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Brazil’s Lula Says There’s Enough Money to Settle 400,000 Farming Families

The Brazilian federal government plans to allocate US$ 4.5 billion for the National Family Farming Program (PRONAF) 2006-2007. The funds will be in the form of loans to residents of agrarian reform settlements and family farmers.

The announcement was made by the Brazilian Minister of Agrarian Development, Guilherme Cassel, with President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva by his side, after a meeting with representatives of the Cry of the Land Brazil 2006.

"Our goal is to reach the end of this Harvest Plan with two million contracts. That is, in four years we want to include in the Brazilian productive system over a million new families that, under normal circumstances, would not be producing," Cassel commented.

Cassel also announced that, to satisfy in part the demands of the Cry of the Land 2006, a new line of credit, the PRONAF Commercialization, was created, with an annual interest rate of 4.5% and individual loan limits of up to US$ 2,200.

According to Cassel, president Lula guaranteed that there will be no lack of resources to achieve the goal of the 2nd National Agrarian Reform Plan to settle 400 thousand families by the end of the current Administration’s mandate.

Agência Brasil


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  • Guest

    Give me a break !
    Nothing has changed.
    Have you seen the latest on the ambulances corruptions ? 283 parliamentaries are involved ! And this is just the starting number !

    Brazilians politcians take great care of the government spending for their own benefit !

    They even excel !

    And what about the actual investigation concerning the present filling of the roads potholes ? In 71 of the 75 companies involved, they discovered irregularities !

    But government money was freed, just in time to get something back for the elections !!!!!

    It is quite well known too that in Brazil, government money is available during the 12 months preceding the elections and budget austerity the following 3 years !

    This is in fact government “savings” to buy the next votes !

  • Guest

    Or maybe now it became a little harder for the politicians to put their hands on the public money so they have to use it somehow! But, you are right, there is an election coming up…hmm

  • Guest

    elections are quite close by now !

    Promises must be made. But just promises, they dont cost anything !

    Suddenly money not available during the last 3 years are available !
    Money was saved to be freed…..on time and on purpose !

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