Brazil’s Defense Minister Wants Greater Military Presence in the Amazon

Brazil’s Minister of Defense and vice president, José Alencar, says that there should be a greater presence of Brazilian Armed Forces in the Amazon region, along with more funding for Army, Air Force and Navy activities there.

Alencar called the Amazon the Ministry of Defense’s most important area. Speaking to an audience of military personnel and students at the First Seminar on National Defense in the Amazon (1º Seminário Defesa Nacional em Debate: Amazônia), he declared he would discuss the issue with President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Alencar said the development of the Amazon was urgent and that the 13 million inhabitants of the region get little assistance.

The Defense Minister said the nation and the Congress must recognize that a large part of what assistance there is in the Amazon comes from a small group of dedicated men and women in the Armed Forces.

"We need to provide more funding so that those who care for the Amazon can work with efficiency," said Alencar.



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    Brazil belongs to Brazil
    i agree brazil need arms and lots of it cause brazil is the most beautifull country in the world and also the nices people live there, so keep the bad guys out scare them away, its brazils land UN and US stay out

  • Guest

    The gringos are coming!!!
    I agree with Mr. Alencar, 100%. This is Brasilian land, not the U.N or anyone else. Protect the region before the U.S.A. Arm Forces arrives with their greed, like they’ve done in Colombia, Paraquai and Ecuador. The gringos are coming, don’t let the imperialist take over Brasil/South America like they ‘ve Iraq and some other areas in the Middle East/world. Don’t give them one yard of land, they are cold blooded murderes of innocent men, woman and children.

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    Military solution?
    Nice article. Brazil will take care of the Amazon using guns I presume.
    What they’re going to do, finish off the rain forest for good in order to create more space to feed the cattle by using what? A tank? The 2 fighter plane that still has some condition to take off(landing is a whole new ball game). Napalm the whole Amazon. Trade it for $$$$$?
    or MORE $$$$$?

    Define Work and Efficiency?
    My take,Work(is to burn down the whole 9 yards- Efficiency- is to help doing the WORK perfectly)
    Bye,bye Amazon.

    How they are going to achieve that?
    Just money is not enough(politician vultures are all over the $$$$).
    How about curbing people from setting fire in everything that has at least one tree with a leaf on it in order help out the poor cattle barons?

    UN where in hell are you?
    Why didn’t you already take over the management of the Amazon?
    If Brazil can’t, do not want to then Brazil doesn’t deserve the rain forest.
    A football field a minute goes up in smoke?
    UN where are you ?????

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