Why Can’t a 16-year-old Sell Her Own Body, Asks Brazilian Alderman

Brazillian singer, alderman Agnaldo Timóteo Despite the fact, that Brazil will be hosting the United Nations World Conference, November 2008 for the New Millennium's resolution, a member of the local government for the city of São Paulo, in southeastern Brazil, has a very polemic opinion about ways to eradicate poverty.

Agnaldo Timóteo, a popular singer and also an alderman for the city of São Paulo, declared on a daily national TV Show – Hoje em Dia (Nowadays): "I do not see any problem, why a 16-year-old girl cannot sell her own body, and why we should arrest foreigners who seek these types of services," he said.
An alderman for the city of São Paulo since 2005, Agnaldo Timóteo, believes if the state cannot provide employment conditions and qualifications for these young women, there is nothing else these women can do, other than seek alternatives.

"A 16-year-old girl is no longer a minor, she is a woman," he said. Regardless of his controversial statement, Timóteo affirmed that he is also a very conservative man. "I am a very conservative man, and my family always had some finesse," he said.
It is not the first time the alderman makes such a statement. Back in March 2007, the he had already shocked the public opinion with the same statement, while new ministers were taking office in Brazilian capital Brasí­lia.

During the show, the TV hostess tried in vain to explain why  maintaining sexual intercourse with a minor was illegal in Brazil, and why we should not encourage this type of behavior, however the alderman was adamant: "Many laws are not respected in this country, smoking in some places is prohibited for example, it does not mean people will abide by these laws," he argued.
Timóteo started his career as a politician in 1982, when he was elected Federal Representative for the state of Rio de Janeiro. He was re-elected in 1996. The singer and alderman also believes that the problem of Brazil is the lack of education, laziness and foolishness of some people. "We are uneducated, lazy and foolish, we need to stop being all of these things," he yelled.
During the TV interview, the alderman also declared the military government was wonderful for Brazil." "If it wasn't for the military government, no investments would have ever occurred in Brazil, look at Petrobras' for example, it was created during the military years, General Geisel did it." The alderman refused to talk about the AI5 (institutional act 5 that prohibited freedom of expression).
When questioned by the TV hostess, whether his point of view would not encourage sexual tourism, the alderman-singer replied: "I am not in favor of sexual tourism, I just believe that we should not arrest any foreign citizen who seeks a 16 year-old woman for sex, if she is selling herself on the corner, police should prevent her from doing it." Eloquently though, he advised: "If you are at home right now and you are poor with no job, think twice, there may be other alternatives."
In November 2008, Brazil will be promoting as part of the New Millennium resolutions for the WHO (World Health Organization) a debate on effective actions to eradicate poverty and hunger, better education, and betterment of life conditions.
Edison Bernardo DeSouza is a journalist, having graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University in São Paulo, Brazil. He lived in the US for close to 10 years and participated in volunteering activities in social works agencies. DeSouza currently lives in São Paulo where he teaches English as a Second Language, and is pursuing further advancements in his career. He is particularly interested in economics and human rights articles.


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  • friend

    What are you people saying?
    Both Simpleton and JoÀƒ£o Da Silva and now e-harmony are far off on their opinions, sorry guys it is NOT OKAY to accept child prostitution, and a teenager is not a yet an adult. It is not okay to accept this whether is a local city official such as an alderman, or a president or police or any citizen for heavenÀ‚´s sake. Reading all the comments over here seems like some of you folks will soon be saying, yes it is okay for child prostitution, as it okay for slavery in some cases, as it is okay for hunger. Give me a break, there is something wrong in the planet, when people start saying it is okay for things that are not.
    Congratuls goes only for ch.c who had a point of view based on truth. Seems like the previous guys wants to À‚¨forgive the aldermanÀ‚¨, that is fine and good, yes he can have his public opinion, but his point does affect other people, who like him think it is okay to do a bunch of bad things, just because no one pays attention to it: bad way of thinking.

  • Simpleton

    Non-de nationale ch.c
    Don’t know how it happened / why some angle watched over me and protected me – Anyone remember John Wayne Gacy? Arrested for only 33. Barry he said his name was. What a clown but clearly deathly afraid of water deeper than his knees. As a newly trained swimming instructor and an accomplished athlete what was I too be afraid of in honoring a man requesting assistance during off times when he would be less embarrased. According to him, something about chest high muck in vietnam did this to him. Things can and do go far worse for some. My life was spared and untarnished. Never say what is not right in an adult in relation to a child is somehow okay if there is less than innocence and fiscal factors to consider on the part of the child. Is there a choir out there or just those humming along in harmony?

