Terror in Brazil: Prison Gangs Kill 19 in Rio

Rio de Janeiro’s authorities cannot agree on what led criminals to launch, at dawn today, at least 12 attacks against buses and police targets leaving 19 dead and more than 20 injured . The terror lasted four hours. Among the dead two were policemen and seven suspect criminals.

Astério Pereira dos Santos, secretary of the Penitentiary Administration, says that he had received information at least two months ago that the organized crime was preparing the assaults in response to Rio’s police action to expelling drug lords from the city’s favelas.

Santos said that he had passed this information to the Security Secretariat as well as the federal government’s intelligence organs.

For Roberto Precioso, Rio’s Public Security secretary, the attacks were an attempt to intimidate the new government which is being inaugurated on January 1st.

Precioso doesn’t accept the explanation that the assaults were in reprisal for the action of the militias (groups formed by policemen) who have been expelling drug traffickers and taking control in some favelas.

The secretary said he believes that police were able to prevent the worst from happening. He mentioned the killing of six gunmen and the arrest of another three. The order for the attacks, he says, came from inside the prisons.

There were confrontations between police and drug traffickers in the favelas of Arará, in the harbor area and Mineira, in the Catumbi neighborhood. Two suspects were killed during this action.

At least seven buses were attacked. In just one bus from Viação Itapemerim the Fire Department found seven bodies. Several people who were hurt were taken to the Getúlio Vargas state hospital. The interstate bus had left from Cachoeiro do Itapemirim in the state of Espí­rito Santo and was on its way to São Paulo.

About 30 men stopped the bus, according to a passenger. They then robbed the passengers and set the vehicle on fire. There were 28 people inside. Just a few of them were able to break the bus windows and get out.

Three other buses were burned on the west side. In Alto da Boa Vista, a police shelter was hit by gunshots. Two policemen were shot and had to be taken to the hospital. Some of their colleagues chased the gunmen, but they were able to escape.


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  • Rick

    Yes, as impossible as it seems. TheyÀ‚´re very creative.

  • acauã ninja

    HEADLINE: Terror in Brazil: Prison Gangs Kill 19 in Rio


    9 civilians were killed
    2 policemen on duty were killed
    7 participant criminals were killed

    The Rio’s gang managed to kill them all?

  • utinga

    “I have concluded that the majority of the American population is functionally illiterate.”
    And tis my friends is the final word of a person who knows the majority of Americans. I wish I peronly knew over 150,000,000 fellow Americans. Ah, well I shall be happy with my limited circle of friends.
    À¢€œWe only see what we look at. To look is an act of choice.À¢€Â

  • bo

    ernest galloway
    ch.c isn’t american ernest, but thanks for your opinions on the american educational system, I’m well aware that there are many problems, particularly in the inner-cities.

    But if you want to put it into perspective, compare it with brazil’s educational system, you’ll see quite a general difference in the quality, accessability, as well as attendance.

  • Billstein

    I want my loot too! Just cause I donÀ‚´t live in Brasilia, donÀ‚´t I deserve my bribe too?
    despite it all I want to try and have a good new year, and you?

  • ernest galloway

    I work for a worker’s comp insurance company and we send out prescription cards to all of our patients with a letter clearly explaining what the card is for and how to use it. I am constantly getting people that call and say “why did you send me this card” or worse still they try to get regular medication with the card and when they call pissed off because it didn’t work and I explain it is for worker’s comp only they say “well that letter didn’t say anything about worker’s comp.” At this point I feel like getting out a copy of the letter and just reading it to them over and over until they hang up.
    Posted by: jlg

    I’ll make no bones about the fact that I don’t pay attention to anything when I go into a store. As a result, I ask stupid questions. It’s not for lack of ability, though; why shouldn’t I ask the trained retail-monkeys if I’m too lazy to look up at a sign?

    Posted by: jpe

    Krista, what you say may be the case if it was the under-30 crowd we’re talking about, but the worst of it comes from the baby boomers.

    And, while I have no doubt that you and the school you teach at are doing a good job, I am not entirely sure when it comes to education in general. Your last two points actually support my thesis–if the American educational system in general was doing it’s job right, those things wouldn’t happen. With the levels of information being thrown at people today, it’s even more important to be able to read and assimilate information than when there were very few information sources.

