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Brazil’s Embraer Gets Its Best Quarter Ever: US$ 21 Billion

Embraer's Phenom 300 Brazil's aircraft maker Embraer posted 59% growth in deliveries in the first half of this year, according to figures disclosed by the company. The total number of deliveries reached 97. Of these, 52 were delivered in the second quarter of the year, when revenues reached US$ 20.7 billion, the largest in Embraer history.

Of the 97 jets delivered 5 were ERJ 145 airplanes, 29 Embraer 175 aircraft, eight Embraer 195s and 16 Legacy 600s, as well as the Embraer 170s e 190s.

In the second quarter of this year, Embraer signed sales contracts with group ETA, in Dubai, in the Emirates, and with the Brazilian TRIP Linhas Aéreas. The company also signed contracts with the government of Brazil and orders by Executive AirShare, a company from the state of Missouri, in the United States, were expanded. Embraer ended the half with 478 firm orders.

Embraer estimates are to deliver between 195 and 200 jets by the end of 2008. Embraer is the world leader in production of commercial jets for up to 120 passengers and is one of the main Brazilian exporters. Apart from Brazil, the company has operations in the United States, France, Portugal, China and Singapore.

Twenty three firm orders come from the Arab world.  The purchases were made by companies in Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

Six aircraft are for Egypt Air, seven for ETA Star Aviation, in the United Arab Emirates, five for M1 Travel, in Lebanon, and five for NAS Air, in Saudi Arabia. Some have already received Embraer aircraft. That is the case with Egypt Air, to which the Brazilian company has already delivered six aircraft, and M1 Travel, which already operates three Embraer airplanes.

The orders from companies in Egypt and the Emirates are for Embraer 170 airplanes, those from Lebanese and Saudi companies are for the Embraer 190. Both are commercial aircraft. The Embraer 170 seats between 70 and 80 passengers. The Embraer 190, in turn, can transport between 98 and 114 passengers. In the first half of this year, the company has already delivered one Embraer 170 and 38 Embraer 190s.

Indian Deal

Embraer and the Indian government have signed a deal for three EMB 145 AEW&C (Airborne Early Warning & Control) jets. The contract includes a comprehensive logistics package comprised of training, technical support, spare parts, and ground support equipment.

The ERJ 145 platform, currently being used on Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions in Brazil, Mexico and Greece, will join the AEW&C Program under the responsibility of India's Defense Research & Development Organization (DRDO).

"Embraer is proud to have the Indian Government as a customer. Our relationship started in 2003 with the purchase of five Legacy aircraft for transporting public officials," said Luiz Carlos Aguiar, Embraer Executive Vice President, Defense and Government Market. "In our commitment to a long-term relationship with the Indian Government, we look forward to continue collaborating in strengthening the country's airborne operational capabilities."

The first delivery is scheduled for 2011. The three aircraft will be outfitted by the customer with cabin equipment and mission systems, and will join four Legacy jets in operation by the Indian Air Force (IAF) used to transport Indian VIPs, as well as foreign dignitaries. A fifth Legacy belongs to the Border Security Force (BSF), under India's Home Ministry.


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  • ch.c.

    oops typing error…
    should read : The company doesnt have even generates 50 % of such an amount in a full year !!!!!

    It is the BACKLOG that totals US$ 20,7 billion…….NOT THE FIRST 6 months revenues !!!!!!
    Backlog that includes……Defense and Government segments, not only commercial planes !

    From regular source “The Company’s firm order backlog for the Commercial Aviation, Executive Aviation, and Defense and Government segments also ended the quarter at the highest level in its history, totaling US$ 20.7 billion.”

  • ch.c.

    A typical Brazilian goofing !
    ” when revenues reached US$ 20.7 billion, the largest in Embraer history. “

    The company doesnt have even 50 % of such an amount in a full year !!!!!

    Idiots Brazilians imaginations are flying very high……during the past several years.
    I suppose this is the Lula virus !!!

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