In the Beginning God Created Rio to Hold the Olympics, Says Brazil’s Lula in Beijing

Lula meets Brazilian athletes in Beijing Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, said Friday, August 8, in Beijing that Rio de Janeiro's bid for the 2016 Summer Games carries the ultimate seal of approval. He said, "when God made the world he prepared Rio for the Olympic Games."

The Brazilian southeastern city of Rio de Janeiro has twice bid for the Games and was eliminated in the preliminary stages. It's the first time the city has made it to the short list.

The President said, "we have the firm conviction that we will be the country chosen for 2016. I personally am convinced there is no argument against Brazil's Olympic bid".

Lula said it is time for South America to host the Olympics for the first time. "South America not only needs the Olympics, it deserves the Olympics", he said.

He confirmed that if invited he would travel to Copenhagen to push for Rio's candidacy before the IOC vote, the same as Prime Minister Tony Blair successfully lobbied for London's 2012 bid and former Russian President Vladimir Putin when Sochi was bidding for the 2014 Winter Games.

Lula rebuffed suggestions that the Games would be too much of a financial burden for a developing country like Brazil, especially just two years after the World Cup.

He said, "we do not accept the idea of a prejudice that it is too expensive to hold an Olympic Games. We don't have to know how much we will have to spend. We have to know how much we will gain. We should see the Olympic Games as an investment. Brazil deserves this opportunity."

Standing next to Rio's governor, Sérgio Cabral, and Brazil's Sport minister, Orlando Silva, Lula said that Brazil has shown after holding the Pan American games that it is able to stage large sport events.

"I'm sure that some people who came to China a few years ago would say that they did not have the conditions to hold the Olympics. Then you arrive in China and realize the economic change, the change in the city, the change in the structure. And I am convinced that, the way things are going in Brazil, we will be more than ready to stage the 2016 Olympics of 2016," said the president.

Lula's China campaign in favor of Rio de Janeiro has already started. During his meeting with the president of China, Hu Jintao, and the chairman of the National People's Congress, Wu Bangguo, Lula asked for China's support to the Rio candidacy and was optimistic when he left the meeting.

"I left with the feeling that we are going to have the support from China," Lula told journalists. "There is an understanding from both president Hu Jintao and chairman Wu, who is the president of the parliament, that South America never had their own Olympics," he stressed.

Lula refused to risk any bet on how many medals the Brazilian athletes are going to win. According to him, just getting a place to participate in the games is already a victory for the Brazilians who made it to Beijing.

"I told the athletes there in Brazil that when you go to the Olympic Games you have to take into consideration that to get here each one has already given the maximum of himself. To win a gold, silver or bronze medal, is just a consequence. What's important is that every one goes to bed at night with the clear conscience that he has done the best he possibly could."

Jersey Controversy

Brazil won't be wearing its official Nike uniform for the rest of the Olympic Games because it could affect Rio de Janeiro's bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics Games, said the country's soccer confederation Saturday.

According to International Olympic Committee (IOC) rules, nations should not wear confederations' emblems on uniforms during the Olympic Games, and Brazil's Nike jersey has the soccer confederation badge on it, reports the Associated Press.

The confederation said in a statement, "the president of the Brazilian (soccer) confederation, Ricardo Teixeira, accepted the Brazilian Olympic Committee's request that the Olympic team did not wear the official jersey because it would blemish Brazils' bid to host the 2016 Olympics". Brazil will still wear a Nike jersey, but without the confederation's badge.

The statement said Teixeira decided to accept the committee's request to avoid any embarrassment or inconvenience to the city's bid for 2016.

Brazil's players complained Saturday after being told they would play the rest of the games without their traditional badge on their shirts, reports Reuters.

One player said it was "a load of messing around. It's a pain to play without the symbol on the shirt because it imposes respect. We're five times champions of the world and we carry that on our chest. But it's a political matter and something which the players don't need to get involved in."



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  • forrest allen brown

    no BBC here


    Well, I saw reports from BBC
    The BBC has even broadcast from regularly forbidden areas in the Chinese far east, where “the overall situation” is very tense, and apparently there had been a MAJOR terrorist attack two days ago…
    How awful
    Take care of yourself

  • forrest allen brown

    if one rembers all the previous games they had news crews going around showing places to go and see they history ,
    buildings , food ,



    forest – correct again
    Still worried about your audatious disposition to report from within the walls of “a country prison”, I second motion, again, your latest statement

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    no real reports on georiga in news here
    while brasil is always blowing its own horn china does it another way .

    ti can only be on the TV if it shows china in a good way .

    there are some 300 laws that you can be put to death over here !!!!!!!!!!!! if you break them

    the quickest way is to be croupt and get chaught in less than 5 days you be a dead , walked to the wall put to your knees and a banoet in the back and a shot to the head

    duck quick and be beat to death

    thank human rights in a decmorcy for the right to call our politicans they are crooks

