US Mission Learns First Hand of Brazil’s Fears that US Might Invade Amazon

Latinamericans are ever more suspicious of President George Bush intentions in the region, said Republican Senator Norm Coleman head of the Latinamerican Affairs Committee following a recent visit to several South American countries.

Mr. Coleman who represents Minnesota visited Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay together with Republican Senator Mel Martinez and Jeff Miller and said that the recent call by television evangelist preacher Pat Robertson to kill Venezuela President Hugo Chavez really pulled a trigger on suspicions.

“We were in Brazil at the time and several officials told us that many Brazilians believed the United States was intent in invading the Amazon for its resources,” indicated Senator Coleman in a report from the Interamerican Dialogue magazine.

“They are convinced we went into Iraq for oil and if we went to Iraq for oil, what stop us from going after the richest region in natural resources in Latinamerica?,” he added.

The Republican Senator insisted this point of view is even shared by academics “and people who think”.

“We’re already facing some challenges regarding the perception of the US and what are our intentions in the region, and this type of remarks only add to the paranoia which unfortunately exits,” he said.

Preacher Robertson’s remarks, who later apologized, nevertheless generated further diplomatic irritation to the already difficult relations between Washington and Caracas.

President Chavez demanded a strong condemnation from Washington to Mr. Robertson words and requested legal actions against the preacher.

However the State Department said the ultra conservative former Republican presidential candidate was a “private citizen,” but admitted his statements were “inadequate”.

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    doenst matter if america or europe invad
    because we have amazom, we have rio de janeiro, we have soccer, we have carnival, we have cachaca(tequila), we have the mostly beautifull and gorgeous women in the world, we have mostly corruption in the world , well i cant say how many things we have more then everybody else inthe world , and the brazilian governnament never know how use to grow the national gross product and consequently create jobs and high level life to brazilian, that i consider the mostly happy people in the world, so my point is let america or europe take care of amazom so they will use and protect, we using and not protecting , so i hope america invade there, and look i wasbourn in brazil, im brazilian citizen , but im very proud my italian heritage, in few words i would love to tell bush, chirac, blair , belusconni, schoerder, the gate is opem go ahead and invade amazom , dont matter to me or brazilian peoples, we just want to be happy, go in the beach, watch soccer, etc….please if someone want to contact me please go or

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    Well Aware…
    Interesting that this garbage still persists in the press around the world and especially in the EUA. Anyone watching the news would hear that the US is after it’s the oil in Iraq, but any thinking person realizes this propoganda for what it is. Having been to the US a good many times and talked to many people there, it is obvious that they are one of the most giving people on the planet. That is why they are giving thier lives to help stabalize the region of the middle east.
    Are they interested in the oil in Iraq? Of course they are, but only as much as any other country on the planet. We burn oil from Iraq in our cars here in Brazil. America is paying the price for world stability that we never think about paying. I think that all of us in the developing world would suffer enourmously if that supply were held up by terror people.
    Would the EUA invade Amazon region for resources? That’s nonsense. Not only would their people never allow it, we are one of thier best trading partners. Thats like killing the goose that laid the egg of gold just so you could have soup for one meal. It is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of.
    Information like this only serves to cause distrust in both countries. Where before there was only peace between neighbors there is a growing suspicion of our friends. It escalates and for what purpose? To sell newspapers? I for one cannot afford to lose trade in the EUA. There are definitely worse friends in the world we could make and keep than americans. Consider exactly what the chinese would love to do to the Amazon let alone our country – and they definitly have motives for wanting resources.
    How many of our resources were signed away with the golden pen this last trip that the Chinese made here to look over thier investments.
    Big mouth people make comments all of the time – especially people wanting into political office. Pat Robertson is an extremeist – how can you call yourself a christian and call for the death of someone. A christian calling for the death of Chavez is just as stupid as Brazilian capitalist going around screaming that the americans are comming to get the Amazon. Its just not very good business. Every country has its fill of foolish big mouths and now this propaganda and suspicion is spreading. Brazil is becoming a great nation, lets not stop the progress by turning on our friends. We are strong here in the west because of the goodwill that exists between us as a people. I hope that never stops – so God bless America, God bless them. God Bless Brazil!

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