Brazil’s Lula Calls Blair and Again Proposes Summit of G-8 and G-20

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, on Tuesday, January 31, telephoned the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Tony Blair, to repeat his proposal for a summit of G-8 and G-20 leaders to discuss the Doha Round trade issues.

According to the President’s press secretary, Lula suggested that details for the meeting could be worked out during the Progressive Governance Summit, scheduled for February 11 and 12 in South Africa. At that time, contact could be established with Presidents Bush, of the US, and Chirac, of France, Lula told Blair.

Lula also pointed out to Blair that the modest results of the recent Hong Kong World Trade Organization meeting made it more than ever important for separate talks by representatives of the G-8 and the G-20.

Lula said the trade discussions had reached a point where a political intervention was called for.

The Blair telephone conversation was the third in a series since last week regarding the idea for a mini summit. Lula already spoke to Thabo Mbeki, of South Africa, and Angela Merkel, of Germany.



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  • Freemon Sandlewould

    Here here! on the Brazil one way trade comment
    They use the Latin Business Model – AKA tax the crap out of imports. For instance do you know that in a country where people make 1/5 of what they do per capita in the USA they are prohibited from importing used computers from the USA ? Yes so your computer in Brazil costs 3X what it does in the USA. Effective difference to the poor Brazilian? Factor of 15X !!! The entire world needs to start playing a fair game of trade unless they want to have a real problem.

  • Guest

    Nooooo !
    Brazil already subsidizes ALL their exports sectors.
    The EU subsidizes only their agriculture sector.

    Brazil has a trade surplus of US$ 44 billions representing a 55 % surplus of what they import.(Us$ 118 billions/74 billions).

    Just look at China, their exports being at US$ 760 billions but imports at 660 billions or ONLY a 15 % surplus of what they import.

    Brazil is not a good trading partner, they want to cheat everyone. Their own subsidises are good but not when similar subsidises are given by others.

    Brazil has just one blind thinking : one way trade.

    Hopefully they will not need 10 years to wake up.
    Hopefully they will learn what bilateral and fair trade means : 2 ways trade NOT ONE WAY !

  • Guest

    The problem my friend is that it’ll take another 10 years or so in order for you to understand why your comments are at best unhelpful and why multilateral talks including countries such as brazil are becoming more and more important to the developed set (as well as the others of course).

  • Guest

    I’d like to know why anyone in the world would want to talk to a washed up, old ex-communist rabble-rouser like Lula.

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