By Brazzil Magazine

In a time of an unfortunate crisis Brazil is still very rich in many ways. I am a
26-year-old New Jersey resident, Native American. I have visited Brazil five times, three
alone in 99. There are many things that give Brazil a good name, but unfortunately many
Americans don’t even know where Brazil is. I am different. I love Brazil and would like to
tell the readers of Brazzil my views as an American about your wonderful country.

Here in the United States we are so busy with many things. There is not enough time
spent together with families. When I stay in Brazil I feel so great because I stay with
friends. I can’t believe the closeness of families and friends. Brazilians have a great
sense of loyalty for family values and pier’s. The last family I stayed with was so great,
living in Bragança Paulista, state of São Paulo. Every day at 12:30 the whole family
gets together for lunch. Even though two of the children have recently married they still
come home for lunch.

The streets are always buzzing and there is a sense of welcomeness in the air. I can’t
stay away from Brazil. Every year I find myself on a plane again to São Paulo. I feel so
welcome when I arrive. Here in the USA I never feel so good and comfortable with the
people around me. Therefore I have found Brazilians who live here in New Jersey to be
friends with. I will only date Brazilian women and for the last four years I studied
Portuguese. As an American I feel that there is no culture here in the States. I want my
children to grow up with strong family values. I will one day marry a Brazilian woman for
these reasons; they are the most beautiful women in the world also.

Where are we going? The American people are living in front of their computers not
aware that their families and friends need attention. I love Brazil and all Brazilian
people. Never before had I met a race of such caring and wonderful individuals. I live in
New Jersey, close to Newark. My girlfriend is Brazilian (Paulista) I have adapted
to the Brazilian culture and way of life. If anyone has any questions about my views or
opinion’s please e-mail me.

Brian P Costigan
Newark, New Jersey

India in Bahia

I’m a Canadian writer, based in Montreal. In the spring, I had the privilege of
spending nine weeks in Bahia. I was doing research for a play I’m in the process of
writing. I also write prose—fiction and journalism—and have had a couple of
spinoff articles from my recent trip. The one I’m working on right now centers on Filhos
de Gandhy, but is more globally about the strange and wonderful ways I, the child of
Indian immigrants in North America, encountered India in Brazil.

I hung out with Filhos de Gandhy while I was in Salvador, went on a small caminhada
with them, and spoke to a few members in the Pelourinho office. It so happened that a
small contingent was traveling to India shortly after my departure from Brazil. Last week
(it took me a while to get the interview) I spoke with Gilberto Gil, who traveled with
this small group as the Filhos de Gandhy vice president. Needless to say, this was a huge
thrill, and has sewn up the article quite nicely.

I am writing the article for one of the Canadian national newspapers, the National
Post, but perhaps Brazzil will consider running a reprint of it in an upcoming issue.
Once I have a final version, we can talk further about whether it would suit your mandate.
In the meantime, perhaps you can help me: I am trying to secure some good photos of Filhos
de Gandhy and Gil to accompany the article. I have a few snapshots I took while in Brazil,
but I am no photographer, and I’m not sure they are good enough to publish. Any leads you
can offer me would be very much appreciated.

Also, I’m interested in contacting one of your contributors: Pravina Shukla, who wrote
about Carnaval in Bahia. Would you have an e-mail address for this person, or would you
mind passing on my e-address and asking her to get in touch with me? It’s nothing
earth-shattering, just a simple curiosity to speak with this person who has an Indian name
and is, like me, into Brazil.

Padma Viswanathan

Keep the Arms

I would like to say that the article on crime was most interesting. However I must
disagree with what President Cardoso is doing with these gun-control schemes. How does he
think that disarming the lawful citizens of Brazil will make people safer? This is
insanity. The criminals get their drugs and their guns. Renegade government officials also
have their guns.

Does President Cardoso really want all the citizens helpless victims before either
thugs or renegade government people? Have we not seen in other countries what happens when
the citizens are disarmed? As Dr Robert J. Cottrol, the African-American professor of law
and history at George Washington University wrote in the Los Angeles Times, Sunday,
November 7, 1999:

"The central premise of the gun control movement is that society becomes more
civilized when the citizen surrenders the means of self-defense, leaving the state a
monopoly of force. That this premise goes largely unchallenged is the most remarkable
feature of our gun control debate. We are ending a century that has repeatedly witnessed
the consequences of unchecked state monopolies of force."

So I must say the other efforts to combat crime sound reasonable and hopeful but these
schemes to disarm the average Brazilian sound ominous, not beneficial.