  • forrest allen brown

    china big pop coming soon just like the .com deal
    to day fatima and i took our clothes down to the wash rack behind to hotel as all the chinese landurys were full in china!!!?

    the people were at first put back to see a couple of gringoes , qui long , round eyes , doing therte clothes by hand so we set about telling them about the rest of the world and places we have been and how others live , then they started with the TV that they had seen before the goverment shut down cable TV

    how people live with out walls around their houses , can go where ever there harts want , buy things from all ove rthe world and never want for any thing .
    we told them most were true but you have to work to get what you want , then a old woman said here you have to work just to live . and no matter how much you work the rich are the ones that get richer , fatima told them it is like that in brasil also and in most other countries .
    they ask us why we came if not for the games we said just to see what it was like .

    so we bought them all a coke and spent part of the day talking to them our transulator was tired of talking by the end of the day and we made several new friends .

    we be safe going to tomb of first empour soon


    Mortified… and seriously concerned – FOREST!
    Out of genuine concern for your safety, I urge you to seriously consider avoiding any further “potentially compromising” remark until such time when you find yourself, again, at a location where the human condition is not so distressingly reduced…

    Wisdom would dictate for serious considerations in the appraisal of the “appropriate” moment and locus for releasing particularly sensitive issues and events, in safetyÀ¢€¦

    Perhaps you may have underestimated the significance of certain deeds, as well as their potential impact, when considering the serious possible response(s) of those who possess supreme authority!

    Once again, I seriously urge you to reconsider any further disclosure for the time being!

  • Simpleton

    23 over the weekend? My son moved close to eHamony’s neighborhood a week ago. We get a text message nearly every night letting us know how many gunshots he heard.

    I’m all set to start training for a cleaner’s job for 2014 / 2016 – just waiting for a better feel for which cidade to start snapping up apartments and houses in. The infrastructure in PAN village is already being sold out. The apartments are “affordable” but who wants to live in the new modern Favelas?

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    SAT phone through my Mc gets me out or in jail (.) not a good place
    they cant stop it unless they take my phone or computer . or shoot down the sat system

    did all know that almost 15.000 of the 17.000 were military personal who had been doing the training for some 3 years .

    also 1 out of every 5 cleaners is an under cover military cop , most are women , the carry stun guns and whistels to call for more help when needed

    we have hurd gun fire every night we have been here and protest by people that are never seen on TV any where but in police station .

    out guide tells us of teroits bombs and armed people being fired on by the military . not police but military units .

    she said 23 people have been killed from friday to date

  • Simpleton

    Sem sculpa
    Auggie, you’re way to sensitive / overly concerned. I thought nothing of there being any correlation of your initial post and my “designation” (which was not one of my choosing – actually ch.c gave it to me in response to my very first ever blog post anywhere – it stuck and my original moniker is one that only my closest family and all of my friends in Brasil use but never in writing.) As far as commonality with our great leader Lula, it’s a bit of a stretch – pescador / bait.

    If forrest found a link out it was no doubt after returning to his water-crib. I’m just glad he wasn’t over near Santiago and the BZ embassy just a short while ago.


    FOREST – thanks for excellent INFO
    IÀ¢€™m glad to find that you are actually making time to go around Beijing instead of spending too much time online 🙂 You are so thoughtful, that you make the time to keep us abreast of such “inside” details – we all appreciate it
    In fact, based on what you have just described, I wonder how you are being permitted to report on the BRAZZIL siteÀ¢€¦ LetÀ¢€™s see how long it takes for it to get blocked (their monitors are bound to run into it, and object to your remarksÀ¢€¦ be careful!)
    I’m really not surprised by the rigorous policies – TYPICAL of a totalitarian system – described in your message.
    It’s simply horrific to actually get the reports as they are witnessed from someone we know!
    Despite all my travels I greatly regret not having visited the former East Bloc, since the brutal power exercised by Authoritarian One-Party regimes, which is undoubtedly efficient but overwhelmingly distressing, never ceases the fascinate my “relatively deviant cultural curiosity”

  • forrest allen brown

    there were 17.000 chinese that preformed in the opening of the games over 2000 drumers alone .
    that were bussed in and out .
    as a fact to know all the hired help is bussed in and out all the time . they are not allowed to stick around to do a thing at the grounds
    they work 12 to 16 hours a day for 20 cents US an hour
    the trash people whitch there are thousands are checked before they leave the complex to make sure they have not stolen or found any thing that should have been turned in .
    we are not able to have our transulator come to our room for a rest to lunch has it is forbiden by the state to stop proustition
    our air card does not work on the computer as the state has blocked certin web axess and forbiden use of computers by all till cleared by the state !!!!!!
    pic are not a good thing also we took pic of the air port with all the leaders jets were parked not good idea controled by the state .
    all the dignataries are just a pain in the butt as they requier 150 ft safty zone around when walking
    all but BUSH he just walks around like he was down on the farm with his cows .
    most other countries presidents are so full of we are VIP and want to be treated as so it is funny


    Opinion on Oregonian’s observation
    While I must agree with the À¢€œspiritÀ¢€Â in OregonianÀ¢€™s remark, I must again express my recognition of the Unmentionable Swiss bloggerÀ¢€™s knowledge in topics such as economics, math, statistics, and geography. What he clearly lacks, however, is exposure to basic instruction on À¢€œgood mannersÀ¢€Â, on the concept of À¢€œhumanityÀ¢€Â or À¢€œhumilityÀ¢€Â, and on World History.