    Posted by: Kathryn at Marzo 19, 2005 02:59 AM

    Quoting jpe:
    “why shouldn’t I ask the trained retail-monkeys if I’m too lazy to look up at a sign?”

    So you are so lazy and useless that you need the assistance of a trained monkey? Do you have somebody to help you go potty too?

    At least the “retail-monkeys” are trained…..You, not so much

    Posted by: Stan-Lee Cupp

  • ernest galloway

    [quote]buddy, sometimes you don’t understand what you’re reading, or take it the wrong way, Gringo Dingo was being SARCASTIC, CYNICAL.

    😉 😀

    Functional illiterates
    From my years working in retail, I have concluded that the majority of the American population is functionally illiterate. In other words, they can read the words on a page, but comprehension is nonexistent. People are incapable or reading sale books, and I’m not talking about reading fine print, I’m talking about reading the basic item descriptions. Or when the ad in the paper says “X% off clearance in these areas:” and they want to know why they aren’t going to get 50% off everything. And people don’t know how to read signs either–I can understand when the description on the sign is confusing, but when there is a list of items and prices on the sign and they look at the top price on the list and figure that’s what their item costs even though the top item is a salt shaker and they’re buying something that is clearly NOT a salt shaker. There is a certain level of literacy necessary to function in an information based society such as ours, and if you can’t even read and comprehend a sign, then that’s a problem.

    The American educational system is clearly not doing something right when there are so many adults who can’t do even the most basic literacy tasks. And then you have the people who can’t spell and make signs where spelling and grammar is horribly mangled–care for some “vodaka” anyone? President Bush always talks about the No Child Left Behind stuff, but they need to do a “No Adult Left Behind” too because if adults, who are supposedly products of a better educational system than we have now are functionally illiterate, than the current crop of kids is going to be even worse.

  • bo

    and ch.c
    buddy, sometimes you don’t understand what you’re reading, or take it the wrong way, Gringo Dingo was being SARCASTIC, CYNICAL.

  • bo

    But some of these knuckleheads are too far gone. As soon as someone criticizes, it doesnt matter if the guy is from canada, england, switzerland, or Iraq, he’s labeled a Nazi American. And even if it’s a brazilian, he’s labeled as someone that has been “corrupted” by american ideology.

  • bo

    As I’ve said before, as long as large percentages of these types continue here in brazil I just don’t see a lot of hope in the short term. The first thing that has to be achieves is these types have to put away their ignorant pride, admit a problem exists, be prepared to accept criticism about the current state of affairs, then work towards a solution.

  • bo

    [quote]Hey Bo, who tries to deny things here? [/quote]

    Can you read?? That’s all you have to do is [b]READ[/b] and you’ll see who those are that try and deny the problems in Brazil. Thank goodness you found a site where BRAZILIANS admit the problems that exist, afterall, that is the first step in the resolution of any problem.

    And what am [b]I[/b] doing to solve these problems?? Well Rosa, alone I can’t do much, but together we could. The problem is you have a large percentage of people here in brazil that simply deny these problems exist, or when talking about the problems, and the corrupt politicians and police that directly or indirectly allow these problems to not only persist, but worsen, then you get those in the asylum that start spouting off about the United States, lol.

    Truly comical.

  • ch.c.

    To Joseph
    No No, not so cynical ! Simply…the sad reality !

    – Most Brazilians criminals and robbers are doing exactly what politicians do…..they take the most money they can from whatever/whoever is possible…with the least possible risk !

    Afterall, most criminals and robbers dont end up in jail and most corrupted politicians and most bureaucrats NEVER END UP IN JAIL !!!!!!!
    And also nothing happens to the Brazilian HUGE bureaucracy, champion of red tape and briberies….on top of their comparatively high salaries.

    But ALL ARE AGAINST THE LAWS…is the only point thesy have in common !!!!

    Proof that Brazil is a Tropical MUD at ALL levels of the society.

    And to have a rest and spend the money they have stolen one way or the other…they
    end up in Buzios ! Laugh

    Joseph….what have you done…illegally ? smile

  • M.k.

    Socorro!!! A invasÀƒ£o ComeÀƒ§ou.
    O exÀƒ©rcito americano iniciou o seu ataque ao Brasil pelo Rio de Janeiro ao invÀƒ©s da amazÀƒ´nia.