Cici da Costa
Via Internet

Native Americans

I’m trying to make an interactive library of all indigenous people from every
continent. And I was planning to start with all the Indian/indigenous tribes from North-
and South- Meso America. So I kind of hoped that you guys could help me out. I can find
some indigenous tribes names but if is far from complete. I read somewhere that there were
or are around 230 tribes. Well, let’s say that I got 10% of the names. Or if you know some
good complete websites or books, just let me know.

Daniel Vanden Broeck
Via Internet

Living Lessons

This is a letter to any reader of Brazzil. I met a young, beautiful Brazilian
girl five years ago. Her name is Polyanna Camelo. She came on an exchange to a small town
in Idaho, USA, where she attended my high school. We quickly became close and soon began
dating. She was only here for six short months before her return to Brazil. In that short
time, she taught me more to living and being free than anyone else. We lost touch through
time and moving around, though. I have tried searching, but nothing. If anyone can help
me, email me at smoothh_1@hotmail.com. I would
love to reach her and catch up on our lives.

Clay Seamons
Moscow, Idaho

Brazil Connection

First let me say this. I am totally committed to keeping my subscription to Brazzil.
Ever since my first trip to Rio de Janeiro, I have needed something to keep me
"connected" to the culture and good times of Rio. Brazzil has been that
connection. The new look of the magazine is awesome! I enjoy reading other perspectives on
my favorite place in the world. Now I’m at the office feeling a little
"homesick" for Rio. No….. scratch that… I’m feeling a "big"
homesick for Rio. I’ve only been there twice this year and I intend to go back sometime
after the first of the year. I never take the time to write to any of the other magazines
I subscribe to. And this is only the second time I’ve ever written to a magazine. Both
times have been to Brazzil. Keep up the good work.

Rayne Man
Via Internet

Capital Musings

I’m a Belgian architect and urbanist who recently visited Brasília for the first time.
During my short visit I used the original competition text by Costa to visit the town and
to compare dream with reality. Just two remarks: Costa has all the reasons to be proud as
stated in the article. Most of the problems, which do exist in Brasília, are not linked
to his project to my opinion. I was totally surprised by the human scale of the
residential neighborhoods and their almost idyllic character.

Niemeyer has taken way too much credit. His contributions are very powerful sculptural
additions, which make men look little in the face of power and authority. It’s time to
publish an honest report on the reality of Brasília and the work of Costa in general. He
deserves it more than Niemeyer who managed apparently to take care of his PR in a more
professional way.

Filiep Decorte

Back-Seat Complex

Just a very quick and small correction to one of the many splendid articles in your Web
page. Brazil is not the only country, (and not even the first) in the Southern Hemisphere
to build its own submarines, as you state. Australia has the Colins class, which, contrary
to Brazil’s, was totally developed and produced in Australia by Australians, and
absolutely none of its components/systems was bought from Germany, England or any other

I can see that in Brazil (or if you prefer, Brasil) there is still a great complex of
inferiority in relation to the rest of the world, which prompts the need to, whenever
possible, attribute to this country, feats of technology that only the Brazilians consider
their own, i.e. considering that Santos Dumont and not the Orville brothers invented the
airplane, or denying Bell the paternity for the invention of the telephone!

Carlos Pereira

Korean Fraud

I am interested in finding out about a very important subject that was all over the
local news (TV, radio and newspapers) in Brazil during 1994 and 1995 about a big fraud
committed against banks and construction companies by a Korean-Brazilian in the cities of
Manaus and São Paulo. Can you give me an idea if you have published something like that
and how could I be able to obtain this information.

Miami, Florida

Just Looking

I received my free magazine yesterday and was very happy to get it. I am very
interested in Brazil and would like to introduce myself. I am African-American (mixed);
graduated from college – advanced degree; I live in Orlando, Florida; I am single; I own a
home behind Sea World; and I want to be involved with the Brazzil network. I am
also interested in finding a Brazilian woman who is nice and pretty.

Orlando, Florida

Immediate Contacts

I am very impressed with your magazine, I am interested in knowing the Brazilian
culture and community that resides within the Los Angeles county area. I appreciate any
advice in terms of where to meet Brazilians. I have had the pleasure of attempting to meet
Brazilians in the samba clubs, etc… but it is very difficult to understand the
culture on a personal basis, if anyone there has the time to contact me in some capacity,
I would very much appreciate it. If you need any help with your magazine, in terms of
proofreading please let me know, thanks.

Bill Campbell
Los Angeles, California

Keep up the Soaps

I would just like to say that I love all the Brazilian soaps that air in Ontario,
Canada. My parents are from Azores, Portugal and I was raised watching Brazilian soaps. My
favorite one was Barriga de Aluguel. I also really liked Salsa e

Merengue and Por Amor. Those were the best ones for me so far. I am
currently watching Torre de Babel. It is good so far. My favorite actor from Brazil
is the one who played Valentino in Salsa e Merengue and who is currently on Torre
de Babel playing Alessandro. He is the best actor in the world for me and I love every
soap that he is in! I think you guys do a great job making these wonderful soaps. Keep up
the good work.

