactured products represented more than half of 2004 exports.

Lula’s statements were made during a visit to the Brazilian subsidiary of Tecumseh, a manufacturer of hermetic compressors for refrigeration, located in São Carlos, in the state of São Paulo.

Translation: Andréa Alves

Agência Brasil



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