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Oil and Science in Brazil-Tunisia Agenda

Tunisia and Brazil may establish scientific cooperation agreements in the areas of information technology, especially management of the Internet system, and deep-sea petroleum production.

These topics were the focus of a meeting yesterday between the Brazilian Minister of Science and Technology, Eduardo Campos, and the Tunisian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdelbaki Hermassi.

Another item discussed by the Ministers was the Information Society Summit, since the second round of debates will be held in Tunisia in November.

According to the secretary of Informatics Policy, Marcelo Lopes, the purpose of the meeting will be to discuss whether the way the internet is managed worldwide can be altered, in light of the increase in the number of users and operations performed on the network.

“Other topics will be discussed, such as the internet, social inclusion, and the network as a tool for information flows, knowledge, and commerce.”

In June, Rio de Janeiro will host the South American regional meeting in preparation for November’s Summit.

Campos told the Tunisian Minister that on this occasion, when the Tunisian Minister of Science and Technology will be in Brazil, a visit can be arranged to the Petrobrás Research Center, which enabled Brazil to become a leader in deep-sea petroleum production.

Agência Brasil


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