Brazilian Press Wants Its Share of Google’s Billions

The Brazilian press knows it is not going to be a walk in the park, but this is not preventing it from taking on Internet search giants like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

What the owners of newspapers in Brazil want is their share of the billions those companies get for indexing all the content, news and opinion pieces, they produce day in and day out at high cost.

It was the just-reelected president of Brazil’s Newspapers National Association (ANJ), Nelson Sirotsky, who announced at the  closing of the 6th Brazilian Newspapers Congress that he is going to try to engage in a dialogue with Brazilian and international search engine companies.

Sirotsky is not talking about any lawsuit at the moment, but he isn’t discounting this possibility either. Another item disclosed by the ANJ’s honcho is that his association will soon start a program to raise the interest of school children in reading newspapers.

According to Sirotsky, what the Internet search companies are doing is embezzlement since they are presenting material they didn’t produce themselves  and then fraudulently keeping money that doesn’t belong to them. Sirotsky doesn’t want, however, to close these indexing services as long as they share the money they are making with the content producers.

In Brazil many newspapers and magazines are already keeping the search engines outside their borders. The site Universo on Line (UOL), for example, hosts dozens of publications including Brazil’s largest-circulation newspaper and magazine, Folha de S. Paulo and Veja, respectively.

They are open exclusively for paying members and out of the search engines’ reach. They have, however, stripped down Internet versions of their product. The same happens to O Estado de S. Paulo, another national high-circulation daily.

Commenting on Sirotsky proposal, São Paulo governor, Cláudio Lembo told reporters, "It is natural that the newspapers demand their copyrights, since they are the ones who invest in the production of this content." Lembo, as well as Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva took part in the ANJ’s meeting

Nelson Sirotsky, who is director-president of the group RBS, from the southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul, says that the printed newspapers are entering "a revival cycle."

And he added, "A few years ago we used to talk with much skepticism and worry about our activity’s future outlook. Fortunately, we had the chance to witness, during our meeting, that we are living a cycle of new opportunities, thanks to our technological environment and the habits of our consumers."


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  • JonathanR. of Web2.0Newspapers

    link again
    here’s that link again, “sem” code (eu espero!):

  • JonathanR. of Web2.0Newspapers

    So who’s corrupt, and how so?
    Thanks for the comments on this article, I’ve blogged about them and you can read my post. (see below for link)

    I’ll repeat the concluding Q of that post here: how corrupt is Sirotsky, if at all. Where’s the proof? Where are the other instances of Brazilian media corruption? I may seem to be challenging you here, but I’m really just curious how you both see it (or how others reading may see it.)

    I’d really appreciate you leaving the comments on my blog so my readers can see them. People reading here can link up there, too.



    — Jonathan R. of Web2.0Newspapers

  • Ola Bakir ms

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  • gringo dingo

    — In my opinion Google/Yahoo and MSN should simply exit from your country. This will again indirectly penalize Your society and not their society.You need them, they dont need you.

    I have to agree with you on this one. It will be a messy digital world for Brazilians without these state of the art search engines. So much so, that I would hope to see, finally, some form of public unrest/ protest or at the very least, some form of recognition that their coutrny is being run by complete and utter corrupt dolts.

    Most political scandals are too complicated for your average Brazilian to wrap their tiny minds around, so for them, they burp out insignificant political platitudes while downing cheap mind-numbing cachaca and bicker uselessly with other brain dead dolts at botecas (thatÀ‚´s democracy in action in Brasil). The loss of a search engine such as google, or even worse for millions of Brazilians that hate leaving their homes in fear of being mugged, a digital community such as orkut would finally be something tangible enough for even your dumbest electorate to comprehend.

    Greedy fucking thieves, Sirotsky is one of Brazilˢ۪s wealthiest men and still has his freaking hand out looking to exploit the innovation of others. O Brasiliero de verdade!

  • ch.c.

    By the way………
    Google or any search engines reproduce articles published by the medias. Since this belong to copyright.

    This is not only for Brazilians medias but includes ALL world medias.

    On the other hand, referring to an article that was published elsewhere is NOT illegal.

    In fact so much NOT illegal is that Brazilians Internet sites just do the same without any threat from anyone, brazilian or foreign sources.

    This demonstrates quite easily that the dirty and stinky tricks used by your government has absolutely NO basis.

    And if they disagree they either have to adress the problems to the International laws governing the medias and not specifically to named foreigned corporations and omitting the Brazilians Internet sites such as……. Brazzilmag…..for example. Because Brazzilmag News refer on a daily basis, and many times to articles published in your Medias.

    Even the above article has been made by taking parts of the Brazilian Medias.

    I can only repeat that referring to an article is NOT illegal by copyright laws.

    In fact did all the Brazilian medias paid the other Brazilians medias when revelations have been made for all the corruptions cases that happen daily in your country ????? Should the other medias in the World pay a copyright fee when they use your local medias that are revealing all the Brazilians corruptions ?

    What about when they refer to articles published in other Brazilian AND World Medias ????

    What a joke and what a shame!

    In my opinion Google/Yahoo and MSN should simply exit from your country. This will again indirectly penalize Your society and not their society.You need them, they dont need you.

    Finally the most curious thing is the way you have developed all this jealousy : you started by acuusing them of illegal things such as child pornography, then you threaten them with heavy fine if they dont comply. After you told them to shut down if they dont comply to the decision of a judge NOT even allowed to deliver such a verdict.

    And now, realizing how wrong you were, you say…….”We dont want them to shut down but WE want our share of profits”.

    You just revealed and indirectly acknowledge your initial intentions !

    More lamentable, more tricky, more stinky ,more dirty……THERE IS NOT !!!!!

  • ch.c.

    Yeahhhhh !!!!!
    Looks like that this site and the hundreds of other Brazilian sites should then ALSO be included.

    But…..OF COURSE…..that is not the case.

    By the way, when it is the Brazilian press or Brazilian Internet sites that reproduce FOREIGN NEWS or articles, is the Brazilian press ready to pay for ????


    Quite a dirty and stinky game……ONCE MORE.

    Is this what you call RECIPROCITY AND FAIRNESS ???

    YESSS….. the Brazilian way !!!!!

    The same FAIRNESS is happening in your society creating one of the worst wealth inequality….IN THE WORLD !

    Quite a shitty situation in a messy country when the only rule of law and consistency that is truly applied on a day to day and day after day is……CORRUPTION !

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