Brazil’s Zero Hunger Has US$ 12 Billion Budget for 2006

Brazil’s Family Grant is one of the 31 federal government actions encompassed by the Zero Hunger program, which over the past two years has received US$ 12.253 billion (27.5 billion reais), administered by 13 ministries.

"It is a strategy to ensure people who have difficulties with access to food the human right to an adequate diet. It is our prime organizational axis for various government policies, permeating various ministries as well as activities by municipal and state governments and society," said the national secretary of Income and Citizenship in the Ministry of Social Development and Hunger Alleviation, Rosani Cunha.

Next year’s budget for the Zero Hunger program is US$ 12.030 billion (R$ 27 billion), and it counts on assistance from other programs.

Among them, the National Program for the Strengthening of Family Farming (Pronaf), which benefits 1.6 million farm families, and the Family Service Program (the Family Houses), which serves over a million families. There are 1,777 Family Houses altogether in 1,200 Brazilian municipalities.

Cunha also mentioned the Program of Food Acquisition from Family Farming, which helps families in two aspects.

"Those who produce and are assured a market for what they produce – around 100 thousand family farmers – and those who use and benefit from this produce, people in day-care centers, homes for the elderly, and social protection networks – nearly five million people in nearly two thousand Brazilian municipalities."

Agência Brasil


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  • Guest

    ….with bribes or tax evasions….taxes can be avoided…..but nor reduced !!!!!

    This does not create ….jobs !
    And government cannot do their job of housing, education…etc etc !!!!

  • Guest

    …but with a much better tax collection…taxes can be….reduced…by definition !!!!!!

  • Guest

    ….housing….create jobs !
    ….health……create jobs !
    ….education..create jobs !
    ….infrastructure….create jobs !

    These jobs….create…taxes !
    These jobs….create…opther jobs !
    These taxes…can create other jobs !
    All these create wealth, consumer needs and buying power…which again creates….taxes and again jobs !

    Just like a snowball effect ! With no end in sight !!!!!!!

    This is what is called….sustainability !!!!!!

  • Guest

    Where’s the job? Give these people jobs and they will provide tax money. Hand out will not assist the future of Brasil. Instead of mensalao to the rich politicians and slave owners (ranchers) give the people good paying jobs. All politicians are crooks!

  • Guest

    pure lie again……
    …if the bufget was US$ 12 billions for the last 2 years…it is highly doubtful that it will be 12 billions for next year alone !!!!!!!!!!

    Lula and his governments have pledged many times high social budgets…like for the MST…et etc etc !!!!

    the problem was that after haviong been voted and accepted….most of these budgets were reduced….reduced….and reduced again….. !!!!!

    Lula…pledged to create 10 millions jobs during his 4 years mandate ! so far he created 3 millions ! How could he creat 7 millions….in one year !
    Lula…pledged to install 400’000 MST during his first mandate. So far…..less than t50’000 have been done ! How could he install 250’000 in one year ????

    There are many other examples…such as housing for the poors, health, education….etc etc !!!!

    His only motto for an excuse is : spending austerity….budget restraint !!!!!
    So why Lula and his government vote for high social budgets……just to reduce them….several times…later ????

    I hope every one understands his demagogic tricks !!!!
    This is a true shame…..for brazilian society !
    Lula…pledged to reduce corruption during his mandate. Well….corruption is on the rise….even nicely…as per brazilian business polls !

    Very sad…reality !

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