Brazil Tries to Change the US Mind on Plane Sale to Venezuela

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva assured Venezuelan president, Hugo Chávez, that the Brazilian government is negotiating with the United States (US) to permit the Brazilian Aeronautics Company, S.A. – Embraer – to sell military aircraft to the Venezuelan government.

The US nixed the deal on the grounds that the sale could destabilize Latin America.

"It is totally absurd, since everyone knows that the planes are for our cadets. We have had the Tucano model for a long time," Chávez commented as he was leaving the trilateral encounter between Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela.

"This is an example of the absurdity of the United States’ international policy. It is a jolt to Brazil and free trade. The United States has always adopted the strategy of undermining every effort to unite the South," he emphasized.

Chávez said he will be sorry if the US prohibition is maintained, since, according to him, the deal would give a lift to the Brazilian aeronautics industry. And he insisted that Venezuela will purchase the planes from Russia, China, India, or some other part of the world.

The Brazilian Minister of Foreign Relations, Celso Amorim, said that Brazil does not agree with the US position and that he has already conversed with US secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, and is awaiting a response.

"This type of restriction is unjustified. Venezuela is not a country subject to international sanctions, nor is it being accused of sponsoring terrorism or subversive activities anywhere," he pointed out.

Amorim affirmed that he believes the US will change it position. "The good relationship that exists between Brazil and the United States should lead to a revision of what was initially indicated to us."

Agência Brasil


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  • Guest

    What in the world is this
    .. dude smoking? Whatever it is, I want some of that shit!

    Nothing new in the arrogance, unfairness and contradictions of Brazil government !

    Should Read:
    Nothing new in the arrogance, unfairness and contradictions of the United States government !

    Long Live Osama, Short Live the Chimp (Bush)


  • Guest

    It is totally absurd, since everyone knows that the planes are for our cadets.
    And cadets don’t shoot other planes right?
    Anyway do they know who’s the friend and whos the foe?

    Tucano, atta boy, the training plane’s name.
    The one who really do the work is the URUBU !!!

  • Guest

    Dead wrong again !
    Why would you expect the USA to allow US technology on military planes be allowed to a country that critize them harshly, quite harshly.

    Why dont you try to sell the same aircrafts to North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria just to name a few ?
    You would get the exact same answer from the USA.

    By the way, dont forget that when you acquired the technology, openly and freely, the export restriction technology with the USA was in the contract, so you knew what you signed.
    So now, just once more, you want to renegate on your own signature.

    Nothing new in the arrogance, unfairness and contradictions of Brazil government !

    Time will come, in the not too distant future, to pay for your arrogance.

    Even ALL your best friends countries, those belonging to Mercosur are not happy with Brazil.
    And ALL South American countries have US military bases, not without reasons !

    Your untold and hidden views that you want to impose to the world are not appreciated at all, not even by your best friends countries. You have unhealthy minds.

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