    Arrogance, impertinence, and ruthless disregard for the least privileged sectors of the population are the À¢€œUnmentionableÀ¢€™sÀ¢€Â trade mark; thus leading to a previous conclusion that his Swiss Origin À¢€“ clearly the source of so much unwarranted pride À¢€“ strongly suggest a shameful connection to the German component of SwitzerlandÀ¢€™s À¢€œstolen culturesÀ¢€Â, often considered as a multicultural. Indeed, as already expressed elsewhere, this gentlemanÀ¢€™s posture suggest three likely contributing factors:

    – Generic À¢€œblood tiesÀ¢€Â to the least desirable German portion of that stolen culture, which, I dare say, some of the most infamous examples of the recent German past, such as Joseph Goebbels and Herman Hesse, would be undoubtedly very proud;
    – serious, deeply leveled psychological problems which neither Freud nor Jung would dare attempting to analyze; and
    – very low class, peasant background, which is often perceived as the source of the raw arrogant behavior, not uncommon among those generally considered À¢€œnouveau richÀ¢€Â

  • Oregonian

    Ch.c is a pseudo-intellectual filled with racism and prejudice against Brazil and the Brazilian people. He has nothing wise to say about anything. He has, most probably, graduated with honor from some diploma mill school.


    “….” proving my earlier point…
    Not quite “multiple-dots” (for lack of better word) !!!
    Tonight, while addressing À¢€œyou-know-whoÀ¢€Â, I was actually making reference to the possible use of valium, as I would not imagine him capable of any enjoyment not involving hostility and humiliation, and valium could perhaps assist those (with a guilty conscience) falling asleepÀ¢€¦

    While the subject remains on À¢€œguilty conscienceÀ¢€Â, I truly hope that you will not run out of “dots” “commas” and “question marks” in your determined effort to maintain an “unrecognizable” completely anonymous posture.

    I only wonder if such a choice of consistently posting entries anonymously could considered as a cybernetic example of a coward attitude?

    Just wondering — “!!!!” “????” “….”


    SIMPLETON remark – apologies for oversight
    You are correct
    No evidence should ever be provided! Under the circumstances, such evidence was NOT expected!

    Regarding the “simpletonS-like” comment, I had absolutely no intention to offend you. I beg you to believe the assertion that not attempting to make any sly reference to your chosen À¢€œdesignationÀ¢€Â.

    While making the quoted remark I was utilizing the generic terminology.
    At any rate I profusely apologize for any adverse impact which my unmeasured, imprudent use of the word À¢€œsimpletonÀ¢€Â may have caused!

  • PLT

    Where are you from?

    I am from Seattle.

    Are you aware that the World Cup is going be staged in Brasil in 2014 and there is a bitter in-fighting going on among the politicians of all the states who are trying to build stadiums in the capitals of their respective states?

    Yes, I am. But, honestly, I had forgotten that fact when I wrote my response. Thank you for reminding me. Giving it some thought, Rio may be biting off more than it can chew by seeking to host the Olympics. That is a very ambitious agenda, the Pan, Copa and Olympics all in one decade. However, it may also be an ideal time to host the Olympics as many of the infrastructure and security issues will have already been dealt with. Same with the current lack of adequate hotel space. So long as they spare Help and put the press elsewhere…..

    When I referred to the “state” as the source of money I was making a generic reference – not referring to the State of Rio, but to government in general. My suggestion of using petrodollars was just that, I am sure there will be many hands in that cookie jar. Which brings up another subject for what I hope will be another discussion – why Brasilians tolerate theft by election. Panico demonstrated how easy it is to buy votes last week, a truly enlightning and to me, shocking episode.

    The oil is real, the extraction cost is high and the price of oil will rise eventually to make it all worthwhile. I invest in oil and oil related companies. I have told friends and family for the past several years to buy Petrobras stock for their young children and that it will pay for college, medical school and a comfortable new home after graduation.

    Regarding the French and the Montreal Olympics, well, enough said. If the Olympics were such a burden, no one would want them and they would disappear. Quite the contrary has occurred.

    I am not so adept at writing in Portuguese, please excuse my errors. It has been a difficult language to learn and I doubt I will ever understand 90% of it, but I do understand how many things work in Brasil and have spent the past 5 years trying to learn as much as possible about Brasil and Brasilians. You have an amazing Country and people.