Ontario, Canada

Nature Call

I’m a naturist from far away. I just want to tell you that although your site is good,
it does not give a true detailed idea of naturist places, especially their locations. Most
places mentioned are impossible to locate. Saying for example that an area is in Rio de
Janeiro is way too vague. What about giving the street name, district, vicinity, etc?

Farhan Adamjee

Of Virus and Weapons

I have recently encountered a very intriguing book entitled Guns, Germs, and Steel.
The author’s name is Jared Diamonda. It is a recently published book describing the impact
of guns, germs, and steel on societies in the world. This has great historical impact on
the world, Latin America, and especially on Brazil. I am very interested in publishing a
review of this book in your publication. Would you be interested in publishing a book

Lane B. Dayley
Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah

That Lady

How can I possibly find a pretty, intelligent, good-natured Brazilian girl/woman. My
standards are very high because I’m 40 now and desire an authentic romance-relationship.
Please help me! I have a scanned photo that I can send.

Harold Schinman
Boca Raton, Florida

Brazilian Cheers

In a recent issue you had the Portuguese words to Happy Birthday. I can’t find my copy
of Brazzil with it! What are the words? The birthday is—of course—11/9.
Thank you so very much.

Melinda Kelly
Los Angeles, California

Searching for Bundas

Hi, my name is Maria and I’m a student of journalism. I’d like to make an interview
with Ziraldo, whose statements I saw in your article on Bundas magazine. I’d like
to find him. How?

Maria Maia

Brazilian Lessons

I am doing a term paper on different types of literature in Brazil. I thought your
magazine would help me. If you have any other information I might be able to use please
e-mail me. Thank you!

Heidi Kleinfelt
Mount Pleasant. Michigan

Business Partner

I found your article interesting. I am the owner of an American manufacturing
company who is looking for a Brazilian company to partner with that could provide a labor
force to manufacture my products for distribution in South America. Would you have any
idea how I would go about finding such as company in Brazil? The company would have to
have qualified welders and machinist.

Estel L. Lovitt

Resourceful Brazzil

I find your articles very informative and interesting. I’m a student currently working
on an economic forecast for Brazil. I found your website to be a very useful resource.

Quan Trinh
Richmond, Virginia

Samba Fan

Brilliant, mates. I have just found your site and found it very interesting. I play in
a community based samba bateria group, for seven weeks now. I love it. I have
always listened to music of this type and I can trace my interest back to a program called
Come Dancing, which was on the BBC 1 TV. Keep up the good work

Gerald Carter
Leicester, England

Is That You, Ubaldo?

I would like to know how to get in touch with João Ubaldo Ribeiro, Brazilian author
written about in the April 1999 issue. He could possibly be a person I knew in 1963 at USC
(University of Southern California) in California. I’m American but I am now in Recife,
state of Pernambuco, for six months. I would appreciate it if you could forward this
message on to him or let me know an address where I could send him a letter. If this
message is sent to him, all I would like to say now is this: Remember Chris and Ande, your
next-door neighbors? Sincerely, Andrea Callahan.

Andrea Callahan

Looking for Raça

First of all, let me tell you that I am an admirer of Brazil, its people, and its
absolutely magnificent culture. I speak, write, and read Spanish fluently, and this allows
me to read Portuguese. Since I read in Brazil’s wonderful language, I have found Raça
Brasil on the Internet, and would like to purchase it here in the United States. Do
you know where I can obtain it? Please let me know. Thanks a lot!

John Stephens
Via Internet

Info Brazil

Please send me a free sample copy of Brazzil. I am a school teacher in need of
information and pictures of Brazil because we are beginning a country study of Brazil.
Thanks a bunch!

Renee Patrick
Bronx, New York

Assignment Brazil

I am attending a diversity class at Lansing Community College. I have been given an
assignment to research a country of my choice in which I would like to open a business. I
have found your magazine to be very rewarding and beneficial to my project. Please send me
a sample copy to decide whether or not to subscribe. Thank you very much for your

Amy Noecker
Dimondale, Michigan

That Taste

Muito obrigado pelo exemplar da revista Brazzil! (Vivo nos Estados Unidos.) For
maybe a couple of years, Pepsi made a guaraná soda (pop) called Josta. It was my
favorite, and I wish I could still buy it. However, I look forward to tasting, trying
Antarctica, or Sol Rio, or American "Bonk", or Pepsi’s new guaraná soda
next year (just like Antarctica?) Portuguese is a fascinating language, it looks a lot
like Spanish, but has a character all its own. Juízo!

