How to Live Like Paris Hilton and Enjoy Your Quarantine

Quarantine doesn’t have to be a burden. It can be glamorous. Like Paris Hilton, celebrities welcome the alone-time to dodge the paparazzi, take a break from a dizzying schedule of interviews and chill with her favorite TV shows, her boyfriend, Carter Reum, and her glamorous surroundings. 

There is no need to be morose if you are forced to stay in your house. Think about Paris Hilton, who can explore an entirely new lifestyle as a silver lining during the pandemic. Paris told YahooNews, “I’m used to being on a plane 250 days a year traveling, so this is the first time since I was a kid that I’ve been stuck in one place.” 

Take a page from the book of this heiress, beauty icon, and reality TV star. Try something new that creates a change from your routine. Instead of spending time on airplanes or in front of the camera, Paris Hilton is at home watching The Simple Life with her special boyfriend, Carter Reum. 

This demonstrates that you can do the most ordinary things, like watching television or spending time with loved ones with a special Paris glam touch. To create a feeling of peace during quarantine, light a Chiji candle, which Paris Hilton says, “These energy candles gave my home a whole new vibe.” 

These candles melt and release crystals that add a touch of mysticism in the air whether you are meditating or are just watching Netflix. 

Chiji candles contain ethically-sourced stones, crystals, and onyx. They provide a feeling of peace with an alluring fragrance that is inviting and calming. In her Chiji review, Paris Hilton wrote, “As I carry them around my home, with me on walks, and during meditations, I set intentions into the healing crystals.” 

Another way to beautify your surroundings during quarantine and create a feeling of celebrity luxury is to treat yourself with roses. Why not spring for flowers that are out of the ordinary? Paris prefers roses that last not weeks or months but an entire year. 

In her Venus et Fleur review, Paris Hilton wrote, “Weeks went by, and they still looked brand-new every single day. And even crazier, they’re real roses. They looked like someone put a new rose arrangement out each day. But it was the same one.” 

The quarantine can be an excellent opportunity to get to know your partner truly. If your loved one’s birthday or anniversary falls during your quarantine, you maybe not be able to dine at your favorite restaurant, but why not create a homecooked candlelight dinner and provide your sweetheart with an unforgettable gift–a picture into painting present. 

Carter gave Paris a gorgeous original painting for their first anniversary. Paris did not have to sit and model for a painter–all you need is a photograph, and the professional painter will do the rest. Enjoy the lifelike appearance of the paintings, like a work of art comes to life!

Paris Hilton shared her enthusiasm over this present in a Paint Your Life review, “One of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. Carter brought me these amazing portraits for our anniversary that are now hanging in our bedroom! I look at the portraits every day when I wake up.”

Celebrate your favorite pet, which you will see a lot of during quarantine. The portrait of her dog is “the one thing in my home everyone asks me about,” says Paris in her Crown & Pet review. Any picture of your cat, dog, or other pet will be immortalized in a work of art you can hang in your living room. 

Paris Hilton shared how pleased she was with the portrait, “I ordered my first portrait from Crown & Paw of my beloved Tinkerbell! When I first saw the portrait, I couldn’t stop smiling. It was amazing! I couldn’t believe the attention to detail–they perfectly captured my baby!” 

 These tips will make quarantine not just bearable but fun and glamorous in a uniquely Paris Hilton way. Use this time to discover your true self. With some me-time provided by the pandemic, Paris Hilton says, “Now I understand myself so much more.”


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