Pay-for-Vote Scandal: Brazilian House Absolves Two More

Since the beginning of the so-called "mensalão" (big monthly) crisis, in which there was supposedly a huge slush fund that the PT was using to pay some members of Congress a sort of "monthly allowance" for their votes in favor of government projects, a grand total of two deputies have been expelled.

Four other resigned, four have now been absolved and eleven more await decisions by either the Ethics Council or a floor vote. In order to be expelled a deputy must have his expulsion formally proposed by the Ethics Council. If that happens the case then goes to a floor vote where 257 votes are needed for expulsion.

Wednesday night, March 8, the Chamber of Deputies voted to absolve Roberto Brant (PFL, Goiás state) and Professor Luizinho (PT, São Paulo).

Here is a breakdown on the situation of all the deputies accused of involvement in the "mensalão."

José Dirceu (PT, São Paulo)
Roberto Jefferson (PTB, Rio de Janeiro)

Bispo Rodrigues (PL, Rio de Janeiro)
Valdemar Costa Neto (PL, São Paulo)
Paulo Rocha (PT, Pará)
José Borba (PMDB, Paraná)

Sandro Mabel (PL, Goiás)
Romeu Queiroz (PTB, Minas Gerais)
Roberto Brant (PFL, Minas Gerais)
Professor Luizinho (PT, São Paulo)

Awaiting a floor vote:
João Magno (PT, Minas Gerais)
Pedro Correa (PP, Pernambuco)
Pedro Henry (PP, Mato Grosso)
Wanderval Santos (PL, São Paulo)

Awaiting a decision by the Ethics Council:
João Paulo Cunha (PT, São Paulo)
José Janene (PP, Paraná)
José Mentor (PT, São Paulo)
Josias Gomes (PT-BA)
Vadão Gomes (PP, São Paulo)
Onyx Lorenzoni (PFL-RS) *
Zulaiê Cobra (PSDB, São Paulo) *

* The last two names are indirected involved. Onyx Lorenzoni (PFL, Rio Grande do Sul) is up for possible expulsion because he is accused of leaking secret information from the Parliamentary Investigative Commission (CPI); Zulaiê Cobra (PSDB, São Paulo), is threatened with expulsion because she accused the PT of assassinating the mayor of Santo André, Celso Daniel.

Agência Brasil



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