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Brazil’s Trade Surplus Grows 33% Reaching US$ 44 Billion

From the beginning of the year through last week, Brazilian companies exported US$ 44 billion more than they imported. This positive result (surplus) in the trade balance was announced Monday, December 26, by Brazil’s Ministry of Development, Industry, and Foreign Trade.

The surplus represents a 33.19% increase in comparison with the same period last year, according to the Ministry.

Up to this point, Brazil has exported US$ 116.314, 22.6% more than in 2004 during the same period. Imports have amounted to US$ 72.307 billion, 16.9% more than last year.

Since there are still five business days left to complete the year, the country’s exports are expected to surpass the US$ 117 billion export target set by the Minister of Development, Luiz Fernando Furlan.

Daily exports have averaged US$ 472.8 million so far this year. In December the daily average has been US$ 499 million.

In the week before Christmas (December 19-25), Brazil exported the equivalent of US$ 2.495 billion and imported US$ 1.395 billion worth of goods and services.

This represents a trade flow slightly down from the previous week, but still sufficient to generate a trade surplus of US$ 1.1 billion, raising the surplus for the month to US$ 3.574 billion.

Agência Brasil


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    A new era of responsability in Brazil
    Lula has been in government for just 3 years and has already succeed to reinsert Brazil in the way to development. INFLATION is well controlled in a 5% year rate; EMPLOYMENT rate is rising up slowly, but regularly ”“ 4,5 million new jobs has already been created by Lula’s Government; FOREIGN DEBT being honored and corresponds now to 1.4 times the country’s GDP, 3 years ago it was as high as 4.4 times the GDP! ”“ also the country has fully repaid IMF in advance; FOREIGN TRADE performing exceptional results – in 2005 hit an astonishing US$44 billion trade surplus; Healthy INTERNATIONAL RESERVES valued U$57 billion – the highest ever registered; FISCAL POLICY is highly responsible, recording annual surplus of 5.6% in the domestic accounts, pushing down the domestic debt

    (unfortunately in the previous government the debit skyrocketed out of control ”“ Mr. Fernando H. Cardoso’s presidency was a nightmare of irresponsibility and damage to Brazilian economy)

    Besides the optimistic economical figures, the social policy in Brazil has being effective and its results also starts to show up: for the first time in oficial statistical historical series the abyssal income difference between richest and poorest population started to decrease.

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