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Brazil’s Petrobras to Assume Bigger Role in Bolivia’s Oil

The situation has never been clearer as far as relations between Petrobras – Brazilian Petroleum S.A. – and the Bolivian government are concerned.

This was the way that Petrobras’ director of Gas and Energy, Ildo Sauer, sought to downplay the declarations made by the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, that he intends for the State to take over the reserves and assets presently in the hands of the international enterprises that operate in the country.

According to Sauer, the proof of this favorable juncture is that Petrobras and the Yacimientos Petrolí­feros Fiscales Bolivianos (YFPB), the Bolivian state enterprise, are about to sign a memorandum of understanding containing various lines of action, including seven areas of cooperation and association between the two companies.

These understandings add up to association in the refineries and the exploration and production of petroleum and cooperation in the area of biofuels, development of the natural gas market, conversion of gasoline and diesel-combustion vehicles to gas, and even in the spread of the use of natural gas in Bolivian residences.

These seven areas also hold out the possibility of technology transfer and the qualification of human resources at the Petrobras Training Center.

The aim is to train the managers and technical personnel needed to manage the Bolivian gas system and develop studies with respect to a future industrial complex, possibly composed of a fertilizer factory, a thermoelectric plant, and a natural gas-chemical complex, to be located on the border between the two countries.

Agência Brasil


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