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Bus Accident Kills 4 Brazilians on Way to Venezuela’s World Social Forum

The Brazilian government is doing what it can from the Venezuelan capital to provide assistance to the families of students from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), who were involved in a bus accident in Peru.

The bus was, which was on its way to the 6th World Social Forum, in Caracas, Venezuela, was involved in an accident near the Peruvian city of Arequipa. The university issued a note confirming the death of four of the 42 Brazilian students who were on the bus.

The head of the presidential office staff, minister Luiz Dulci, made contacts through the Brazilian embassy in Caracas, to determine how the government could help the families.

According to the Minister’s advisory office, the most recent information is that four students were killed and at least 12 were injured.

The advisory office went on to say that a Brazilian Air Force plane is being made available to transport the families to Arequipa to succor the students.

The biggest problem lies in the fact that Peruvian law requires that the bodies be identified by relatives before they are given authorization to be removed to Brazil.

Agência Brasil


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    Yea, but who is responsible – how did this happen, will compensation be paid to the families of the victims in a reasonable time-frame?

    Let’s see how efficient and effective you are or if there is a breakdown in communication?

  • Guest

    Oh, boy
    You guys crack me up.

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