  • ch.c.

    Costa !
    re-read if you can MCV details.

    To e- harmony
    And in Brazil around 2 years ago, 1 Brazilian killed, abused sexually 42 children, and then cut them in pieces…..
    Not a world record ?
    This Brazilian or the Americans you are talking of, or similar Europeans, asians, africans because they also exist…….can in NOOOOOOO way be compared to the others we are talking of !

  • e harmony

    [quote]Where what?
    written by Simpleton, 2008-06-09 21:45:25
    I enjoy e’s comments too (also like to provoke him – he cherry’s up easily). As to the 16 year olds, I have no clue where e made them or even if there was even more than just the one he got convicted over. [/quote]

    I’m just now reading this even though I quickly skimmed through this page and or thread a couple times previously. I was never charged or convicted of having sex with a 16 year old or anyone younger than that. I’m not sure what a 20 year old and a 17 year old has to do with this anyways. I haven’t even read the article above save for maybe a paragraph or so. What one guys says out of a nation of 180 million or so people does not strike me as fantastic.

    His opinions aside, teenage prostitution goes on in Brazil anyways I’m quite sure, that seems to be the more serious problem. I stayed down in Las Vegas years ago and I remember that teenage prostitution was a serious problem there. Las Vegas is also an international tourist destination for many foreign men looking to play whatever it is they wish to play (much of it sexual). Does Las Vegas and the dealings of what goes on in Las Vegas reflect 100% every community in the United States and all individual U.S. people? Child abduction (ending in rape and murder often) is epidemic in the United States. Brazil is not the only nation on earth to have people sexually involved with children or minors. I think on the rankings of “sins” a 30 or 40 year old *paying* for the sexual services of a 16 year old (not saying it is good or should be legal) is much better than the slew of White-American men driving around in various states of the U.S. and abducting 7 year old kids to sodomize, photograph, and then strangle to death before they head out the next day to their middle-class jobs.

  • CHC À¢€“ Chronicle Herpes Carrier
    The man with itchy genitals is for saleÀ¢€¦ pretty cheap!

    The problem is that nobody wants to buy JUNK nowadaysÀ¢€¦

    EeiksÀ¢€¦ Costa

  • João da Silva

    [quote]it is easy to say when he does not have to worie about his children having to do it . [/quote]

    He is one more pissed off Brazilian (there are plenty) and not a dumb one either. Just read my first comment,please.

    [quote]this one is going to get messy i bet [/quote]

    I think so and hope the author of this article Edison De Souza does his job diligently (and takes up my suggestion)!!

  • mcv

    i dont see mk in jail!!!what about republican senador w/ 14 years old boy just feel months ago!!!must of the contries they go to jail!!! 😉

  • ch.c.

    sorry but——
    – National or local….remain a PUBLIC face.

    – “Yes, provided he has committed a crime and so far he has not done any” Of course HE did one. Could anyone in the PUBLIC Scene, national or local, PUBLICY prophess for more corruption ? More murders ? Or why not…..sex with younger than 16 years old minors ?????
    Then why not with……6 months old babies ????
    Especially as long as he did not do it ?????

    Come on….come on !

    All over Europe you go in jail, YESS in jail if you deny/refute the existence of the Gas Chambers during WWII.
    You dont need to commit it, just say it did not happen !
    In my view Lula, Alencar and their army of cheaters should go to jail for thousands of years.
    Simple example : just re-read the articles HERE of a few days ago…that Brazil police….freed 6000 slaves workers in sugarcane fields, in 2007 alone.

    Alencar, a year ago PUBLICLY said : there is noooooo slaves in Brazilians sugarcane fields.
    TODAY……The Filthiest of All, His Highness Master Lula said :
    ” oil companies are in a “commercial war” against Brazil’s sugar-cane ethanol, rejecting accusations it causes deforestation and relies on slave-labor working conditions. “

    Stupid question : Who lie ? Alencar and Lula, or there were NOT 6000 slaves freed…in brazilian sugarcane fields ?
    Or could it be that the police budget to free the slaves was paid….but no slaves freed since there are none…..as per your leaders ?
    Not over. Today he also said he is going to have NEW labor contracts with sugarcane cutters. But by definition…with the old or new contract…this DOESNT mean that there is NOOOOO slaves, because slaves HAVE no contract…100 % of the time.

