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Brazil Takes to Brussels Its Ideas for a WTO Revamping

Brazil’s Minister of Institutional Relations, Jaques Wagner, participates today, in Brussels, Belgium, on the debate about the contribution of organized civil society for the restructuring of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

He will talk about the subject with the President of the European Economic and Social Committee, Anne Marie Sigmund.

According to the Secretariat of Institutional Relations, the theme has been a constant concern for the Brazilian government, in the context of the changes that will need to be introduced in the multilateral organizations involved with the improvement of world governance.

Brazil’s Economic and Social Development Council (CDES) has participated on the Work Group of the International Association of Economic and Social Councils.

After several meetings in June, the Group approved a report where they make several recommendations regarding the role of the organized civil society for the WTO.

Earlier this week, Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorim commenting on the hard time the G20 and the US together with the EU  are having to advance talks said that even if governments didn’t reach agreement in Hong Kong meeting scheduled for next month, they weren’t lowering their sights for the trade negotiations as a whole.

"We will not lower the level of ambition of the round. If necessary we may lower the level of expectation for Hong Kong," he said,



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    WTO negotations
    will not find a solution as long as you insist that the agriculture subsidies must be negotiated first.

    You dont want to show how far you want to go in the negotiation of the industrial goods and services !

    Negotaitions are stalled not because of the EU but because you dont want to talk about reciprocity.

    Without reciprocit there wont be be a deaL

    You forget to take in account that in Europe we also already have around 10 % unemployment and high budgets deficits.

    Do you want us to go into a recession, or worse, just to please you ??

    Come on.

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