    All the best, and feliz dia dos pais!

  • Simpleton

    infamous gaffs
    Hit into a major de-ja-vu spell when parsing down to Jon’s post re: Montreal. Passed quickly as nothing posted thereafter seemed to carry on in the thread of it. None the less, Jon’s point is valid. The jobs disappearing after, complexes falling into disuse and ultimately ruins (or converted into permanant flee markets), etc. etc., have to be weighed against the productivity, education and other infrastructure gains and future renumeration the whole picture entails.

    As PLT has been on the ground there in Rio for the past three years, IMHO, he is the most qualified to speak of the significant progress that has been made there during that time so I will withhold any observations / arguments of my own other than to say it is to be applauded (while admitting there is much work yet needed).

    Joao, are your eyes / short term memory giving you troubles these days? PLT stated clearly where he grew up or were you prying a bit deeper to find out “Where are you REALLY from?”. You landed rather obtusely on our stats and facts master ch also. It was made clear in a prior post that the Olympics had been around for only a few thousand years. Ch was only closing the circuit. Lula says God made Rio for the Olympics. Being that Rio came into being and the first Olympics were conducted at least several hundred thousand years after he created the world, clearly Lula made another non-head of statesman like claim (How “simpletons-like” is he!).

    Augustus, I would venture that it is more than just extremely unlikely that webmaster JDS will come forward with the evidence to prove or disprove allegations/suspicions .., …, …., Costinha, etc., etc.. Strictly prohibited and would take the fun out of it for more than just one imposter. Don’t let it girdle you.

  • João da Silva

    You better get back to:


    The “Swiss Individual” is about to engage his buddy Dnb in religious issues. 😀

    Will talk to you tomorrow.Time to go to bed. Good night

  • ….

    “excessive use of certain substances”
    Reminds anyone of youthful misadventure in the Netherlands, lets say the late ’80’s? 😉 😉


    JOAO’S latest correction to a “certain” misinformed blogger…
    Perhaps the “Swiss individual” is under the impression that great effort involved in the slow Human Migration across the entire planet (as our ancestors gradually and valiantly spread to every continent for about 120,000 -150,000 years) represented an “early Olympic” exercise – LOL.

    Perhaps this “person” should consider restricting his wise remarks to the proven (and overly indulged) topic of Economics and Statistical data…

    Always giving credit where it’s due, I must concede in observing the noteworthy absence of capital letters in the entirety of his replyÀ¢€¦ Well, perhaps the likely explanation for this À¢€œoversightÀ¢€Â results either from fatigue following a busy weekend or excessive use of certain “substances”… 😛

    (I’m merely indulging in a harmless, unavoidable joke)


    Opinions & Reflections based on the topics recently addressed by JOAO (flattery / Forest in China / Dnbaiacu & Double-dot alleged disappearance)

    Firstly, thanks again for the kind compliment,
    As you probably suspect I derive a great deal of pleasure when passionately addressing certain issues and/or remarks which I strongly affect me, in either direction: support or objection; as such, most of the time I express my view on any such significant issue, the entire exercise represents more pleasure than any actual effort. Naturally, as you also might anticipate, such À¢€œoverwhelmingÀ¢€Â issues do not include instances of malicious criticism, which you know well emerges from any corner, at any time, on most issues one happens to express; indeed, unlike you, who appear to not mind being the target of unwarranted attacks and disagreeable insults, I tend to take it way too personally, as evidenced by the results of a remarkably distressing À¢€œepisodeÀ¢€Â (personally witnessed by your good self) last weekÀ¢€¦

    Regarding the surprising information you furnished on the presence of À¢€œForestÀ¢€Â in Beijing, I must admit I consider astounding! Well, considering the fact that he remains actively engaged on nearly every comment under nearly every topic, itÀ¢€™s just amazing he does not chose to fully utilize his visit to a fascinating, exotic city on the other side of the planet, which offers so much to visitors, in additional to the extensive Olympic venues which could be otherwise visitedÀ¢€¦ Well, I must further concede that nearly everything I find or later realize about this (rather likable) À¢€œForestÀ¢€Â gentleman does not cease to surprise meÀ¢€¦

    As for the equally energetic, religious obsessive (and equally likable) “Dnbaiacu” (whose peculiar chosen À¢€œdesignationÀ¢€Â often trigger a smile in consideration of the À¢€œideasÀ¢€Â conveyed -LOL), he tends to go on irregular strides. If you look at the top of this section, you will find multiple, successive entries by the passionate (likely also young) man, as he amuses himself extensivelyÀ¢€¦ He is clearly an excellent fellow (despite an obvious proclivity) and, like you, I greatly enjoy his À¢€œcyber company.

