Soybeans Producers in Brazil’s Amazon Threaten to Invade Greenpeace’s Ship

Since 8:30 this morning, May 19, the ship Arctic Sunrise, belonging to the non-governmental organization for environmental protection, Greenpeace, has been blockading a grain terminal built by the US multinational corporation, Cargill, in the northern Brazilian river port of Santarém.

The activists are protesting the advance of soybean cultivation in the Amazon region and the construction of the terminal without environmental impact studies.

They are surrounded by soybean producers who are threatening to invade the ship. So far the military police have succeeded in averting confrontations.

"We have already received notification from the port authority saying that we have to leave, that we are violating Brazilian laws," says the coordinator of Greenpeace’s Amazon Campaign, Paulo Adário.

"We acknowledge the fact that the police must do its job, but we are doing ours. What must get out of here is this port, which is illegal."

Adário said that the protest began when activists climbed a soybean unloading bridge and extended a banner saying "Out with Cargill."



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    As a Brazilian…
    I perfectly understand the reasoning that greenpeace comes “from European countries where they have chopped down all of their trees and have little natural land left”.

    Still, what is wrong with trying to save something? These people have obviously learned their lesson in Europe and want to apply it in other nations. AS A BRAZILIAN, I know that my country needs help in the area. The people are entirely uneducated and have no concern for the environment. Without some assistance, I am sure that the rich and diverse place we know as the Amazon forest will soon be dead.

    The world is our world after all; it is our home and we must do our best to preserve it, no matter the costs.

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    For Amazon read Agromonopoly?
    Mixed signals from Greenpeace maybe, and not a little over reaction and false nationalism from the above posts.
    More alarming is that the Amazon Rain Forest is being ploughed up for soybean production- apart from the questionable GM variety.

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    Greenpeace morons
    These idiots come from European countries where they have chopped down all of their trees and have little natural land left. Then they have the nerve to tell people in Brazil that they are not allowed to do the same in order to grow crops and feed themselves. Greenpeace = Imbeciles.

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    GMO Pundit
    Greenpeace actually promoted imports of Brazilian soy into Europe when they helped ban US soy imports into Europe.
    this is explained here (or go to and do a site search):

    In fact agbiotechnology, which Greenpeace opposed has actually saved a lot of Brazilian forest, because net Brazilian farm exports has increased while total farm are has stayed constant:

    So whats happening here:

    6 years back Greenpeace did the things they now criticise others for, and the technology they still oppose fixes up the problems they scream about.

    What a brainless organisation.

    Link explaining how better farm technology has allowed overall farming exports from Brazil to expand without net farm area increase

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    Gotta wonder if the Brazilians know that Greenpeace is funded by European governments and that half of Greenpeace USA revenues go back to Greenpeace international headquarters. This invasion of Brazil is paid for by foreign governments and foreign nationals, making a military defense option clearly justifiable.

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    “the Brazilian firms competing with Cargill ????”

    Let them build their own terminals – assuming they have the resources to do so – and see who uses them.

    Meanwhile… Greenpeace are a bunch of nutballs who even their founder now agrees have gone off the deep end. Sink the damned ship!

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    the truth
    the grenpeace is a plague we have to kill all of them because thei are suported by rich nations i ask whi they not plant a tree?

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    why don’t they complain the the government? If someone is doing something illegal in whatever country, it is that country’s responsibility to enforce the law!

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    and what about….
    the Brazilian firms competing with Cargill ????

    These uncompetent NGO members of Greenpeace must earn their salaries from their financial backers !

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