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Brazilian Government Finally Accepts Blame for Cattle Disease

Brazilian Agriculture minister Roberto Rodrigues publicly admitted that the resurgence of foot and mouth, FAM, outbreaks can be traced to a "softening" of measures to combat the disease.

"For quite some time I was saying that the problem with FAM was not whether it’s going to reappear but rather when and where. I was fearful because I knew of a softening in the control situation", revealed Rodrigues in an interview with the influential O Estado de S. Paulo newspaper.

Rodrigues, who on several occasions had complained about the Ministry of Finance delay in liberating the necessary funds to combat FAM, refused to name whom was responsible for slackening FAM control measures.

Since last October 10 when the first case of FAM was officially reported, 21 outbreaks have been confirmed in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul one of Brazil’s main cattle states with a herd of 25 million.

All outbreaks are concentrated in five counties to the south of the state, next to the Paraguayan border, but federal sanitary officials have cordoned 41 counties as risk areas including some in the neighboring state of Paraná where apparently two cases have confirmed positive.

Farmers have warned that beef exports will drop US$ 100 million in November after having lost US$ 68 million in October. Over fifty countries have banned beef and pork imports from Brazil, the world’s main beef exporter.

Cattle farmers, and government officials, admit Brazil is forecasted to suffer losses amounting to US$ 1.7 billion before the situation returns to normal and countries lift the ban.

"One of the problems with the FAM crisis and which hurts me so much, is that innocent people end up paying the consequences for events over which they have no responsibility," highlighted Mr. Rodrigues.

Most of the farms affected so far in Mato Grosso do Sul are small family enterprises.

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    ……He knew that from day 1 !!!!! So why did he not acknoledge the truth right away ???
    Why did he lie !
    Why did his boss, President Lula, accused publicly the farmers of gross negligence ????

    Sanitation budget of 167 millions reais were voted. Then reduced to 90 millions.
    But only 30 millions were freed…before the FMD crisis !!!!!

    Even a non educated poor Brazilian could have figured the worst is around the corner….with no sanitation !!!!!!

    Lula and his government are pure liers, everyone should know that. They promise great budgets for jobs, MST settlements, and later, behind closed doors, reduce and reduce the voted and published budgets.

    Lula promised 400’000 MST settlements during his first mandate. So far only around 115’000 were done….after 3 years of economic boom ! Even worse…..Rodriguez…just a few weeks ago….insisted that the government promises will be respected. How can he lie again and again ?????? There is no way he can do 285’000 MST settlements in one year….when only 115’000 were done in 3 years.

    Lula also promised 10 millions new jobs….during his first mandate. But only 3 millions jobs were created after 3 years of economic boom ! So no way he can create 7 millions jobs in….1 year !!!!!

    You actual government, leftist, promised so many things….but the majority of promises remain as demagogic statements….empty of accomplishments !!!!

    So when Lula proclaims he knew nothing and was never involved in the corruption scandal of vote buying…..every Brazilian should have a strong doubt…that he lies…..just once more !!!!!

    Even his self satisafaction of what he did so far……is not true !!!!! During the last 3 years, many developing nations….did far better than Brazil economic growth rate !!!!!

    On his social programs he is so proud of….lies abound again !!!!! He voluntarily forgets to mention…..than many older programs were canceled and merged into new ones…..he created. This gives a wrong picture of the truth !!!!!

    Friends of Brazil, you have been raped, robbed so many times by your own governments and elites for decades, including the actual one….. Lula and his government !!!!

    Lula was against corruption….so loudly…before he was elected !
    The truth is that there is now more corruption than ever…as per a recent brazilian poll of businessmen….under Lula mandate !!!!

    And for the time being…what has been discovered is just the tip of the iceberg.
    No doubt that the opposition that Lula criticizes so strongly…will put in light…as the next elections come closer…..many more proofs and evidences…to show how Lula and the PT were and are perverted !!!!

    WAKE UP !!!!!!! STAND UP !!!!!!

    Lula….just wanted to get the power at any price…whatever lies are necessary to fullfill his dream….without respect for the mandate for which YOU elected him !!!!!

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