2 Wellness Benefits of Suppositories For Your Pelvic Floor

If you are like thousands of other women who struggle to enjoy intimacy or experience pain in your pelvis in general, then suppositories may very well be the solution for you!

 Recent studies show that it is not uncommon for females to experience something known as the “hypertonic pelvic floor.” This is basically where the muscles in your pelvic area are constantly in a state of tension. This is not only painful on a day-to-day basis, but makes it feel like it is near impossible to actually relax when it comes to enjoyment in the bedroom too.

 So, what can you do if you suffer from a super tight pelvic floor?

 Luckily, there are many different options for you to explore. Women have found that meditation, self-pleasure, and breathing can all help. But the real game-changer for many is actually using a suppository that is infused with CBD. Using this before sex or self-pleasure can help you find serious relief for your pelvic floor, or just in general when you need to find relief. 

 What Exactly is a Suppository?

If you have never heard of a suppository, fear not. This concept is new to a lot of women. But we are here to reveal all you need to know about them and why they can really make a positive difference for you.

 Suppositories are an item that can come in both anal and vaginal forms. They are best described as tiny bullet-shaped inserts that will dissolve naturally as soon as you insert them.

 Suppositories contain CBD that will then help calm down your internal organs and do not have any psychoactive compounds within. They are a waxy solid that actually turns into liquid—which is how it “dissolves”. A suppository will allow you to get the CBD much deeper into your body than any oils or lubes ever can.

 Plus, suppositories are known for containing high amounts of CBD compared to the average sexual product on the market. In fact, they are able to get your body 100 milligrams or more of CBD and ensure that the CBD used is organic too.

 Why Suppositories?

So why would you want to use a suppository? And how does it actually help your pelvic floor?

 CBD is able to help relieve you of any inflammation and equally help subside any pain you are feeling. Women have a very sensitive vaginal canal with a ton of nerve receptors that create physical sensations. CBD suppositories are able to help you specifically target the areas that desperately need relief.

 Plus, suppositories are able to help generate a better blood flow and enhance your sexual mood. This is done by triggering an arousal response in your body that is triggered when your tissues, natural lubrication, relaxation of your pelvic floor, and vaginal canal expansion are all activated.

Here are the many benefits that your body can experience when using suppositories.

1. Relief from Pain

If you suffer from chronic pelvic pain, this is something that you likely experience not just in the bedroom. In fact, for many women, it is something they experience daily as a symptom of endometriosis, vestibulodynia, or even vaginismus. This is where suppositories can really help you find relief from pain on a daily basis.

Then, when it comes to the bedroom, CBD suppository is able to help engage your mindset and interest in wanting to be intimate so your body can go into that arousal state rather than be fearful of pain. 

But it is important to not use suppositories as the solution to your pain. You should still be talking to your OBGYN or another medical professional who you trust around to figure out why you are experiencing pain in the first place and options to fix it.

2. Gets You in the Mood

Being intimate and having your pelvic floor relax are largely driven by your mental state. If you are tense, stressed, or worried, it will be hard for the muscles around your pelvic floor to actually relax enough for you to enjoy the intimate experience. Inserting the suppository prior to an intimate act will help loosen up those muscles and let the experience be nothing but enjoyable.

You will just want to make sure that you put the suppository in well in advance of actually getting intimate so that your body has time to be activated and the suppository itself can be disintegrated.

Many women who use suppositories say they can really feel the physical sensations when the suppository is being activated within them and even if you don’t have a pelvic floor condition, can still feel the many benefits it allows for.


The act of intimacy is so important for a human being. It is something that should never be taken for granted or neglected. If you are someone who is experiencing pain in your pelvic floor and, thus, hesitant to be intimate, suppositories may be a great solution for you. Or, if you are generally wanting to enhance the experience of intimacy even if you do not have any underlying issues, you can still benefit greatly from CBD suppositories.

Why not give it a try and see how CBD suppositories can benefit you?

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