Brazil Showed the World How Nations Should Solve Problems, Says Lula

Bolivia is not going to reduce gas exports to Brazil, declared Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, following his meeting Thursday, May 4, with the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, and two other South American heads of state: Néstor Kirchner, of Argentina, and Hugo Chávez, of Venezuela.

As for the price of the gas exported to Brazil, Lula affirmed that it would be decided on "in the most democratic manner possible…. Brazil and Bolivia are going to discuss their problems bilaterally."

Lula said that the meeting served to show the world how nations should resolve their problems.

"I believe we have given the world a good example of how to reach an understanding through dialogue. And we have shown investors in both countries [Brazil and Bolivia] that we do not wish to continue to be a poor continent eternally," said Lula.



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    Patriot / Expatriot
    I think that you are all blinded by prejudices, leaning too far to the left or too far to the right. I disagree with many American and Brazillian policies but I am deeply proud of both and extremely optimistic about the future of both. Unfortunately, I believe that Bush and Lula are both incompetent to lead our great countries. Bush is incompetent for believing that he has the right to dictate world policy without the support of the world community, thus making his policies the least democratic known today and the American people are paying for his incompetence; in blood, money and negative world opinion. Lula is incompetent and spineless for not challenging Bolivia for breaking pre-existing contracts that will hurt the economic well-being of Brazil. It is his primary responsability to protect the interests of Brazil, not Bolivia. His socialist ideals and partnerships with untrustworthy leaders such as Castro and Chavez will not help Brazil or any other country in South America acheive first world status. He’s a fool to think that those “friends” will be there for him if he needs their help. Just this year he forgave Bolivia’s debt to Brazil and look what it got him. It doesn’t seem that Lula has learned his lesson yet and the Brazilian people will ultimately pay for his political education.

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    Brazil is not the one that needs to invade other contrys for oil

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    When Lula truly takes a stand against what really makes his country laughable on a world-level, and that’s corruption, then he may deserve a little respect. But when dozens of self-appointed ministers, aides, etc. have had to “retire”, without having to actually withstand legal charges and criminal trials since nearly 100% of the recommendations the commission designed to investigate these crimes have fallen on deaf ears. They just to want to hear it, and especially put anyone in jail for it.

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    Bush DOESNT…..
    negoatiate oil prices !

    Sorry !

    Prices are the market prices.

    Brazil never wants to pay the market price but always expect to sell their own goods at ABOVE their msarket price.

    Brazilian way of saying : we are for FAIR trade !

    What a joke.

    You are almost energy self sufficient you proclaim to the world and suddenly you have an import problem !
    Strange isnt it ?

    You are energy self sufficient but your gasoline price is HIGHER than in the USA.
    Strange isnt it ?

    Where do the difference GO ?

    As to the USA. debts, you are not wrong except in the total numbers, but guess who hold 50 % of the U.S. debts ?

    Foreign central banks. Brazil is an example….although a very small one !

    On the other hand please name one country in this world who is loaded with your own currency !!!!

    Did you read what is going on in Brazilian agriculture ? Wellll…welll….except sugar cane producers ….all farmers are struggling ! Including the large ones !
    Cant you see that that $ 100 oil will not effect anyone except YOU developing countries ?
    Oil prices affect your agriculture, since agriculture is Heavily energy hungry. What about transportation costs, with shitty Brazilian roads and the 100’s of kms of them…to port ?

    Therefore the 100 $ oil will never affect us as much as it will affect other less wealthy countries.

    And even if it does affect, guess what will happen ? The USA will have a slowdown or a recession, meaning they will reduce their trade deficits. And from where do the USA have their trade deficits ? Mostly from developing countries such as China AND…..Brazil !!!

    So yes, lets put the barrel of oil at $ 100.- or even 200 if you prefer.
    Everyone in this world will have to pay the same price anyway !

    The difference is simply that less wealthy countries than the US/EU or Japan…will be the least able to pay for it !

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    sorry to repeat the same over and over
    This guest should take a look to its own contry. The Mighty America (USA).

    They are producing 5.4 m barrels oil per day and importing more than 15 m barrels per day.

    So everyone expects Bush to negotiate prices, but whatt does he do???? Good guess, putting pressure over and over!!!

    Oil prices??!!!! Heading to $100 per barrel. USA deficits will therefore break more and more records.

    So your conclusion is ringht about Lula!!! Problem solber!!!

    The USA could be heading to a even more powerful country, but they are not. Total debt amouting to 44 trilliart. Government debt over 9 trilliart and soaring by the minute!!!!

    Think before saying something in this site dear guests.

    Brazil is not a perfect country and it won’t never be it. But your countries are nott that perfect either.

    So think before stating nonsense on this site and put your name under your post.


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    You problem solver you Lula. Goddam Brazil is lucky to have you . . .

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