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Where Are Brazil’s Missing Kids? Each Year 6,000 Disappear Without a Trace

Each year around 40 thousand children and adolescents disappear in Brazil. According to data from the Presidential Undersecretariat of Human Rights (SEDH), approximately 15% of these cases go unsolved.

The lack of an updated national registry centralizing all the occurrences makes the search process even more difficult. To discuss this and other issues, the 1st Encounter of the National Network for the Identification and Localization of Missing Children and Adolescents (ReDESAP), coordinated by the SEDH, got underway Wednesday, November 23, in Brasí­lia.

Through Saturday, November 26, 36 governmental and non-governmental organizations and representatives of all the Brazilian states will be debating joint strategies to combat this problem.

According to Alexandre Reis, coordinator of the ReDESAP, the encounter will strengthen the integrated activities of the organs linked to the network.

"These organizations already use electronic means to communicate with one another. Through this contact, Brazil will have a consistent approach to deal with the problem of missing children and adolescents," Reis remarked.

The coordinator explained that one of the purposes of the event is to make the participants more aware of the need to update the national registry with data on the missing youngsters. The information will be available on the site www.desaparecidos.mj.gov.br.

"People think that it is enough to put a photo of the children on the Internet. The registry needs to be provided with precise and ample information by the states."

According to Reis, data such as physical characteristics, the date and place of the last sighting of the person, and a telephone number and address for contacts are examples of the kind of information that could help in the searches.

For the lawyer Ariel de Castro, coordinator of the National Human Rights Movement and member of the Brazilian Bar Association’s (OAB) Commission on Children and Adolescents, the joint and integrated action of all police agencies could help reduce the number of missing children cases that go unsolved.

"A unified data bank, making information available to all the concerned agencies, such as police forces and tutelary councils, is fundamental. This would expedite the search process a great deal," Castro affirmed. In his view, there is a "mismatch of data," which segments the job state-by-state.

Agência Brasil


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  • kay martin

    poor kids
    the dissapearing children r being kidnapped and taken out their organs that doesnt happen just to brazil but to mexico, portugal, chile, equador, and even the united states

  • karen martinez

    movie has the answer
    the movie ”turistas” shows a couple of young adults that go to brazil and r being tortured by a brazillian doctor and all because they think that the gringos as the brazillians reffer to them and are being tortured because the brazillians think the gringos will take the children and take their organisms.so the brazillians take the gringos’ organisms wich to some people gives the answer to what happened to all the brazillian children and all those tourist that have dissapeared but i strongly disagree. the movie is just 4 entertainment all tho it does seem that ,thats what happened to all the disappearing people

    people who read this be very careful when u visit a foreign country……..

  • Someone who still has a heart

    Some people don’t have a soul!
    I’m looking at these commends left here and you know something… I am sickened & disgusted by the lack of sympathy & the innability of people these days to see themselves in others! I bet all these responses here, specially the one by “Poo” (who’s name couldn’t reflect his character any better!) have been posted by Americans. Only people as thick and prejudiced as spoilt American brats can be that callous towards serious issues that affect other countries! It’s no wonder that America (as well as other so-called 1st world countries) are the prime destinations for kidnapped children & sex slaves… not only are you people unsympathetic to human suffering (as long as it’s not your cowardly asses!) but you are ignorant, prejudiced and frankly… downright godless and satanic in your very nature. I, for one, hope you reap what you sow in this earth and burn in hell for the lack of any sympathy or any traits of humanity in what comes out of your mouths and the way you behave towards people of other races. No wonder the entire world hates you! I bet if it were your sister, girlfriend or daughter missing you’d at least think twice before spewing the absurdities you left here for others to read. Who knows? The way things are going maybe you’ll still live to see that happen! These are serious issues, there are thousands upon thousands of children missing from all countries who as I write these very words are suffering unimaginably in the hands of people who aren’t worth the skin & bones that compose them. If you don’t care, then just keep your lousy mouths shut and if you don’t understand what it must feel like for these poor families who have no one to turn to and are tormented with the thought they may never see their loved ones again or what they must be going through in the hands of monsters like “Poo” brain over here [b] just fuck off and go be a retard elsewhere! [/b]

  • poo

    who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    6,000 Disappear
    Have you tried : Disappear due to STARVATION?

    Therr you go. You just found 6000 kids with one single word. Ain’t that something?

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