    As for À¢€œDouble-Dot, I do not quite know what and how to express the conflicting ideas on this topic, which I have recently contemplated and reflected, without the reaching any concrete conclusionÀ¢€¦ As IÀ¢€™m sure you have noticed, the character À¢€œDouble-DotÀ¢€Â emerged during one of my extensive early exchanges with the blogger who identified himself as À¢€œ..À¢€Â

    Openly antagonistic at first, using colorful and cleverly concocted observations, Double-Dot captivated my attention by amusing me exceedingly, despite the intended original criticism.

    Using my À¢€œcustomary flairÀ¢€Â (particularly if/when lost in À¢€œrole playingÀ¢€Â mode), I may have drawn his curiosity and, at some point, jumped into the self-delusional conclusion that we had established some type À¢€œinternet intellectual relationshipÀ¢€Â in a very friendly and mutually supporting fashionÀ¢€¦ Yet, because À¢€œDouble-DotÀ¢€Â is extremely clever, in addition to eloquent, well informed and cultivated, I began considering the possibility that Double-Dot might share one of you À¢€œkeyÀ¢€Â internet character profile, namely the À¢€œrole of chief instigatorÀ¢€Â. Yet, while you openly admit enticing À¢€œthe unmentionable Swiss bloggerÀ¢€Â into making certain comments on issues of particular interest to you,, Double-Dot appears to have taken a similar approach, but utilizing drastically distinct tools. Indeed, I suppose itÀ¢€™s not completely unlikely that he may have deliberately À¢€œassumedÀ¢€Â distinct personas (e.g. À¢€œ..À¢€Â / À¢€œÀ¢€¦À¢€Â / À¢€œÀ¢€¦.À¢€Â / À¢€œdouble-dotÀ¢€Â / À¢€œfour-dotÀ¢€Â / À¢€œnamelessÀ¢€Â and most recently a certain À¢€œ????À¢€Â) while commenting on some of my À¢€œstrongly drivenÀ¢€Â mini-essays, or some dramatic reaction to given comments, etc.

    While it is extremely unlikely that anyone could ever come forth with evidence to either prove or disprove such allegations/suspicious, the underlying unquestionable result has been my deep disappointment across multiple levels and in distinct directionsÀ¢€¦

    Consequently, Double-Dot temporary (or permanent) disappearance from this blog (in easily recognizable fashion) is not entirely surprising, given potentially minor deception under considerationÀ¢€¦.

    (Will I ever learn to be brief, concise, and diversion free? LOL)

  • João da Silva

    [quote]And the idiot Bin the Crook doesnt even now that the Olympics games have been created hundreds of thousands years….[/quote]

    A pure exaggeration and disinformation on your part just to provoke the bloggers. According to what I read during my endeavor to obtain a degree in the “detergent Pack”, the ancient Olympic games began in 776 BC in Olympia, Greece, and were celebrated until 393 AD. i.e 2784 years ago. To say that they were “created” hundreds of thousands of years ago tantamounts to pure disinformation.

    May be you have some secret stats to prove that the games were indeed started “hundreds of thousands of years” ago and the Greeks finally decided to create a brand name “Olympics” 776 years before our LordÀ‚´s birth year and registered the name at the patent office in Geneva. 😉 😀 😉

  • ch.c.

    Laugh….laugh….laugh……. !!!!!!
    And then readers of this site are telling me how odious I am when I have been saying time and again that Brazilians EXCEL at….. caressing their navel !!!!!

    And the idiot Bin the Crook doesnt even now that the Olympics games have been created hundreds of thousands years…..AFTER “GOD” created the world !!!!

    Hmmmmmm….I suppose Lula also went to the best Brazilian University !!!!

    😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉 😀 😉

  • João da Silva

    [quote]A point for Lula to consider: Monteal 1976 Olympics [/quote]

    Sir, I have three questions for you:

    1) When did ya all change the name of Montreal to “Monteal” ?
    2) Is Jean Drapeau still alive?
    3) How is the weather in the Arctic?

    Cheers. 😀

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Many thanks for the kind words, which are undeserving for I lack the necessary credentials (as previously mentioned elsewhere).
    Yet, I wholeheartedly agree with you regarding this particular issue. [/quote]

    My dear fellow, you are as modest as usual. You were the first one to express your bold views on the expensive misadventure our rulers are about to embark upon and I merely endorsed your position giving additional information. 😉 Of course your strong rebuke in your flowery language was an added incentive for me to support you fully in your endeavor to discourage the rascals from spending our hard earned money which could be invested wisely in other projects.

    [quote]I hope you are enjoying your visit to Beijing (assuming you are indeed attending the festivities and I have not misunderstood one of many older entries.[/quote]

    Alas, you misunderstood about my presence in the capital of the “Middle Kingdom” . It is Forrest who is present in Beijing and not me. As usual, he likes to keep his friends in this blog on his whereabouts which we appreciate. So we have first hand Intel from the BirdÀ‚´s Nest which will certainly enhance our knowledge.

