Brazilian Students and Workers Represented at World Social Forum

Demonstrators from all over the world, human rights activists or just people opposed to capitalism, marched through the streets of Caracas Tuesday, January 24, to mark the beginning of the 6th World Social Forum, Latin American stage.

The first stage, in Africa, took place last week in Mali; an Asian stage will take place in Pakistan in March.

The keynote at all the World Social Forums is diversity. This year most of the marchers expressed their opposition to the war in Iraq and imperialism.

But there were also feminists, defenders of the Palestinian cause, environmentalists, representatives from the Basque country and many more.

Venezuelan officials did not release an official estimate of the number of participants, but it was smaller than in other forums.

There was a large Brazilian presence. Brazil has proposed more activities for this forum than the Venezuelans, or any other country for that matter.

Among the Brazilian groups present in the opening march were: Socialist Youth Union (União da Juventude Socialista), a student branch of the Brazilian Communist Party (PCdoB), High School Student Union (União Brasileira dos Estudantes Secundaristas) (Ubes) and Brazil’s largest labor union (Central íšnica dos Trabalhadores) (CUT).

They joined representatives of other South American social movements on the streets of Caracas.

Agência Brasil


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    where to they get the money for these co
    This World Social Forum is made up of people with socialist tendencies. Where do they get the money for these conferences when they can be spending it on their own poor. Also if they are so interested in Human Rights, why don’t they look at the sponsers and some of the nations they hold up as shining examples. Most poor socalists countries are not doing very well at all. The European Socialist nations such as Germany and France aren’t doing well either. It is time I think that the left rethink their model before it eats them.

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