    Going back to sex with minors : Let me tell you another TRUE story :
    just a few years ago, in Holland, a new political party was created.
    They said sex with minors AND children should be allowed, even using them as slaves.It is a proof of love.
    But torturing animals or having sex with them….should not be allowed.
    You can find the many articles written in English…just by surfing the net.

    Thus yesss it is not all over Europe that one could go to jail. Mea culpa ! smile.

    But in most countries one would.

    And to Simpleton statement “Sued? Yes, probably, but not by government bodies. Fined? Not a chance.” Wellll not surprised….since many brazilians politicians enjoy sex with minors…and get total impunity” I just remind you that over 800 municipalities provide sex wioth minors….in Brazil. And not as per a foreign NGO but as per a Brazilian SP researcher.

    Stupid question : if not a chance to be fined…then what ? NOTHING !
    Yesss NOTHING….because as in National levels…..lawmakers PARDON their corrupted peers……as corrupted as the ones they pardon. And for the cherry on the cake……
    in a secret vote….of course ! So that no one know who really voted the PARDON !!!!!

    Viva Brazil, the country that contradicts everything they say and do.


    that will piss off the pope
    it is easy to say when he does not have to worie about his children having to do it .

    and if it is okay for them to sell , than it should also be there right to abort any child from such sale .

    lets us go farther ,

    should boys of 16 be able to sell themselves also

    this one is going to get messy i bet

  • Simpleton

    Where what?
    I enjoy e’s comments too (also like to provoke him – he cherry’s up easily). As to the 16 year olds, I have no clue where e made them or even if there was even more than just the one he got convicted over.

  • João da Silva

    Good comments as usual.Thanks.

    [quote](but again I wait for e-harms contribution regarding his buddy McGee)[/quote]

    I missed E-HarmÀ‚´s comments. Where did he make them? Clue me in.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]But he is still “a member of the local government for the city of SÀƒ£o Paulo”
    Therefore your “had disappeared from the national scene for years! ” cant be true.Simple. [/quote]

    Ch.c, many times you donÀ‚´t understand me well! He may be a “vereador” of SP city,but currently not occupying any elected post at the [i]national[/i] level.Remember that SP is a city and not encompasses the entire country. The TV networks here have forgotten him, who during the last years of our military [i]government[/i] was an outspoken person who wanted to bring about a true [i]democracy[/i] to Brazil. He was and still a bit crazy, but not a bad bloke. He is much better than that Clodovil Hernadez (BoÀ‚´s nemesis!). If you ask me whether he will make a good governor or President, my answer is a loud NO. But we do need people like him that do not ass kiss the politicos, just to retain their “cargos”.

    [quote]Such a guy would be fired, sued and fined in 100 % of developed nations.[/quote]

    Yes, provided he has committed a crime and so far he has not done any, except stating the reasons for young girls to go into prostitution and not to scapegoat the foreigners. Indifference to education and lack of job opportunities by the current government.Who has to reply to him is our Minister of Tourism and her boss!!

    May be you got upset, because he is an Afro Brazilian 😀

  • Simpleton

    Again your logic seems to fail dear ch. SInce when does someone being from the “local government” be therefore claimed as not having “disappeared from the national scene”.

    As to your second assertion, it probaby depends on his position and how he got it. Locally elected Chief of Police or something like that, of course (eventually) he would be fired or not re-elected (but we’ll wait for e-harmony to give you the picturesque history of Parks). Sued? Yes, probably, but not by government bodies. Fined? Not a chance. The purps seeking to be “contributing” to the benefit of the locale economy – damb straight they would and on top of that they’d probably get a bit more than they were looking for for excitement after they commenced their incarceration. Quoted, the alderman stated “police should prevent her from doing it”. Think everyone is in line with that here and there (but again I wait for e-harms contribution regarding his buddy McGee).

  • ch.c.

    Joao ???????
    But he is still “a member of the local government for the city of SÀƒ£o Paulo”
    Therefore your “had disappeared from the national scene for years! ” cant be true.Simple.

    Such a guy would be fired, sued and fined in 100 % of developed nations.

  • João da Silva

    Why Can’t a 16-year-old Sell Her Own Body, Asks Brazilian Alderman
    Agnaldo TimÀƒ³teo is, a controversial figure who had disappeared from the national scene for years!

    My congrats to the writer Edison Bernardo DeSouza for resurrecting Agnaldo! I suggest that Edison interviews another outspoken politician Jair Bolsonaro too and write another article!!

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