Was US Nun Killer Suspect in Brazil Innocented in Exchange for US$ 60,000?

Amair Feijoli da Cunha, Tato, condemned as killer of US missionary Dorothy Stang Brazilian Public Prosecutors in Brazil's northern state of Pará will conduct a civil inquiry to investigate if Amair Feijoli da Cunha, also known as Tato, condemned and imprisoned for serving as an intermediary in the assassination of American missionary Dorothy Stang in 2005, changed his testimony in the case in exchange for approximately 100,000 Brazilian reais (US$ 60,976).

Tato testified earlier, clearing the rancher Vitalmiro Bastos de Moura, also known as Bida, of being the one who ordered the crime.  Bida was pronounced innocent on May 6, 2008, of the accusation of double aggravated homicide – he was suspected of having offered 50,000 reais (US$ 30,488) to have Dorothy Stang killed on February 12, 2005.

For Edson de Souza, the prosecutor who led the accusation, the testimony of Tato was essential in Bida's innocent verdict by 5 votes to 2 in the Grand Jury Court.

In his own trial in April of 2006, when he was sentenced to 17 years in prison for his involvement in the crime, Tato incriminated Bida, saying that Bida had, in fact, sought him out to arrange for someone to kill the missionary.

But last Monday, as a witness, Tato changed what he had said a little over two years ago.  Despite this, he confirmed the supposed authenticity of the video presented by the defense in the Grand Jury.  The recording, made in October of 2006, showed him saying that Bida had not ordered the death of anyone.

In the trial of last Monday, crying, Tato said that he had been coerced to say that the rancher had been the one who ordered the assassination and that he could now tell the truth since he had become an evangelical.

The suspicion of the public prosecutor's office comes from the fact that in 2006, on the eve of the trial of Tato, his wife Elizabete Coutinho, had confirmed receiving, for the payment of debts, close to 100, 000 reais (US$ 60,976) from Bida.

"And after Tato was condemned, he had nothing more to lose," affirmed the prosecutor Souza.  "Why not change his testimony in exchange for money?"  He added that it was just a few months later when the video in which the intermediary clears Bida of guilt was recorded.

In an interview with daily Folha de S. Paulo, Bida confirmed that he made the payment on that occasion and that it was negotiated and paid in installments by one of his brothers.  But he also affirmed that the money was for the payment of oxen that Tato had given him as part of the payment for land in the region of Anapu in Pará.

"The prosecutors had even told Tato that he should have considered the leniency program because he would never again receive my money", said Bida.

Souza said he was surprised by the appearance of the video, annexed to the files of legal documents the previous week, and that until then he had not known of its existence.  The recording of the video, made while the intermediary was still in prison, did not have judicial authorization.

He also questioned why the video had not been shown in May of 2007, when, in his first trial, Bida was condemned to 30 years.  For the prosecutor, this could be related to a supposed negotiation with Tato.

The lawyer of the rancher affirmed that he had already known of the recording and that it had not been used in 2007 because, during the questioning of witnesses, Tato affirmed the innocence of Bida.  Souza refuted, "However, the confirmation of Bida's guilt by Tato was one of the main reasons why Bida received the maximum penalty."

Despite these contradictory facts, the prosecutor, who has already participated in more than 500 sessions of the Grand Jury, did not cast doubt on the impartiality of the jurors, affirming that they were only responding to what had been presented to them.



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  • Dominican Girls

    Latin Dating
    that man should be tied up on a tree and let thouands of fire ants have their tiny mouths bite him all over 24/7 and let’s see if he will not regret why he was born on earth to do such an ugly thing like that.

  • Shelly

    Wow, that was some serious thought there man…I don’t think he is worth to be alive in a wheel char without his manhood. I would shoot them in different places, every hour or so. I wish we had capital punishment in Brazil!

    [quote][b]In the trial of last Monday, crying, Tato said that he had been coerced to say that the rancher had been the one who ordered the assassination and that he could now tell the truth since he had become an evangelical.[/b][/quote]

    Everyone finds God or whatever after being caught red handed. From gay senators, murderers to football players (dog fighting case), etc. all like to evoke religion-it is sickening! I hope he becomes somebody else’s wife in prison!

  • Simpleton

    S/B a new wiki entry
    Resolving things Brazillian fashion. Going/Doing aBRazillian on someone. For an ex-pat and someone who clearly should (but probably never has been) honored for his service to his nation, forrest has a keen sense, knowledge and understanding of what it all means / how it works.

    Where’s abe been anyway? Got too chile in the south in heshe’s glass tower?

  • ooooPS…
    The man with itchy genitaliaÀ¢€¦. You are a mistake of nature, evolution backwards if you will!


  • forrest allen brown

    some one tell me where they are
    i can have them done for $1000r

    you want it to take a long time for them to die
    we could put them in the ground alive in a box !!!
    cut off there man hood and put them in a wheel chair for life

    hang there live bodies from the church and sell stones for 1 centavo a dozen to have a go at them

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    i love my new job

  • ch.c.

    Cash bills only are accepted.
    NO (not now as written) Swiss banks needed ! smile…..! -.)

  • ch.c.

    Dead right Joao !
    What a coincidence in my recent comment concerning the killing of a reporter, and someone was arrested.
    What a coincidence that I referred the reporter killing to the example of the U.S. nun killing.

    There is no difference.
    In Brazil (IN)Justice and impunity has a price….in hard cash.
    Not even a bank transfer is accepted, because there will be a trace.
    Cash bills only are accepted.
    Now Swiss banks needed ! smile…..! -.)
    Cash bills can then be transported hidden in pants by plane to the USA (Miami or N.Y.)
    Still no need of Swiss banks ! smile….! -;-))
    Then create an offshore corporation (in Panama, BVI, Bahamas) and re-inject the money legally….to buy more land, condos, mansao in the name of the offshore entity, and then rent it on the cheap to yourself !
    Still no need of a Swiss bank ! -;-)))
    Or you could use the U.S. Bank and the foreign entity having an account in that bank, to compensate another VOTE BUYING or order the killing of whoever you chose….such as the reporter killed because he wanted to reveal corruption practices…by your police forces.
    Your police forces having of course set up others offshore entities in the USA, Bahamas or Panama to receive your money transfer.
    Once more….still no need of a Swiss Bank !!!!! -)))
    One can use more than 50 countries to do this type of “investments”….but the only one finger pointed is of course….Swiss Banks ! 🙁 😥

    😉 😀 😉

  • Simpleton

    Ad Publico
    In some way, to some extent, whether we believe it / do not believe it / wish to believe it / wish not to believe it of ourselves or somehow impose mental limitations on what we would / would never do, we are for sale. Animals never do this.

    What was the price in BRL$ back in Feb 05?

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Amair Feijoli da Cunha, also known as Tato,[/quote]

    This guy is a “Covarde” for having killed an unarmed and helpless old lady, whether she is a nun, American , Brazilian or of any other nationality.

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