Victory of Left Gives LatAm a Better Place in World, Says Brazil’s Lula

Speaking during his weekly radio broadcast, last week, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva declared that the election of the new president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, was a demonstration of the fact that progressives were coming to power in Latin America.

"All over the continent, more progressive people are being elected. For the first time we see that there is a possibility that Latin America will not be treated like poor countries, or Third World countries, but take their place in the community of developed nations. In order to do that we need serious government that governs in the interest of the majority of the people," he said.

Lula went on to say that Brazil and other Latin American countries were "Interested in helping Bolivia consolidate its democracy, through a successful presidency of Evo Morales, and overcome the problems of the past….

"Morales was elected with an absolute majority and has a majority in the Lower House and fell short of a majority in the Senate only by one vote. He has a great chance of uniting Bolivia and making it possible for the poor to effectively participate and share in the country’s wealth."

In his inaugural speech earlier this month, the new president of Bolivia, made a number of acknowledgements. He specifically thanked Brazilian President Lula for "teaching and guiding me." Morales went on to say that he intended to build highways linking his country with Brazil and Peru.

Morales also called on Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela to join him in discussions on the use of natural resources, mainly petroleum and natural gas.

"Do not exclude Bolivia from talks about future uses of natural resources. It is our wish that all states benefit from their use," he said.

As for trade, Morales said he believed a president had an obligation to make good business deals for his country. He said he was open to discussions on Mercosur and the Free Trade Area of the Americas. He concluded by saying that his country had goods to sell, but needed to find markets for them.

Agência Brasil


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