Paul I Edic
Akron, Ohio

Burning Questions

Could you please help me? I need a few facts about Brazil. What is the current
government? What is the population of Brazil? What is the literacy rate in Brazil? If you
could help me with these questions I would be really grateful! It is for a project at

Bonnie Matthews
Via Internet

Window Shopping

Excellent articles! Keep up the good work. Even though I am not Brazilian (my parents
are Jamaican), I stop by from time to time to read your articles.

No Name
Via Internet

Travel Hints

Good day. What are the accommodations like in nudist beach Praia do Pinho, and how
accessible is it from São Paulo? What is the beach like and when is the best time
(weatherwise) to visit?

N. M. W.
Toronto, Canada

An American View

Bom dia from Brasília. I am an American teacher living in the capital. I recently ran
across your on-line magazine while searching for educational issues relating to Brazil.
The reason that I am sending you an e-mail is to ask about some possible submissions.

Currently, I am working on two articles. First, I am writing about living in Brasília.
It is a contentious issue. Brazilians seem to love to hate their capital. Second, I am
writing about giving an American education to Brazilian students and the social and
cultural conflicts that ensue. Would either of these pieces be of interest or fit into a
theme for an upcoming issue? If either of these ideas seem appealing to you, I can send
you a draft.

Joe Young
Brasília, Brazil

Official Request

Can you please give us the contact details of the Brazilian Film Association or
Commission or any other body related to the film industry in Brazil? Your prompt attention
to this request is greatly appreciated.

D’Cruz V. B.
Embassy of Brazil – Trade Promotion Section

A Place do Live

I am moving to Salvador, Bahia, in January and would like to maybe live with a family
if possible. Do you have information on exchange families?

Jihan Abdalla
Santa Barbara, California

Soap Pointers

I am interested in any articles featuring the impact of telenovelas in Brazil.

Robin Troy
Beaumont, Texas

Farewell, Fest

I did not find an obituary in your pages for Manfredo Fest, the gifted pianist/composer
from Porto Alegre, who passed away in early October. Am sure your readers would find the
sad news of his death and an obituary (or links to one) worthy of attention.

Rembert Aranda
Half Moon Bay, California

Human Genome Project

How can we in the Pan-Tribal Confederacy of Amerindian Tribal Nations (of Guyana) make
an alliance with our brothers in Brazil? We need to unite in the face of our many common
threats. For background information visit www.orrin.org/arawak/damon

Damon Gerard Corrie
Vice-Sovereign Chief
Pan-Tribal Confederacy

Brazil Gays

I want to let you know and hope you will spread the news about the new release: Beyond
Carnival: Male Homosexuality on Twentieth-Century Brazil, by James Green, (assistant
professor at University of California, Long Beach) published by University of Chicago

Via Internet

Joining Hands

I read in your last issue, on the letters section, that Mr. Richard E. Shannahan Jr.,
from Lutherville, Maryland is concerned about the kids in Brazil and how he could help. It
caught my attention because I am very concerned about it also and I would like to help as
well. I would like to contact Mr. Richard or have him contact me, if possible, to see if
we together can start something to help those kids.

Lucy Gabriel
Via Internet

Just an Offer

I am writing to inquire whether you would be interested in receiving business and
political news from Brazil. I am based in São Paulo and run my own company, Celtic
Comunicações, which provides editorial and translation services for Brazilian and
international companies. Most of my clients are in the financial sector. I am also
correspondent for a London-based financial newsletter and edit a business magazine for a
Swiss organization. I used to contribute a political commentary to the English-language
website of Agência Estado called Brazil Finance Wire.

John Fitzpatrick
São Paulo, Brazil

Is That True?

A friend told me that the reason Brazilians speak Portuguese is because the Pope
decreed it eons and eons ago when he erred which country, Spain or Portugal, had control.
He drew an imaginary line 400 miles one way or the other from Rome and it gave Brazil to
Portugal by error. Is this fact or fancy? Is my friend a tease? Sorry to bother you.

No Name
Via Internet

News Searching

I am trying to contact Agência Estado, the news agency in Brazil. I am having
difficulty finding a phone number. Can you suggest a website where it might be listed; or
does your organization have it by any chance?

Jennifer Acker
Via Internet

Black Search

Hi, my name is Margarita and I’m doing research for my paper on Black people in Brazil.
I just want to know if you guys have information on this subject. I am trying to get in
contact with Secretariat for Defense and Promotion of Afro-Brazilian populations (SEAFRO),
do you have any info on them?

Margarita de la Cruz
Via Internet

Can’t you
find Brazzil at your Brazilian consulate? Don’t ask us why, ask the consulate.

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