Lula May Open Secret Files of Brazil’s Dirty War

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said Thursday his administration may open files on the military dictatorship that ruled the country from 1964 to 1985.

At least 350 people died or disappeared during the military regime.

President Lula said all issues surrounding the files will be handled with care and responsibility.

Releasing the files now would overturn a decree by former President Fernando Henrique Cardozo, who ordered all classified files from the military era to remain sealed for at least 50 years.

President Lula announced the move in the wake of renewed calls from lawmakers to open the files.



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    Carla out of Sitka
    We can find each other together for ever and a day. I want you I need you, I love you. Inholding hand. Walking side by side kind of love and then some.

  • Guest

    Carla out of Sitka
    I want to share the rest of my life with you and Little Charlies and Isabella along with Hallie and Mollie.My home is your home always. I want to grow old with you watch our kids run and play on the beach. Watch them in school plays , band concerts the hole thing good bad and inbetween. I want to find the happens we had together before you left. I know its there we need to be together to make it happen again! I want to be with you again. Together till I’m old and gray.. At least til I’m Old ; }

  • Guest

    Each other together forever
    You are my sunrise my sunset…..
    At times your face with that look of yours gets me through the ruff times of life…..
    To say I miss you dose dose not come close to my feelings I still have for you and always will
    I must admit part of me has always felt we hadn’t lost each other for ever.
    Who ever said dreams and hope are dead……
    was wroung…………
    Love and kindness is always around us….
    To give up on dreams is to give up on life….
    Ever time I see your picture…
    Hear a person with your accent….
    Watch a program or movie about brazli….
    I get a smile on my face and in my heart….
    I still have the birthday ballon you got me for my birthday on the fridge.
    I have the rose picture of a couple in twined……….
    I still have the cards you gave me in my desk draw with the pictures…
    I am not complete with out you……
    Though it is cold out side.
    Just knowing we have found each again..
    Brings warmth, joy and comfort to this cold morn….
    I am happy again!
    Still thinking of you…..
    Yes, not a day gose by that you are not on my mind and in my heart….
    Now I know why!.

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    Carla Clark out of Sitka
    I have always tried to find the truth in me…
    I have always tried to find the truth About me….
    This has been a never end fight against myself…
    I want to find myself again
    I want to be happy again,
    so Find me again and be happy with Me…
    I still love Molly and Halley… and miss Jeanette very much….
    I’m free for you and hope you can find me again, because I can’t find myself without your help.
    I hope you still think of me.

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    Chip Korngiebel in Sitka, Alaska
    Be Brave never close your eyes or ears to the truth no matter the cost.
    “Those who Deny freedom to others
    Deserve it not for themselves”
    Abraham Lincoln

    “Fear to do ill,
    you need fear
    Nought Else”
    “Ben Franklin”

    “Observe good
    faith and Justice
    toward all nation”
    George Washington

    It is never to late the hour for truth.
    The best of Lfe,

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