    We have not heard anything from your Vassal “Double-Dot” and hope he is doing well.It would be interesting to hear from our mutual friend “Dnbaiacu” on the issue under discussion. 😀

    Cheers and great to hear from you (beware of the Venezulenas) 😉

  • jon

    A point for Lula to consider: Monteal 1976 Olympics

    The Olympics were a financial disaster for Montreal, as the city faced debts for 30 years after the Games had finished. The Olympic Stadium, a daring design of French architect Roger Taillibert, remains a lasting monument to the huge deficit and as such is known as the Big Owe; it never had an effective retractable roof, and the tower was completed only after the Olympics. In December 2006 the stadium’s costs were finally paid in full.[1] The total expenditure (including repairs, renovations, construction, interest, and inflation) amounted to C$1.61 billion


    Addressing the latest remarks by Joao / PVC / mcv
    Many thanks for the kind words, which are undeserving for I lack the necessary credentials (as previously mentioned elsewhere).
    Yet, I wholeheartedly agree with you regarding this particular issue.
    Regarding the views express by PVC, since he has been living in Brazil for only 3 years, and one may presume his country of origin to be in the Developed World, perhaps he is not fully aware of the particular intricacies of Brazilian politics, society & history.
    I hope you are enjoying your visit to Beijing (assuming you are indeed attending the festivities and I have not misunderstood one of many older entries.

    Further to what I have already stated above, I am somehow convinced (at face value) of your noble, well intended views. Yet, you appear to be taking the recent À¢€œso-calledÀ¢€Â huge oil discoveries (which I understand are located in extremely deep, hard to reach & expensive to extract levels) as a À¢€œfactÀ¢€Â, and thereby presuming that there will be plenty of additional Petro-Dollars (or should I say Petro-Euros) to finance the 2016 Olympics.
    Anyhow, resuming the topic of À¢€œacceptable credentialsÀ¢€Â, although Joao is correct when mentioning that I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, I do not believe I am fully entitled to opinionate on issues or matters involving the conditions in Rio or even Brazil, since I emigrated several years ago, and have been using the Brazzil blog (along with occasional phone calls to family members) in order to obtain information regarding the latest developments taking place in my country of birth.
    Consequently, I fully defer most views regarding the current Brazilian conditions and (hard) reality to individuals with the appropriate experience, such as Joao, who not only is a citizen but also a current resident.

    To mcv
    Firstly, I must also thank you for your kind words about my À¢€œpersonality and intelligenceÀ¢€Â À¢€“ you are most kind
    Regarding the points made in your comment to JoaoÀ¢€¦ while I share your lack of understanding to JoaoÀ¢€™s attachment to the Swiss blogger, whom I agree tend to be very disagreeable and appears to hate Brazil), I disagree with any unruly criticism of the views and opinions of À¢€œothersÀ¢€Â. Joao (and anyone else) is free to chose his friends and associations, even when do not meet our personal standardsÀ¢€¦ Consequently, if you do not object, I would like to suggest you consider adopting a À¢€œmore tolerantÀ¢€Â approach towards to views expressed by outsiders and, most importantly to consider refraining from the use of À¢€œquestionableÀ¢€Â words and/or expressions when criticizing other people À¯ÂÅ 
    Yet, since I suspect you are likely to be young (forgive me in case IÀ¢€™m wrong) and therefore eager to express views and challenge opposing views, I surely can understand occasional À¢€œover-reactionsÀ¢€¦ IÀ¢€™m sure you mean no harm whatsoever

  • mcv

    forrest… u sound more like a “gandula”!! 😉 keep doing the good work …the balls back on game!! 🙂

  • mcv

    that’s bring the real critics on game!!! 😉

  • mcv

    in concern about Olympic games plt is 1000% correct

  • mcv

    y u knt define the means of critic joao…u knt compare or bring augusto into this matter…I’ve being reading his comments…it is from his own personality and intelligence….not like yors falowing under ch c path. ch c priority is his own country that nobody brings any comments that could go against it’s course!!!

  • João da Silva

    [quote]I live in Rio, and have been living here 3 years now after marrying a Brasiliera.[/quote]

    Where are you from?

    [quote]Tourism is a major industry in Brasil, one which is impeded by a need for infrastructure improvements. What better way to motivate such improvements than hosting an Olympics? Airports, trains, bullet-train, subways, highways, bridges, all means of transportation would be analyzed and improved. For the benefit of Brasil and Brasilians. Also creating jobs, as these systems will be used for many years to come.[/quote]

    Are you aware that the World Cup is going be staged in Brasil in 2014 and there is a bitter in-fighting going on among the politicians of all the states who are trying to build stadiums in the capitals of their respective states?

