Brazil Welcomes Palestinian Refugees Barred from Iraq

Palestinians arrive in São Paulo, Brazil Brazil received this Friday, September 21, 35 Palestinian refugees who were staying in camps in the Jordanian desert, at the border between Syria and Iraq, since the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime. They had been expelled from Iraq.

Four families, including children and elderly, arrived in Brazil: 25 people went to the state of São Paulo and another 10 to the state of Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost Brazilian state.

Two other groups will be brought next month and in November, totaling 117 people, who answered a questionnaire formulated by the United Nations High Commission for Refugee Affairs (UNHCR).

The secretary general at the Brazilian Ministry of Justice, Luiz Paulo Barreto, said that the Palestinians are going to enjoy the same citizenship rights as Brazilians do. They will receive ID documents, passports – in case they wish to leave Brazil – and will have access to public health and education services.

"Brazil is very welcoming, foreigners who arrive here feel as if they were at home. This applies even to the language, because Brazilians are also able to communicate with immigrants, even through mimicry.

"All of those factors make them feel comfortable, capable of integrating themselves with greater ease. Here, they can also exercise their religious freedom and wear their traditional garments, without being discriminated against," said the secretary.

The representative of UNHCR in Brazil, Luis Varese, informed that total assistance will be provided to the Palestinians, according to their aptitudes. Among them, there are engineers, teachers, merchants, and woodworkers.

Family heads will receive a minimum wage per month, the second person in the family will be granted 75% of the minimum wage, and the remaining family members, 50% of the wage, for up to two years, depending on their adaptation to the labor market.

The Brazilian Ministry of Justice has an annual budget of 680,000 reais (about US$ 365,000) for assistance to refugees. The funds are transferred to the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Caritas do Brasil, which, along with the Antônio Vieira Association (Asav) provides assistance to refugees. The cities to which they were forwarded have not been disclosed, so as to avoid public exposure.

Brazil has received the refugees as a part of the Solidary Resettlement Program (Programa de Reassentamento Solidário), of the Ministry of Justice, which has catered to victims of conflicts in Colombia who did not adapt themselves to other countries in the continent.

There are currently around 3,400 refugees in the country, of 69 different nationalities, the vast majority from the African continent.



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  • abdulrazaq aljobori


    FOR ALL HUMNITARAIN ORGANIZATIONS ,The international media

    iam one from iraqi refugees in jordan,want writing to you ,may be will hear to my complaint ,iam wa s applied my applcation into unhrc her in jordan since 14/03/1999, now this file number 199-99C00940 .date of it 08/4/2008
    and to now this office didnt give me legal refuge feature .MY STORY
    iam was leave iraq ,since more ten years at 8/08/1998 beacause a feelling by adanger ,on my life after arrest by soliders of suddam hussen system ,and remained about one years in the Detainee ,either reasone of this story it is unjustice of them and because am didntDOSE all things that them were asked me to did it . there for them are arrest me.there for am decided to leave iraq,for searching on anather place is more save to me ,and come to jordan,and applied my application to unhcr in jordan after my inter to jordan after by7 mounthes because was very afraid and too dont know about the office of unhcr ,and then ,some one told me and said to applied my application to unhcr and dose it at 14/03/1999 and made 2 or 3 interviews and them refused me and gave me finaly refused at novmeber 2001 after 111/sebtember 2001 events and with draw the certificateof unhcr from me. . and stay her in joran cant return agen to iraq bacuase the danger to now is there about my life there for cant comback agen although from bad danger my situations her in jordan because was havnt legal residence ,with out job just was my family sent little money to me ,to can still alive. and dont try for reopening my file agen after happened the last warat 2003, just after about 6 years because My frustration from work of unhcr and dont understand me good may be becaise high press upon them. may be, any way am didnt know ,what is the realy reasone. any way at march of 2007 made reopen my file agen and give me new certificate by new date and after each interview draw the certificate and give new certificate by new date currently my certificate have date at 08/04/2008,after larggest feeling asceard on my life because the situation in iraq was been very seriouse and danger and too her my situation too like aslow death ,and made tow interviews first at july at 2007 and seconde at aprile at 2008 and now have new time to new interview at december 2008 ,am thinke them are put me A vicious circle from the iterviews ,dont known when will understand me and when feel me am now and without Exaggeratio die aslow death,iam think them want me return to iraq and killde by Mfajkpzaabop car bomb,to belive me my life in danger. iam live in state called diyala in iraq this state is larggest danger in iraq , befor many weeks my brother Subjected to an assassination attempt by the terrores . although all longe this time from ENTERED TO JORDAN to now at2008, didnt retuned to iraq never, that is mean my life in danger ,you is known what is mean this live her in jordan. it is very diffecult alike slow death to iraqi persone, with out work ,without legal residense.

    iam now doing this destress call to all HUMANITARAIN ORGANIZATIONS to finde to me any solution to my problem ,and help me to get on legal refugefeature ,and get on resettelemnet in any country in this world, to give me ,new chance for alife ,because iam ahuman ,am think need this chance,and need of yours helpfull.

    hope hear from you soon.
    wait your reply on this contacts informations
    number mobile 00962795670165 246 amman 11118 jordan
    your sincerly
    abdulrazaq aljobori

  • khalid ismael nasser alweli -iraqi refuges in brasilia

    i thanks brasil-peoples& president& governemt
    i thanks very much brasil( peoples& president& governement )for support any refuges & we feel as in our country they support me & our freinds i thanks all them
    with many thanks
    khalid ismael nasser alweli
    iraqi refuges in brasilia


    seeking for refugee me and for my husband and little son from Iraq/ baghdad but now I am in brasil
    Dear sir

    I am prof.Sundus hameed ahmed and wehave suffered to much in Iraq from the terrorist forsces and alarge no. of scientest were be killed so for this me and my little family seeking for help to stay here in brasil till the situation of baghdad be well,Please we need help .and thanks for your attention

    With my best regards

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