Sudan Wants Partnership with Brazil in Oil, Agriculture and Aviation

Embrapa Omer Salih, the new Sudanese ambassador to Brazil, Omer Salih Abubakr, wants to promote technology transfer from Brazil to Sudan. He highlighted three large Brazilian companies that attract the interest of the Arab country: The Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), Petrobras, which operates in the oil sector, and Embraer, for aircraft.

"Our dream is to have Brazil as our partner," stated the ambassador, who was inaugurated in the post early this month, replacing Rahamtalla Mohamed Osman.

According to Abubakr, the two countries have many similarities, which favors trade relations. In the agricultural area, for example, Sudan has 500 million hectares of arable land, the largest territory in Africa and 140 million animals, including cows, camels and sheep.

"We would like to form a partnership with Embrapa and have an (Embrapa) office in Khartoum," stated the ambassador.

Like Brazil, Sudan has a large sugarcane production and is very much interested in the Brazilian ethanol manufacturing technology. According to the ambassador, the two countries do not need to worry about using land to plant sugarcane for ethanol production.

"It is a different case than that of other countries that use corn (for production), for instance," he claimed, alluding to claims that high food prices are a consequence of biofuels. "We are taking sides with Brazil," he asserted.

The ambassador is going to seek a partnership with Petrobras as well. "The discovery of oil (in Sudan) is recent. Currently, 70% of the country's income stems from petroleum," said Abubakr. According to him, by the end of the year, Sudan is going to export 1 million barrels of oil.

"We need Petrobras' experience," he claimed. The third sector in which the ambassador wishes to work is aviation. "We would like to learn from and cooperate with this company, which is growing a lot," he said of Embraer.

Abubakr, who visited the head office of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in São Paulo, talked to the president at the organization, Antonio Sarkis Jr, and called for closer relations between the private sectors in the two countries.

"We must have Brazilian missions to Sudan. The country is very attractive to foreign investment," stated the ambassador. He also claimed that he intends to implement several projects along with the Arab Brazilian Chamber, so as to create a bridge between businessmen.

According to the ambassador, Sudan touches borders with 10 different countries, among them Saudi Arabia (on the other side of the Red Sea), Libya and Egypt. "Brazil may use Sudan in order to enter those other countries.

We might sign a trade agreement to make exports easier," asserted Abubakr. "Africa is a green continent that still has a lot to be explored," he stated. Oil, diamonds, gold, phosphate and lands rank among its main attractions.

From January to June, Brazilian exports to Sudan totaled US$ 24.1 million, as against US$ 22.5 million in the same period last year. The main products shipped were whole milk, tobacco, agricultural machinery, meats and medication.

In turn, Brazilian imports from the Arab country totaled US$ 144,500 in the first six months this year, as against US$ 34,600 in the same period of 2007.

"Sudan imports a lot from Brazil, and we want to work in order to even the balance," said the ambassador. Ovine skins, gum Arabic and plants for cosmetics and pharmaceutical products were the main Sudanese products imported by Brazil.



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    Noble kindred spirits À¢€“ Honorable Knights at Heart – from Augustus
    Esteemd “Double-Dot” (..)


    Eloquence is surely a gift with which you have been unquestionably bestowed, my dear friend; in fact, begging you for the indulgence of overlooking yet another repetitive remark, the pleasure of recognizing such a noble quality at another Brazilian is exceedingly gratifying, I must concede…


    As for the apologies, albeit thoroughly unnecessary, I must also express my sincere appreciation for the thoughtful consideration.

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    Nothing like finalizing such a disagreeable subject, but with some nobler, greater words of our ultimate forefathers:

    À¢€œOur business in the field of fight
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    [quote]Well, I rest my case, and presume no longer being welcome to express my modest views in this site… [/quote]

    A thousand and one apologies, my Lord, for my being insensitive. I urge you not to abandon us during a crucial battle by surrendering to our adversary. If you do so, “Nameless” and I would consider it as a betrayal and be left without an alternative other than joining the army of another nobleman.

    As for the terms used by the Gentlemen in question, we have pointed out to him that we have skilled engineers, technicians and labor to clean the filth, fill up the mud hole and landscape the terrain, etc; Alas, he thinks that such people have become victims of the suppression practiced by our Head Ruler and his 4000 rogue knights.


