The Perfect Memory Foam Neck Pillows for Long Travel Days

Are you a frequent traveler who suffers from neck pain from hours of sitting in planes, cars, or trains? Do you hate the fact that your upper back and shoulders feel sore after a lengthy trip? 

You can bid the stiffness in your neck and shoulders goodbye with a memory foam neck pillow.  A good neck pillow can make travel more comfortable by providing support to your tired neck and upper back muscles. It’s a worthwhile expense since it saves you from the aches and pains that come from long trips. 

Let’s learn more about memory foam neck pillows, shall we?

Why Choose Memory Foam for Your Neck Pillow 

Here is why a memory foam pillow can revolutionize your sleeping experience and provide relief from neck and backaches. 

Adequate Support

Memory foam pillows provide great support. They prevent strain in your neck on long travels. Since weight is equally allocated to ensure your neck and back area are relaxed, your posture remains intact and you can wake up relaxed and pain-free.

Provides Relief to Pressure Points

If you have certain pressure points in your back or neck areas, this pillow is ideal for you. It targets these sensitive areas and adapts to the shape of your neck and head. You can finally take a break from uncomfortable twisting and turning. 


Due to its hypoallergenic feature, memory foam pillows prevent the growth of bacteria, molds, and dust mites making it safe for people with allergies. 


A good sleeping posture ensures that you can breathe easily. Since the spine area is effectively aligned with the head and neck, the passage of air is smooth. Thanks to a memory foam pillow, you will snore less and sleep better. 

Easy to Maintain and Durable 

Memory foam pillows are low maintenance. In most cases, all you need to do is take the pillow case cover off for washing. Additionally, a good-quality memory foam pillow lasts longer than any traditional pillow. 


What To Look for In a Memory Foam Neck Pillow 

A good neck pillow can make traveling more enjoyable, comfortable, and restful. Here are aspects you should look at when purchasing a memory foam neck pillow.

Made From 100% Memory Foam

When choosing a neck pillow for travel, it’s best to choose one made from 100% memory foam. Since memory foam provides superior support, you’ll get its maximum benefits by using high-quality memory foam, i.e., pillows that are 100% made of memory foam. 

Depending on the manufacturer, there are also memory foam neck pillows that adjust to your body temperature to make them more comfortable. 


Neck pillows with an ergonomic lobe design are better than small rectangular travel pillows. The U-shaped design allows them to better hug and supports your neck. 

There are additional features that you can look for such as the ability to adjust how tightly or loosely it hugs your neck. Some products can have drawstrings that you can pull or loosen to adjust how it fits around you. 

Removable Pillow Case With Good Quality

Ideally, a neck pillow should have a soft and cozy feel to it so that you can comfortably keep it around your neck. A neck pillow with a removable and machine washable casing is even better since it’s easy to maintain and keep clean. 

Additional Features 

There are so many neck pillows to choose from these days and they all come with different features. Some even come with a hood sewed on that you can pull over your head and eyes. This gives you more privacy while protecting you from glaring lights as you sleep.  

Neck pillows that have a discreet compartment are very handy. You can use the space to store valuables like keys and phones. Some neck pillows also come with useful accessories like memory foam earplugs and a padded sleep mask. 

Replacement Warranty

You probably don’t expect anything to malfunction or go wrong with your memory foam neck pillow but it’s good to have the manufacturer’s vote of confidence with a replacement guarantee. Some manufacturers go as far as providing a lifetime replacement warranty for their products. If anything goes wrong with your pillow, they’ll send you another one free of charge! 

Your Head on a Cloud

You can stop fidgeting in your seat for a comfortable position with a memory foam neck pillow. If you haven’t tried traveling with one before, it’s high time to give one a try. You’ll be much more comfortable during your trip and will arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready for adventure instead of tired and achy all over.


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