    [quote]Where does the money come from? Initially from the State, of course. [/quote]

    No PLT, if the money comes from the “State”, I would prefer it comes from the State of RJ as well as the city of Rio. I would hate to see my taxes being increased twice. First to stage the World Cup in 2014 and then again for the Olympics in 2016. Since you have been in this country for only 3 years, you don’t know how things work. The government creates a “temporary” tax for a couple of years and make it to last for eternity, all by presidential decrees, fully supported by our “Law Makers”. However, if you insist, I suggest you make a large contribution from your family wealth to bring in the Olympics to your beloved city. As well as the World Cup. 😀

  • João da Silva

    [quote].like joao only knows to suck ch c balls and so on!![/quote]

    You must have graduated out of FISK or CCA with Summa cum Laude to use such a language, besides being a card holding member of UNE.

    No need to “suck Ch.cÀ‚´s balls” and “so on”, because I don’t have much from gaining from doing so. On the contrary, you have a lot to profit from being a card holding member of UNE. So keep doing it and also believing in the “Official Stats” being fed to you and your fellow members. After all you are the “future” leaders of Brasil.

    Coming back to the topic under discussion: We have a Carioca (Augustus) who is against holding the Olympics in his city of birth and he could be jumping at the opportunity and promoting his city for his personal “gains”. But he is not doing it. Why not? Because he is thinking about the “onus” for the “entire nation” and his vision is more macro than your myopic view.

    We need more people like Augustus with great vision in power than chest thumping emotional creatures like you. Re-read his comments (which you would find difficult, because of the rich prose he uses) and reflect a bit.

    btw, from the previous comments you have made, I thought you were a rational Brazilian. But you did disappoint me by indulging in a personal attack. It does not bother me, though.

    All the best in your efforts to bring in the Olympics to Rio in 2016.

  • PLT

    Tourism is a major industry in Brasil, one which is impeded by a need for infrastructure improvements. What better way to motivate such improvements than hosting an Olympics? Airports, trains, bullet-train, subways, highways, bridges, all means of transportation would be analyzed and improved. For the benefit of Brasil and Brasilians. Also creating jobs, as these systems will be used for many years to come.

    Where does the money come from? Initially from the State, of course. Sponsors may pay for the games themselves, but the government is on the hook for preparation. And I agree, it is a huge commitment. Yet that is always the case in any enterprise, private or public. You must invest to obtain a return. Invest in people and infrastructure, and gain efficiency and growth. Tourism is a “green” industry, for the most part, and Brasil has the potential for a great deal of growth in that field. The games will come at a time when the offshore oil fields will be online and producing significant revenue. Why not use that source to help finance these badly needed infrastructure improvements which will make hosting the Olympics possible?

    The change which comes about from growth is some times difficult for some individuals to accept. I grew up in Seattle, and the family home where I was raised is now beneath a new runway at the airport. Taken from us by the government for the common good of improving the airport. That is the price of growth. Yes, workers may suffer injuries working on necessary construction projects, but that also happens building homes for the poor, or in constructing sewage treatment plants to serve favelas. It is not an argument against the games. Executing those convicted of corruption? Hmmmmm. But Brasil has no capital punishment, only the police in Brasil are allowed to carry out that sentence.

    Brasil is making progress. That was the point of my critical comments. Defining progress and the map it uses to reach its destination, and the destination itself, is the issue, I agree it must not leave behind the poor and disadvantaged. But, it is my strong belief that providing opportunities for individuals to better themselves is all government can and should do. After that it is up to the individual. I believe the Olympics would provide opportunities not just for Odebrecht or other major construction firms, but also for the workers.

    All the best.

  • PLT


    Thank you for your response. I see the point you are getting at, priorities. I agree completely that Brasil has much ground to cover before being considered truly “developed”, but certainly there is no ideal path to follow (other than, perhaps, finding massive deposits of high quality petroleum…), and no model to emulate, assuming this is really what Brasilians want. But, I see such things as the Olympics as a means by which to move a step closer. A means which could easily be financed using petroleum revenues, rather than have that money disappear into the bowels of government corruption. It is, after all, Brasilians who tolerate that corruption. What was the campaign slogan, “Ele rouba, mas faz”? Put a few of these clowns behind bars and they won’t be laughing any longer. Caccioli? Progress? I also believe that in life, and not just in shopping, that you get what you pay for. Brasilian police should be paid 10 times what they now earn, and be expected to honestly earn every penny of it. This business of tolerating, even encouraging, bribery since “only the guilty pay” is nonesense and only leads to more corruption.

    I live in Rio, and have been living here 3 years now after marrying a Brasiliera. The first thing I did to try to “give back” to my new home was to volunteer for the Pan American Games. I was unable to participate due to the untimely death of my father, but it was a valuable lesson for me in seeing why the Olympics should be a priority. I was very impressed by the other volunteers, the committee made an effort to incorporate as many favela residents as possible, which gave them an opportunity and an inroad to training in the tourism industry – which as you know is very important to Rio, and gave them a tremendous feeling of pride for having contributed. Even without actually participating during the Games themeselves, I was moved by the experience. The Olympics are much larger than the Pan was, and will require tens of thousands more people to serve in a myriad of jobs, some volunteer but others paid. These jobs will provide training in everything from security, maintenance, cooking, guiding, interpreting, you name it. I call it opportunity. An opportunity to for those who wish to change, and it is only the individual who can change and only if they wish to. They cannot be forced out of poverty or a life of crime, held at gunpoint in school and told to learn, they and not the government, are responsible for their choices.