    DOUBLE-DOT (..)
    Unlike others, with who we are unfortunately in this blog, I trust I know when the criticism is JUST and agree to “stand corrected”
    I suppose my Manhattan residence, precludes from the any residual “right” to “feel the pain” and embrace the “heart-felt” natural impulse to object to rude, cruel, and distressingly offensive insults professed by those sitting in Geneva, who were not born or ever lived in Brazil.
    You see Double-Dot (..), my undeserving role as a “hurt advocate” of the country, which I trust, your EXCELLENT self so much love, may have been thoroughly misunderstood.
    My strong objection, protest, and resulting retaliation were not against the criticisms made, not even its messengerÀ¢€¦ Rather my objection is the insulting, disgusting, utterly disagreeable method utilizedÀ¢€¦
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  • ..

    [quote]Yet, I must confess being relatively surprised by the extreme tolerance (such as your) of Brazilians who (UNLIKE me) still reside in Brazil and are likely to appreciate the Brazil far more that I have ever done,[/quote]

    Lord Augustus. We GOOD Brazilians are extremely tolerant to people (regardless of their nationalities-as long as they pay their taxes) who give constructive criticisms, as long as they behave themselves and appreciate the nice things we have here. Of course, we do not receive well, the destructive criticisms from our fellow citizens who sit in NYC and tell us what to do. Alas, it is the sad truth, my Lord.

    [quote]yet are perfectly tolerant of the type of accusations and insults from this disagreeable Swiss gentlemenÀ¢€¦ [/quote]

    The “disagreeable Swiss gentleman” does not bother humble commoners like my EXCELLENT self. He is highly critical of our “Head Ruler” and his 4000 “Henchmen” and I have to regretfully agree with him. May I hasten to add that I do not agree with this Swiss “Gentleman (?)” 100 %. Only 99%.

    Thank you very much for hearing my rants.

    I remain, as usual, your humble servant 😉


    Appreciative Thanks to (..) whom IÀ¢€™ve named À¢€œDouble-DotÀ¢€Â
    Many thanks, dear friend À¢€œDouble-DotÀ¢€Â
    Yet, we are (unfortunately) NOT in 1854-55, and we are (mercifully) NOT in the Crimea.
    As brave as Lord Raglan may have been, he was unfortunately tarnished by the misguided influence of the Earl of Cardigan, a shameful representative of the British Aristocracy, who should never have been sent by Her Majesty Queen Victoria as an envoy, let alone a commander of the British Empire (whose might and glory I could never À¢€“ EVER À¢€“ attempt to emulate).
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    Yet, I must confess being relatively surprised by the extreme tolerance (such as your) of Brazilians who (UNLIKE me) still reside in Brazil and are likely to appreciate the Brazil far more that I have ever done, and yet are perfectly tolerant of the type of accusations and insults from this disagreeable Swiss gentlemenÀ¢€¦

  • ..

    Lord Augustus, may I remind you that you are again walking into a trap set by this nefarious and sinister “Helvetian”. Please do refresh your memory by reading about “The Charge of the Light brigade” as well about Custer 😥


    SWISS “CH-C” – The Neo-Nazi impaler of Brazilians! Well, what does one know about the Swiss Paradise? hmmm…
    – in Switzerland, thanks to populist proposals advanced by the extremist Swiss People’s Party (SVP), the notion of ‘collective punishment’ is (or was at some point) on the agenda for serious discussion? The SVP believes that the entire family of a criminal under the age of 18 should be deported as soon as sentence has been passed. If such a law were passed, say civil libertarians, it would be the first such law in Europe since the Nazi practice of Sippenhaft – or “kin liability” – whereby relatives of criminals were held responsible for their crimes and punished equally

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  • ch.c.

    Dear Bill & Ossy the junkies……
    YOU should most probably get a better education first by reading the original sources from the BNDES, not a foreign source to my knowledge, of what is SUBSIDIZED or not in Brazil :
    And you could read that it is NOT ONLY the agriculture but most industries….dear idiot !

    And since you want to appear as a genius dear Bill, could you explain here why Brazil subsidizes its coffee industry…….a commodity not even produced in the USA and the EU ?????
    Lets face it, Brazil is not competitive against others emerging nations producing coffee beans !!!!
    But your view could be different and we all wait for it…..impatiently.

    And to Ossy on Africa :
    your “The Europeans are in frank retreat in Africa. No credibility. ” and “VChina and Brazil and thingds will imrpove”
    Welll…when the developed countries want to stop the genocides there, such as in Sudan and the killings in Zimbabwe, using intervention forces since diplomacy was not successful , guess who put their vetoe ?
    CHINA…of course……because they not only dont care about human rights abuses and killings in their own country, but even less
    in a foreign country… long as they can make a deal to obtain the natural resources of these countries.

