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Foreign Tourists Fall by Half a Million in Brazil

Guarulhos International Airport in SΓ£o Paulo, Brazil

Guarulhos International Airport in SΓ£o Paulo, Brazil The collapse of Brazil's flag carrier Varig last year caused a significant fall in the number of foreign tourists visiting Brazil in 2006 revealed a top official from the Ministry of Tourism in Rio do Janeiro.

MΓ‘rcio Favilla said that in 2006 a total of 6.3 million tourists arrived in Brazil, half a million less than in 2005, and therefore income from international tourism did not reach the target of five billion US dollars but rather 4.3 billion.

However he admitted that the fall could have been worse had it not been for the charter flights which jumped 20.7%, transporting 423.514 visitors.

On the other hand Brazilian traveling overseas in 2006 spent US$ 5.8 billion, which represents a 22.12% increase compared to 2005 and is the highest since 1998.

Brazil's Ministry of Tourism expects a recovery in the number of foreign visitors since other Brazilian airlines have rapidly begun taking over the international flights forcibly abandoned by Varig's bankruptcy.

Mr. Favilla said that income from international tourism during January 2007 totaled US$ 484 million, which is 20.5% higher than in 2006.

Nevertheless not all tourism operators feel so optimistic about a quick recovery in the number of foreign tourists: crime in Brazil's main cities has become a major problem with ample coverage in the international media.

For a week last year the country's main industrial hub, SΓ£o Paulo came to a virtual standstill when street gangs, commanded from the country's security jails, attacked police stations, patrol cars and public transport killing scores of security personnel, which was then followed by a rampage on the penitentiary system.

The strong Brazilian currency is also tempting more and more Brazilians to fly overseas thus helping to create a significant deficit in the country's tourism income equation.



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  • u.s.guest

    lets make a deal !!
    how about we send you your illegals … you will benefit greatly from the return of your nationals illegally in the u.s.a. and britain… and then we MIGHT LIKE YOU AGAIN……

  • kaki3152

    yes, don’t leave the US
    For all of you that are concerned about sfaety, just stay in the US and do the ususal vacation sites.
    That way there will be less tourist in rio when I go there

  • Ric

    Try Canouan instead.

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    be safe go to cloumbia
    Yemi smart person you are

  • Yemi

    I think I’ll pass on that invitation Forrest πŸ™‚

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    come on over Yemi looking for another victum
    tourism to Iraq has doubled along with Afghanistan ,

    peoples from there are seeing that it is getting better and going home to check on friends and family.
    in the middle of a war

  • u.s.guest

    u.s. state dept. warning
    Stay in hotel … do not go out at night…do not act american… do not wear jewelry…do not walk the beach at night or day…avoid the crowds…do not engage the locals…dress to blend in… etc, etc. etc…..BASICALLY DO NOT EVEN THINK OF GOING THERE !!!!

  • Ric

    Why not if you are Bloored.

  • Yemi from Toronto

    There is no country without its problems. I’d visit Rio, and especially Bahia in a minute!

  • bienchido

    Sadly the message the world receives about Brazil in the international media is crime, crime and more crime.

  • u.s.guest

    LULU,S breath seen as the root cause of this …
    American breath mint executives decide to not visit so. america due to its hostile environment……

  • ch.c.

    quite laughable……
    that your authorities blame the collapse of Varig for your reduction in tourists arrivals.

    Your authorities are proving again and again how they are ready to lie and cheat every one, Brazilians themselves first.
    Yessss your authorities are a bunch of crooks and the actual boss is named Lula. Boss elected and re-elected by YOU the Brazilian society !!!!!
    Thus you have what you voted for.

    As I said many times Brazil is a Tropical Mud. James said it better : Get your Merda together, Brasil

  • James in Philadelphia

    Get your Merda Together
    Unless the crime and violence lessen in places like Rio, SP and Bahia,,the number will continue to decline.

    Get your Merda together, Brasil

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