700 College Students from Brazil Going to Venezuela’s World Social Forum

At least 700 Brazilian university students are expected to participate in the World Social Forum in Venezuela, according to the International Relations director of the National Students’ Union (UNE), Lúcia Stumpf.

The American edition of the 6th World Social Forum will take place between Monday, January 23, and Sunday, January 29 in Caracas, the Venezuelan capital.

One of the main topics the UNE intends to debate at the forum is student involvement in the campaign against the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).

According to Stumpf, the matter will be discussed with representatives of the various countries that make up the Latin American and Caribbean Continental Organization of Students.

Another item prominent on the agenda will be the attempt to "revitalize" the International Students’ Union.

The UNE director also informed that representatives of various youth movements, such as the Brazilian Hip Hop Nation, the Union of Socialist Youth, and groups linked to feminist issues, have been invited to participate in all of the debates.



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    How in Hell the 700 comments got triplicated?
    Beats me.

  • Guest

    700 !!!!
    Hey, you said 700 students.

    Why 700 and 699 or 701 ?
    What are these critters supposed to learn?
    Read and write?
    Perhaps a bit of ADVANCED ARTITHMETIC ?
    Oh, they are going Social, so what these idiots will be doing there? Learning how to finish off the slums? The importance of the carnival when a plane crashes in Nepal?
    How to drink SOCIALLY and get socially piss drunk?
    Perhaps how the socialist read the Bible?

    On the other hand…
    It seems that Brazil will marry Venezuela pretty soon. They just can’t stop holding each other fingers. Fingers, Huuuummmm
    I wonder what will be the baby’s name.

    Brazuela ? Venerazil? Lula? Luxvez? Venebombedbacktostoneage?

  • Guest

    The Observer
    Lets not knock the Government and give them a chance to prove themselves.

    Of late they have come up with some really good proposals so you will just have to wait and see if they put their money were there mouth is and come up with the goods.

    Wait and see if these proposals manifest into something productive? If it doesn’t then you can knock them all you like.

  • Guest

    And who is going to pay…
    …for their travels ?

    The government or just another hidden CaÀ¯xa 2, 3, 4 or 5 ?

    Or may be an NGO, totally financed by the government anyway ?

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