    Funny that you also stated Brazil. Because you are no different than Chineses. You of course did nothing to stop the decades long war in Angola and suddenly you become friendly with them because they became large oil producers.
    Large oil producers……not with Brazilian investments money….OF COURSE !!!!!!
    yESSSS….FUNNY you try to become friend…..after and not during they are at war….with themselves !!!!

    No doubt, and you proved it and still prove it, that Brazil like China, dont care about genocides in other countries… long as you can make some money out of them.

    But or course, as one of the world largest grain producer, Brazil is NOT GOING to provide them with FREE grains at times of droughts or wars.
    Even in Brazil, 25 % of the population is UNDER NOURRISHED. And of course, Exporting grains is better than feeding its own society in priority is the Brazilian policies and tricks.
    Simple example during the streets demonstration in April in HaÀƒ¯ti : Brazil was so generous that it send an air cargo filled with 14 tons of materials….that included many thousands liters of….WATER.
    Meaning very litttle food by definition.
    The value of this HELP ? US$ 200’000 including the transportation and other costs…of course !!!!!!

    Whoaaaaa….coming from one of the world largest food producer….this is very generous. Isnt it ??????
    And by including water (shipped by air) you increased the overall weight….insteading of including water purifiers…of course !!!!

    Enjoy your filthy country.


    Risking the appearance that I might be in agreement with some rude and disagreeable visitors to his board, such as the infamous ch-c, I must express my strong objection to BrazilÀ¢€™s inordinate willingness to establish contracts, make investments and form partnerships with highly objectionable countries, whose leaders either exalt/proclaim for the destruction of others (such as Iran) or, worse yet, are unquestionable international villains (such as the Sudan, whose À¢€œpresidentÀ¢€Â was recently indicted by the International Tribunal at The Hague for genocide) – well known to be committing (documented) atrocities to its own people (Darfur). No, I strongly feel that Brazil should refuse to follow the example of totalitarian China, which will not hesitate to engage into business dealings with any monstrous government across the planet. Brazil, being a Western (albeit a poor one) country, who has finally reached political maturity, and economic stability, should also aim for the higher, noble goals of becoming more discerning and selective with its business partnersÀ¢€¦

    As to the comments from the inconsiderate, callous, and hateful ch-c, it should suffice to say, that, when one takes into account his country of origin À¢€“ Switzerland À¢€“ which is a declining country, which has its very foundations on the Knights Templers (alleged to have stolen fortunes from the King of France in the 13th Century), a country which then proceed to establish a highly questionable banking system – designed to benefit criminals and dictators from around the planet À¢€“ worse yet, by making a silent partnership with Adolf Hitler not only about questionable German investments but also the return of Jews, and finally, by having stolen money & gold from trusting Jewish clients (Nazi victims), and currently shamelessly sponsoring a mild version of Apartheid within their rose-colored system of embezzler and racist individualsÀ¢€¦. Well, when a disagreeable creature, such as ch-c, who prides himself of his Swiss, start spiting his hateful anti-Brazilian view in this blog, one strive to ignore him, for there is no worthwhile word which would dignify the most vile of the readersÀ¢€¦. Indeed, creatures such as ch-c, who hate Brazil and Brazilians almost as much as they (probably) are ashamed of there À¢€œprogenitorsÀ¢€Â, are not worth the air they breathe, and certainly not the bits of data they enter in this blog.

  • Ossy

    Time to Brazil teach the Africans
    Bill, we are in the business of reforming those countries where people are paid to staty at home and farmers not to plant. The Europeans failed miserably to do anything that could provide the African countries with anything ressembling self sustainable economies. They are not only the ones to blame because the leaderhsipt they left ehind amount to no more than pliable fat cats.
    Now it is time for us to teach the African how to build economies. The Europeans are in frank retreat in Africa. No credibility. Well, Bono and those Band Aids are not going to solve anything. Now the Europeans have to put up ans shut up. It is as simple as that. Leave the continetn to India, VChina and Brazil and thingds will imrpove.
    9 years of exepricne in Africa. I didn’t watch in the TV or learned it reading in a librabry…

  • Bill

    Dear ch.c,

    Yes, people don’t want to make business with countries that steal their money to subsidize parasite farmers, like USA and Europe do.

  • ch.c.

    Sudan wishes to benefit of your expertise and investment money and that you build planes in Sudan…using exclusively Sudanese workers …and planes could then be exported to Brazil and elsewhere !!!!!!

    Is this not what many many many foreign companies have done……in Brazil ?

    Show the world you DONT want everything and give nothing in return…..WHEN YOU CAN !!!!!

    😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉

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