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Brazil Gets Nod for 2014 World Cup But No City Has Yet Passed FIFA’s Safety Standard

World Cup euphoria next to the Redeemer The 2014 World Cup will happen in Brazil. FIFA, the International Federation of Soccer, confirmed Brazil as host of that global event on Tuesday, October 30, marking the first time since 1950 that the privilege has been bestowed on the country that calls itself "the land of the football boot."

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who went to Zurich, where the announcement was made, led the celebrations when he told delegates: "I would just like to say how happy I am to see Brazil's name showing up on that card.

"The fact Brazil has been chosen to host the World Cup in 2014 is a reason for us to have a great party and to be very happy. But we go back to Brazil knowing we have on our shoulders much more responsibility than when we arrived here."

2014 will be the second time the South American nation have hosted the World Cup; the first time being back in 1950 when they lost in the final game to Uruguay.

Brazil was the only contender because of a now scrapped FIFA policy of rotating World Cups through its six continental confederations.

Eighteen Brazilian cities have bid to stage matches, but as yet none of the potential host stadiums have passed FIFA safety standards. The Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro, which held a world-record crowd of 199,000 for the 1950 final, is one such stadium which will require work.

Looking at Michel Platini, the former French skipper who scored against Brazil in the 1986 World Cup quarter-final and is now the president of UEFA, Lula said: "We cried Platini when you scored that penalty goal against us. The nation cried but we also laughed when Romário scored and Dunga lifted the cup."

Ricardo Teixeira, the president of the Brazilian Soccer Federation (CBF) reacted angrily when asked about crime levels in his country.

"I believe that the violence issue today is an international issue. We had a recent good example during the Pan-American games in Rio – there was no violent event there. If you go to major cities in the U.S. you see kids killing other kids in schools, at least we don't have that."

FIFA president Joseph S. Blatter also angrily reacted to the question, storming back to the podium and saying: "When we gave the World Cup to South Africa, the first question was about criminality.

"Now we have given it to Brazil and you start with the same questions, please observe a little bit of respect to our institution, the House of Football and our guests here."

Although Brazil sent an official 27-man delegation to FIFA, former Brazil soccer great Pelé was not amongst them. Teixeira said he had no idea were he was, adding that Dunga and Romário were in the delegation, representing the teams that Brazil had fielded since he became president of the CBF.

"I don't know where he is but we invited two players here that represent the great generation of players during my presidency."



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  • fernando

    brasil owns football
    we are the football….. football is coming back home!!!! who is afraid should not come and watch from home. we will be just fine…

  • Jussara Lima

    Flee from RIO
    I hope some events will be held in Salvador and VitÀƒ³ria so I can flee from Rocinha RJ
    for a few days
    Nova York Àƒ© bÀƒ£o, Paris Àƒ© demais…Num vou esquecer jamais. 😉

  • John Miller

    Were you here in Rio during the Pan American Games?
    Were you here during the Pan American Games? Well I was. I live here. And I attended several of the events. It was unbelieavably well run. For example, for the opening Ceremony at Maracana, I had to take my 80 year Mother-in-law to the stadium by taxi. I was expecting this would take 1 – 2 hours to get there from Copacabana. It took 30 minutes. No traffic jams. It was just superbly executed. Similarly when we left by taxi, I waited 2 minutes for a taxi, and we were home in 40 minutes, this is when the other 60,000 people who attended also left the stadium. Think about it. I was just gob smacked by how well it went.
    As for crime, well crime is in every city, and Rio is far from perfect, but it was noticeably better during the games, perhaps more tellingly, it has remained so since the games. No city is ever crime free, but Rio is definitely for the moment, much better than it has been for many many years. And I think a large part of this has been due to the much greater presence we have on the streets of police presence, but also some of the recent projects instigated by the Governor and Federal government to upgrade favela infrastructure. Definitely the problems of violence and crime need to be tackled both with the carrot and the stick, and in the right balance, and for the moment, I think we have this right balance.
    2014 World Cup, 2020 Olympics I say.

  • Rapadura

    Really nice stats genius obviously in Brasil theres more crime, no one is blind to that you idiot……. but unlike in the USA most crimes there have a purpose, ex. to make money to eat or to make more money usually….. here in the USA theres an epidemic of crimes where people just wanna kill other people, or do something really stupid to get on TV.

    PLus like he said In the Pan Amercian games, crime was not a big issue, because people understood then they were representing their country to the world and i bet the same will occur during the world cup….

    Its about time Brasils hosting a world cup yeaaaaaaa….. 2014 cant wait……

  • ch.c.

    “the Brazilian Soccer Federation (CBF) reacted angrily when asked about crime levels in his country.”
    …this guy should eventually check by himself the countries crime rates and the Brazilian ranking :
    SECOND WORST…….AFTER SOUTH AFRICA ….in 2006 !!!!!!!

    And also about the comparisons between Brazil and the USA :

    Cheating and hiding the truth….is in the Brazilian genes…and daily lifes !!!!!!
    We all know that.

    Being angry…doesnt change the stats, unfortunately for you !!

  • bo

    [quote]”The fact Brazil has been chosen to host the World Cup in 2014 is a reason for us to have a great party and to be very happy.[/quote]

    PÀƒ£o e circo….like we need another fucking reason to have a party.

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