European Dairy Gives Way to Brazilian Goods in Middle East

Ninho, Brazilian powder milk Dairy product exports from Brazil to the countries in the League of Arab States grew by 133% early this year. Figures supplied by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply show that sales rose from US$ 17.8 million between January and April last year to US$ 41.6 million in the same period this year.

According to the president of the National Commission of Dairy Farming at the National Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock (CNA), Rodrigo Alvim, apart from the export effort by companies in the sector, the growth is also due to greater consumption in the region.

The secretary general at the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, Michel Alaby, stated that the increase was also due to the competitiveness of Brazilian production, with which Alvim agrees.

"Brazil is significantly increasing exports of dairy products," said Alvim, referring to the growth of exports as a whole. According to him, last year the country posted revenues of around US$ 300 million with sector exports, almost double the total for 2007. Venezuela was the main buyer, followed by Algeria. In the first four months of this year, national exports reached US$ 152 million.

Both Alvim and Alaby believe that the increase of sales of dairy products to the Arab countries is also due to the replacement of European suppliers. Alvim explained that Europe, which had 36% of the global dairy product market in 2006, currently has just 22%.

One of the reasons is that the region is more turned to its own market, geared at supplying the new members of the European Union (EU), and also due to environmental concerns, causing the stricter regulations for producers.

Between January and April, the Arabs answered to almost one third of Brazilian dairy exports. The main buyers, in the Arab world, were Sudan, with US$ 14 million, followed by Algeria, with US$ 13.6 million, Saudi Arabia, with US$ 2.4 million, Mauritania, with US$ 2.1 million and Kuwait, with US$ 1.3 million.

Sudanese imports grew expressively, as in the first quarter of 2007 they totaled US$ 245,000. Algerian purchases rose 86% and those by Saudi Arabia, 90%. Purchases by Mauritania grew 113% and those of Kuwait, 596%.

One of the products with greatest weight in exports was powdered milk. Sales of this product to the Arabs totaled at least US$ 34.1 million between January and April.

The secretary general at the Arab Brazilian Chamber explained that Sudan, one of the main buyers of Brazilian dairy products in the region, for example, has a dairy cattle herd, but not an industry large enough to supply the local demand.



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  • dnbaiacu

    I digress.
    Thanks for enlightening us on the fact that most if not all governments are corrupt money launderers and extortionists.
    A point I did not attempt to dispute. Brazil is obviously no better.
    My point is that it is mostly dirty money. And the Swiss …..
    [quote]We strive and shine…..once more, despite we have nothing in our grounds…but everything in our brains !!!!
    if anything are just better at being accomplices to crimminals. Absolutely NOTHING to be all “shiney” about, least of all condescending to others.
    I guess I have to get used to you ranting about “idiots” and such.
    One would be crazy to take you seriously πŸ˜‰

  • ch.c.

    not over….
    Your “( Marcos era). Plundering Haiti ( Duvaliers era) and the list goes on and on. “

    Sorry but none of them came in exile in our country ! yOU JUST PROVED YOUR TOTAL IGNORANCE.

    You better check where they had/ have been provided…..TOTAL IMPUNITY !!!!
    I also remember you that Imelda Marcos is actually free of all charges…..and is in Philippines.
    And that Baby Doc has never yet been jail termed of any wrong doing….in Haiti….. by Haitian Justice. You obviously know very little about Baby Doc, but for your own guidance and learning, there are discussionSSSSSS that HE RETURNS TO HAITI AND NOT IN JAIL…since he was never convicted of wrondoing there !!!!!!!
    Funny isnt it ?????

    And how could we return money to a government that has not even judged or charged someone of having had commited wrongdoing…and proved us the wrong doing ???????

    As to Baby Doc, another info for you the idiot DNBAIACU : The amount that Haiti “accuses” us of holding is LESS than US$ 10 millions. No doubt a drop in the Ocean…from the total amount plaundered…but kept….NOT IN MY COUNTRY !!!!!
    This amount is blocked, until the Haitian Justice do what they are supposed to do.
    And they do NOTHING…of course.

    Even more red faced ????? YOU BETTER BE !!!!!

    For more info just read the Haitian and Philippines news medias.
    You would definitely be somewhat….LESS STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ch.c.

    Ohhhh who has accused Meireles….your smart No 1 Central Banker of commiting illegal tax evasion ?
    YOU to my knowledge. NO one else.
    If he did wrong as per Your accusations why dont you prosecute him and eventually jail him if such a law exist….in tropical mud paradise ?

    Right or not ?
    What have you done since ?

