Brazil Sees Itself as Model of Dealing with Youth

The governments of Brazil, Venezuela, and Argentina intend to establish joint actions for youth. The vice-ministers in charge of social affairs in the three countries are meeting today for this purpose in Buenos Aires, where they will present the programs developed by their governments.

According to Márcia Lopes, executive secretary of the Brazilian Ministry of Social Development and Hunger Alleviation, the meeting will enable them to learn about each other’s experiences and demands and what the countries may have in common for a joint effort.

She points out that the countries can create partnerships, for example, to transfer methods and technologies and to hold training courses.

Lopes remarked that the federal government has around 30 youth-oriented programs in the areas of health, culture, sports, social assistance, education, and vocational training.

“At this meeting we shall present Brazil’s experiences in the various areas and argue that youth is one of the topics that can unite all the Ministries in the social area,” she affirmed, emphasizing the fact that Brazil has a National Secretariat for Youth.

“This is without precedent among these countries,” she observed.

The meeting in Buenos Aires is a preparation for the meeting of Ministers in the social area of the three countries, scheduled for April 29.

Lopes said that the Presidents of Brazil, Venezuela, and Argentina are expected to meet to formalize the partnership.

Agência Brasil



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