Accidented tourist

I read about William Moy’s trip to Brazil (“I survived Brazil”)
and I have to tell you. First of all I am Brazilian. Moy wrote about all
the bad things that happened to him and his friend in Brazil. If you go
to Rio or São Paulo I am not surprised about everything that happened.
Tourists want to know famous places, but to really understand a country
we need to go where it is different. To explore a foreign land you need
to get away from the famous.

I am from the south of Brazil and I assure you that when I was younger
(things might have changed a little) I used to walk by myself at 4:00 AM
and I never saw anything that Moy says he saw. The place I am talking about
is Florianópolis, a little island with 42 beaches to choose from.
You still can find very quiet and secluded beaches there. And, of course,
beautiful women. The problem is tourists want comfort and only the best.
Anyway, São Paulo and Rio aren’t any worse than New York or Chicago.

Adriana Harper
Coquitlam, BC, Canada



My kind of country

Thank you for such an informative and interesting magazine which covers
such a wide variety of topics about Brazil and its culture. This is exactly
what I wanted for years. I was born in Campinas, Brazil, in 1959 to Christian
missionaries who helped the poor and let many learn of the love of God
for them. I returned to America in 1973 and wanted to know what was happening
in my beloved Brazil.

Now I know about culture, politics, music, issues and much more. I like
Brazilian music like Antônio Carlos Jobim, Milton Nascimento, Gal
Costa, Roberto Carlos and many more. I have frequented Brazilian restaurants
advertised in Brazzil and enjoyed the delicious food and ambiance.
Keep up the good work. Com muito amor para o lindo país Brasil.
Uma americana brasileira.

Joanna Parrish
Pomona, California



Brazzil in Washington

I am the host/producer of a Brazilian Music Program at WDCU FM-JAZZ
90 in Washington D.C.. The program, Waves of Patropi (as in País
) which airs Saturdays, 6 until 9 PM, has been in the air for
two years now and it has reached a very popular status in the D.C. area.
Enclosed is a $3 check for a subscription. I hope to be able to inform
myself as well as my listeners by receiving such a good publication.

André Lacerda
Washington, D.C.



Positive response

As the editor of a magazine called Positive Vibrations, I wish
to ask for permission to reprint an article written by William Javier Nelson
in Brazzil, entitled “Blacks in Brazil and Mexico.”
Positive Vibrations is a monthly magazine providing news and entertainment
information about Africa and the Diaspora. It comes from a Pan-African
perspective, and also tries to offer commentaries on culture, history,
and the environment. I would be grateful if you would allow us to reprint
this article.

Kehinde Chaytor
DeKalb, Illinois



Here’s for choro

I just adored your article “100 Years of Choro.” It’s great
to know that the legendary Pixinguinha will never be forgotten!

Melissa Landini
In the Internet



With passion

This is the first time I have a chance to read Brazzil and I
am just loving it. I am from São Luís, state of Maranhão,
considered in Brazil as the island of love. I would love to read an article
in your wonderful magazine about this lovely island.

Kledilton Cutrim Pinto

São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil



Hungry to learn

I have traveled to your beautiful country each of the last two years
for vacation only. Because of my growing interest in Brazil and my desire
to learn Portuguese more rapidly, I have decided to go for a more extended
period of time. I am looking for any information that someone might have
about an intensive language immersion program or schools in Brazil that
would be well suited for an American with only beginning foreign language
Also, I would greatly appreciate any information about finding a family
that would be willing to accept a foreigner in their home for this purpose.
Although I am 32 and not a student anymore, possibly there might exist
a type of exchange program that is available?


E-mail: itegrity@aol.com



In the libraries

Thank you for responding to our request for information about Brazzil.
With your help, we have produced The Directory of Electronic Journals,
Newsletters and Academic Discussion Lists, 6th Edition.
This new edition
of the directory is a compilation of entries for over 3,000 academic and
professional discussion lists and 1,688 journals, newsletters, and newsletter-digests,
representing a 257% increase in journals and a 26% increase in lists since
the 1995 edition. The Association of Research Libraries is a not-for-profit
membership organization comprising 120 libraries of North American research
institutions. It is through efforts such as yours that the Internet is
an exciting and innovative place for learning and research.

Dru Mogge, Editor
Association of Research Libraries
Washington, D.C.

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