    Well you kept him as your President of YOUR Central Bank…to my knowledge…and even re-elected him not so long ago for a new term.
    Right or not ????
    Better yet…you applaude him….by charging the world highest interest rate….after inflation !!!!!
    Right or not ?

    Red faced ? Hopefully you are.

    Brazilian Junkies will remain junkies…for another century at least.

  • ch.c.

    To DNBAIACU !!!!!!
    sure what about the over 100 billion BRL Brazilians money laundered in New York Banks between 1998 and 2002 ?????

    Those involved ?

    They all were RE-elected or re-appointed….in Senate, Congress, as Ministers or Mayors but guaranteed in an administratzion… way or the other.
    Who were they ?
    Just refer to the 2004 report made by a BRAZILIAN rapporteur mentionning 90 Brazilian politicians.
    What went next ?
    Your Senate voted NOT to open an inverstigation and prosecution-

    Many poor Brazilians died do the lack of healthcare and food.

    Lets face it, Brazilians are known to export food instead of feeding its own society in priority !!!!!!
    Despite your $ 50 billion in agricultural exports, over 40 millions Brazilians are UNDER nourrished, millions are starving……some are dying….if you did not know.


    To whom you want to give a lesson ? Clean your own mountain of dirt….FIRST ?????

    Stupid questions :
    – Did you know that when Bank Itau bought the Brazilian branches of Bank of Boston, 2 years ago, they also bought their Bahamas Branch ?????
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    – Did you know that just a few weeks ago, that this same bank officially announced they are looking to set up a Bank… Switzerland ??????
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    Very strange that UBS Brazil is considered a Swiss Bank, but that HSBC or whatever foreign bank (next should be Bank Itau) in Switzerland is considered…ALSO a Swiss Bank !!!!!!

    Eventually you should redefine your own definition of who is who.

    Enjoy Your Tropical Mud, because of course you have not stated that most Nazis went into exile in South America, Brazil included anmd certainly not in my country.
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    Right….or NOT ?????

    Why dont you re-read the whole war and hide the parts where YOU were involved.

    Short memory of course… and on purpose. We all know why.
    Right…or NOT ????

  • dnbaiacu

    Enough is Enough!
    [quote]We strive and shine…..once more, despite we have nothing in our grounds…but everything in our brains [/quote]

    The wealth of Jews sent to gas chambers. Plundering of the Phillipines ( Marcos era). Plundering Haiti ( Duvaliers era) and the list goes on and on.
    Just WHAT are you so proud of???? STOLEN BLOOD MONEY!
    Being an accomplice to major atrocities throughout history is a sure way to make and keep money . But BOASTING about it?!!!
    Give us a break! You are embarassing yourself. Just stick with the stats and the facts! But all this Swiss superiority stuff needs to go!

  • ch.c.

    To Joao….
    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰
    Well said !
    And if exports grew…it is because of the smart Swisses…..not the idiots Brazilians.
    But still….the exports belongs to Brazil….not Switzerland.

    How many times have I said Brazil should concentrate more on quality than quantity alone ?
    Not long ago, yourself had a whole week end seminar on how to exports more !
    It should have been… to export higher margin products.
    And better quality goods (premium goods are even better) always ends up not only with higher corporate margins but also with higher wages for workers.

    Somewhat funny that NestΓ€Ζ’Β©, a company in a country with a population of 7,5 millions is the…WORLD LARGEST FOOD COMPANY !!!!!
    Swisses have common sense and imagination than far larger countries dont have.

    Ready for a few more stats ?
    Companies from our country have over the years invested over US$ 600 billion in foreign countries. Not bad from a country…so small !!!!
    And guess what ! the profits generated outside of Switzerland amount to over US$ 60 billion….per year.
    Or around $ 80’000.-per Swiss capita invested abroad, and around $ 8000.-per capita PROFITS
    generated abroad.
    Better yet, just like your “Ninho” example, the GDP doesnt belong to Switzerland but to the country the goods are produced.
    Now swallow this : the $ 8000.- profits per Swiss capita ALONE of our foreign investments is more than the GDP per capita of ….Brazil !!!!!!!!
    Thus technically we could produce ZERO locally and still be wealthier than Brazilians !!!!!!
    Finally be aware that our current account surplus is equal to OVER 15 % of our GDP.
    Feel free to compare with whom you desire, Brazil, USA, France, Germana or whoever.

    We strive and shine…..once more, despite we have nothing in our grounds…but everything in our brains !!!!

  • João da Silva

    [quote]European Dairy Gives Way to Brazilian Goods in Middle East[/quote]

    No it is not giving way. Look at the picture. The brand name is “Ninho” produced and marketed by NestlΓ€Ζ’Β© which according to my knowledge is still Swiss owned and Switzerland is in Europe.

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