    Foi uma noite horrÀƒ­vel… os soldados americanos, disfarÀƒ§ados de bandidos brasileiros iniciaram mais um covarde e mortal ataque, igual aos que estamos acostumados a assistir na CNN, sÀƒ³ que desta vez aqui no Rio.

    Por favor, aqui estÀƒ¡ um caos, alguÀƒ©m nos ajude, tenho que desligar agora, pois estou ouvindo berros em inglÀƒªs, oh my god eles estÀƒ£o cheg,,, tÀƒ¡.tÀƒ¡.tÀƒ¡….hug.

  • ch.c.

    to Gringo Dingo….again !!!!!
    In the world safest country that Brazil is, as y ou may suggest, have you
    not read the other recent news :

    1) Dec 29, At least 18 people have been killed in gang attacks on buses and police posts in Rio de Janeiro, as the Brazilian city fills up with tourists for New Year celebrations.
    Seven of those killed were burned to death on a bus and nearly two dozen were wounded in the violence, which was similar to a wave of bloodshed that hit the business capital Sao Paulo earlier this year on orders from a powerful prison-based gang.
    Rio state public security secretary Roberto Precioso blamed drug gangs and their jailed kingpins for 12 attacks across the oceanside city. (Thus not isolated atttacks)

    2) December 20, RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP) — Authorities on Wednesday ended a jail uprising in southern Brazil in which two guards and an inmate were killed.
    The rebellion began when a prisoner feigned illness and overpowered his guards Tuesday.
    Inmates took control of the infirmary and exchanged gunfire with guards at the Laudemir Neves jail in Foz do Iguacu, 750 miles (1,200 kilometers) southwest of Rio de Janeiro, said an officer who declined to identify himself because of internal policy.

    And these “incidents” are only 2 within….. many more…during the same period !!!!!

  • Joseph

    Maybe we are too critical of what is happening in Brazil. Im going to do what the politicians do, Im leaving Rio today and going to Buzios. If you cant beat em, follow them eheheh


  • ch.c.

    To Gringo Dingo !!!!!!
    Why dont you ask your own Chief Justice if Brazil is so safe ?
    She was assaulted and robbed….fairly recently…..in a highway !!!!!!
    Of course, her bodyguards truly courageous…..did not even intervene…but just watched !!!!!!!! Laugh…laugh…laugh !!!!

    And if Brazil is the safest country in the world, please name and spell another country that also has 50 % of the youths deaths, aged 15-24, due to violent deaths !!!!!!

    Show us how educated and knowledgable you truly are.

  • stephen the man in the closet

    Good Morning America(ns)
    Come on, everyone, now!
    Everyone in chorus:

    “we have taller buildings, but shorter tempers;
    wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints;
    we spend more, but have less;
    we buy more, but enjoy it less.
    We have bigger houses and smaller families;
    more conveniences, but less time;
    we have more degrees, but less sense;
    more knowledge, but less judgment;
    more experts, but more problems;
    more medicine, but less wellness.
    We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values.
    We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often.
    We’ve learned how to make a living, but not a life;
    we’ve added years to life, not life to years.
    We’ve been all the way to the moon and back,but have trouble crossing the street to meet the new neighbor .
    We’ve conquered outer space, but not inner space;
    we’ve cleaned up the air, but polluted the soul ;
    we’ve split the atom, but not our prejudice.
    We have higher incomes, but lower morals;
    we’ve become long on quantity, but short on quality.These are times of tall men, and short character;
    steeps profits, and shallow relationships.
    These are the times of world peace, but domestic warfare;
    more leisure, but less fun;
    more kinds of food, but less nutrition.
    These are days of two incomes, but more divorce;
    of fancier houses, but broken homes.
    Yeah We are Americans and this is the American way of life the American dream!”

  • ch.c.

    To Gringo Dingo……
    ….stop watching the Brazilian TV soap operas. It is not good for your health, education and knowledge !!!!!

    And stop smoking your sockets. Not good either !!!!!

  • ernest galloway

    Ishe, mulher, Àƒ© muito cÀƒ­nico. SÀƒ³ porque a sua vida parece chata nÀƒ£o quer dizer que todo mundo Àƒ© assim. Àƒ‰ Natal. Respire bem fundo. Ninguem ajuda? EntÀƒ£o sai daÀƒ­ e procura outro lugar.

