9 Killed in Massacres in Sí£o Paulo, Brazil, This Weekend

A São Paulo, Brazil, police car Massacres are not big news in São Paulo, Brazil's and South America's largest city, anymore. In the last two months alone the city saw five of them. The latest one this Sunday morning, February 25, when five people were murdered in the Kennedy favela (shantytown) in Mauá, in the Greater São Paulo.

Just the day before, four people, among them a 15-year-old pregnant girl, were executed while talking in a square in Itaim Paulista, in São Paulo's east side.

The victims of massacres in the city have grown to 22 just this year. In Itaim, the youngsters were shot by gunmen from inside two cars. A young man and two girls died before they could get any help.

A 18-year-old boy was taken to Santa Marcelina hospital, but could not be saved. The two couples were chatting in the public square and had no criminal records. In both cases authorities still have no clue who the authors are.

The Sunday killings occurred around 6 am. The bodies of four victims were found in the street and the other one inside a shack, in which, according to authorities, there were a gun and 365 cocaine baggies.

The military police informed that those murdered were a 20-year-old woman, a 64-year-old man and 3 other men in their mid 20s. A resident in the area heard the shots and called the civilian police, which came and then summoned the military police. Authorities believe the slaughter was the result of a dispute between two rival drug gangs.

Authorities have no witnesses of the massacres. Two motorcycles found near the crime scene have been seized by the police who intend to investigate if they were used by the murderers. By Sunday night, none of those murdered had been identified. All the police had discovered was that one of the dead men was a bus driver.

Among this year's massacres in São Paulo, the most serious one occurred on February 2, a Friday, when a group of gunmen killed six youngsters between the ages of 15 and 27 who were sitting on a staircase in Brasilândia, a neighborhood in São Paulo's north side.

In the other two massacres, which happened in January, the number of victims, all youngsters, were four and three.  In both occasions no one had criminal records either.


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  • brianhansen

    brazilian society can just blame itself for all these evils….overflow of guns, the rich don’t care about the poor, corrupt policemen, macho culture….
    I my country of 5 mio people there were a total of 30 murders last year…..so there is an alternative….

  • Ric

    The truth is, I was going to mention corn, but thought better of it.

  • bo

    written by Ric, 2007-02-26 22:46:27

    It pains me greatly to say this but honesty is the best policy. Brazilians often put green peas on their pizza.

    Don’t forget the CORN!

  • Ric

    It pains me greatly to say this but honesty is the best policy. Brazilians often put green peas on their pizza.

  • ch.c.

    To Ric…on cabbage ! smile
    But there are many different cabbages : the chinese cabbage, the pickled cabbage (mostly in Germany) and so forth ! Each can be/are prepared differently !

    Thus yesss…..cabbage is a well known vegetable in Switzerland, but not to my knowledge in pizzas…but again….why not !

    Here in EU we wont have the idea to mix rice and black beans but it is the Brazilian national food. And I bet that some put some feijados in their pizzas !

    Nothing wrong either…in my view !

    smile -;-))

  • Ric

    Thank you for your answer. It seems that I have a lot to learn in a gastronomical sense. Some Brazilian regional food is great, some I canÀ‚´t get used to. Brazilans normally do not like what Americans call “sloppy joes”, and do not like “Boston baked beans”, which have sugar.

    But they like maniÀƒ§oba, which I donÀ‚´t.

    I just thought that cabbage pizza might be a well known Swiss dish.

  • ch.c.

    To Ric !
    1) sorry I did not see and read your question…thus could not answer !
    2) I am from the Swiss French part, not the Swiss German part.
    3) How could I check what your daughter said, in Switzerland there is not only 1 school.
    Should I call ALL schools ???? smile
    4) I never heard that pizzas could be done with cabage, but cabage being a vegetable, my answer would be….. why not !!!!! In my view you could put anything you wish in a pizza depending of your tastes, as long as it is fresh it is the most important !

    As another example, here in the EU, few would think to put sugar in rice, but it is quite normal in Asian food.
    Years ago, An asian woman told me that when she was young, her mother prepared every morning, a sweetened drink made of the water used the day earlier to prepare the rice !!!!!
    And when I was young (my mother was Swiss German) once every month we had potatoes with the skin (cooked of course), together with marmalade and cheese !!!!! LAUGH…BUT TRUE !!!
    I am pretty sure that Brazilians have typical “strange” food mixings….just as everyone do.
    What I also know, in Vermont USA (the Switzerland area of the USA) they have Swiss cheese fondue…with chocolate !!!!! yessss…true ! I would not even be surprised that you can find such fondue in several parts in Switzerland !!!

  • Ric

    Sorry, donÀ‚´t know what got into me.

  • bo

    written by Ric, 2007-02-26 15:41:47

    Forrest, death may be finial for a few, but not for all.

    written by Ric, 2007-02-26 15:44:20

    For others it may be pendant.

    Damn, had to get a kleenex after those, I have allergies! 😉

  • ken lane

    Does Lula think the rest of the world is blind to crime in Brasil? How could any politican brag in Brasil?

  • Ric

    For others it may be pendant.

  • Ric

    Forrest, death may be finial for a few, but not for all.

  • Ric

    Still waiting for your reply on another thread. My daughter attended a Swiss-German boarding school and tells me they served cabbage pizza. Can you deny or verify, as to possibility of this happening. Thanks

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    now thoes people whom think they know how our minds work
    say the computer games are doing this to the young .

    so is it cheeper to buy a gun and bullets in brasil than to rent time on a comupter

    you have to think what is going on what are they doing this for , ?
    who or what does there parents do , could it be a pay back for something else
    death is not a game , it is finial

  • ch.c.

    Effectively….massacres are nothing new in Brazil !
    It became the daily life ! And if there is no massacre in 1 week, you either wonder but….why or what happened to not have at least 1.

    But worse, if there is a week without massacre…your politicians and Lula will tell the world….in view of their policies…..the killings have been reduced !!!!!!

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