  • ch.c.

    Nothing exceptional …..

    It happens all the time….in Brazil !!!!!

    And your Authorities never agrees anyway…..unless they can find and accuse foreigners…such as the 2 US pilots !!!!!

    What is happening just demonstrate once more…how the Brazilian society is
    archaÀƒ¯c and medieval !
    You are NOT A COUNTRY for the future, you are a country of the PAST !!!!!!

    Nothing will ever change, you will remain the champions of violences. Those uneducated…will end up in jail…either because they killed someone or when they steal a tube of butter….as it happened recently !

    But dont worry, those educated and in power will continue to pillage your country and keep the country wealth for themselves !


    Looks like Brazilians are born….MASOCHISTS WITH A DREAM TO BECOME SADOCHISTS !
    A few can fulfill their dreams. Just look at ALL your politicians and LULA and his administration !!!!!!

  • Gringo Dingo

    Can someone please explain the post to Stephen? Or at least point him in the direction of a decent school?

  • Eduardo

    Violence in Brazilian cities and growing for the fifth year in a role in major American cities, where is batman?

  • roberto

    not our fault
    I thought everything was he fault of the two American pilots?????

  • Stephen

    For Gingo Dingo
    And about the 19 dead? Brazil has the highest homicide rate in the world, over 50,000 per year and these stats are from the Brazilian goverment. Rio is a cess pool and if you live in Rio then you are just another piece of Sh*t floating along with the rest of the scum.An educated Brasilian would never make such stupid comments as yours. I guess you can’t get a visa to go the USA or Canada as you don’t own 2 properties, your bank extract is zero, no job, and no future…..the beat goes on!

  • rosa púrpura

    Brazilians killing brazilians……why does this happen? Think it may be the terrible living conditions of tens of millions??? Just maybe?


    What Are you doing to make this situation better? Can we hear that from you?

  • rosa púrpura

    Hey Bo, who tries to deny things here? If you were really transparent then you would never say that people like us deny reality in Brazil. You are simply trying to feel superior over everyone who do not agree with you and say amen to your ilogical, and most times questionable rantings. Internet readers, anyone who reads Portuguese go to http://www.noblat.com.br and read Brazilians commenting this situation in RJ. Simply. people are debating the problems we have.

  • bo

    and this is not rare…
    Brazilians killing brazilians……why does this happen? Think it may be the terrible living conditions of tens of millions??? Just maybe?

  • bo

    Gringo Dingo…
    LMAO!! But “on mark” to some of these bozos!

  • bo

    don’t like it minera girl, but it is a REALITY in brazil, that many, specifically [b]A Brazilian, e harmony, and Carolota[/b] try to deny even exists!!!

  • mineira girl

    I just wondered when would the tidings appear on this magazine. One day later? No, a few hours later. It took two whole days to the denied-wage-hike politicians to pop up. Do negative news have privilege here? Yes. Do the gringos dingos Brazilian-haters like it? Yes.

  • Gringo Dingo

    Curtains up
    And tonight, taking the role of A Brazilian for the first time is thespian actor Gringo Dingo…

    Dim lightsÀ¢€¦.

    À¢€œLiar liar, pants on fire. Rio is safe. Nothing bad happens in Rio. This article is written by a hater employed by the USAÀ¢€™s secret service to discredit Brazil À¢€“ the beautiful peaceful samba land, my home, my love. Brazil is the safest country in the world, unlike the demon plagued nation to the north where they eat kittens for breakfast and kick puppies for pleasure. My Brazilian brethren unite, and let us only speak Klingon to these White Devil Gringos who are hellbent on destroying the good and wholesome name of BRAZZZZZZZILLLLLL.

    Lights upÀ¢€¦. Gingo Dingo takes a bow and exits stage left.

  • Joseph

    more of the same
    Someone knew, passed the info that this would happen to the government, and guess what happened? nothing. too typical. crime and criminals are rarely punished, we are all too afraid of criminal gangs and the political criminals here in brazil who support them by covering for them or accepting money for their election criminals.
    nothing will change unless there are local and federal govts ready to move in and take control and i think it will be a cold day in rio before that happens…

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