    Another example using the Pan, crime in Rio dropped significantly during those games. The primary reason, of course, was the huge increase in police presence. But, the budget for the Pan spent on security left many benefits behind, such as all new GPS equipped police cars in Rio (several hundred were also shared with other cities in Brasil since the federal government apparently paid for them). GPS! Now, it is possible to know where police cars are, and where they have been. Brilliant, in my opinion! Also, new computers and other improvements in police equipment and training. All benefits of the Pan and which would be doubled or tripled by hosting the Olympics.


    Bush versus Lula – In agreement on that point
    While both leaders are shockingly disqualified for the offices to which they were elected, and while both men appear “simple” and “uneducated”, at least I will give Credit to Lula’s good intentions (even if ill advised) and forgive his ignorance in light of the hardships involved in any upbringing at the bottom of BrazilÀ¢€™s class structure; whereas George Bush is mostly an incompetent and/or selfish individual who was educated with comfort and privilege at upper level of the American Socio-Economic establishments À¢€“ there are no excuses for George Bush!

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    joao only sucks beer out of a bottle
    your mind is a like a pee in a bucket
    to even think brasil could pull it off

    where will the money come from ?????????
    china has 100 times more the resorces as brasil and a billion more people
    and the money well brasil could not even print enough to pay for the bird nest 500.000 million US just for the one field

    where would god put it ???????? if lula is so sure rio is the place
    at least the air in brasil is a bit cleaner .

    also the word going around 1750 people were killed building the complex
    74 were put to death for coruption and out right theft of stuff
    some 80 thousand people lost there jobs as there buildings were taken by the state to build the places
    5400 people lost there homes and were moved out of the city so they could build all the support buildings .
    and then the air port total build

    so MVC & PLT
    unless you own land or a building company
    thousands of people will lose every thing to build it
    your nonexctance farm subsides .
    bolso family .
    nuke program .
    military build up
    road & bridge work would stop
    taxes would triple if not to the 10 power


    Assessing Relevant Needs against the À¢€œLofty SuperfluousÀ¢€Â // Evaluating dignified & elegant behavior during Official State Visits
    While my original comment was restricted to the “absurdity” of the comments made by BrazilÀ¢€™s “unsophisticated” president, PTL remark expanded the criticism into the overall issue À¢€“ the actual contents of Lula’s inappropriate statement, which IÀ¢€™m consider equally objectionable, given BrazilÀ¢€™s greater needsÀ¢€¦

    Following the line of your expanded analysis, I would sincerely have expected that a democratic free society (in Brazil) would prioritize its very scarce resources vis-ÀƒÂ -vis the actual (screaming) needs of the country’s population. In a nation where hunger still exists, illiteracy is rampant and crime is out of control, IÀ¢€™d would consider unrealistic (if not outright criminal) to allocate extremely limited funds and resources for the overwhelming expenditures required for hosting the 2016 Olympic games! Specially because, À¢€œat the end of the dayÀ¢€Â most decisions currently made in Brasilia appear to be designed exclusively for the sake of BrazilÀ¢€™s Image, and unrealistic expectation of becoming a Major World Power À¢€œnearly overnightÀ¢€Â, regardless of any costsÀ¢€¦

    Considering that Beijing has wasted over $100,000,000.00 to show the world that China is now a World Power, it would be utterly responsible for Brazil to even consider emulating such an a wise decision, particularly because the two countries have drastically distinct realities not to mention vastly different political systems where such policies are formulated & funded.

    Rather, BrazilÀ¢€™s image would be greatly enhanced (and itÀ¢€™s government respected worldwide) if its efforts were focused addressing its uneducated segments of the population, overcoming the infamous disparity of income distribution, implementing a fair land reform, rebuilding (the decaying) national infrastructure, eliminating or reducing the propagation of Shanty Towns, and addressing rampant crime in most major cities (most notably Rio = the intended site of the 2016 Olympics)À¢€¦ Most importantly, addressing the blatant cases of corruption in Brasilia, and refraining from sending the nationÀ¢€™s leading representative on multiple, never ending world tours to launch unrealistic lofty projects while making very embarrassing public statementsÀ¢€¦

  • mcv

    please read “u Couldn’t put in a better way”

  • mcv

    applauses….u could put in a better way!!!that’s what I’ve seeing in this blog for so long from must of brazilians…like joao only knows to suck ch c balls and so on!!this people only have to say negative things form Brazil facing such good news that have being posted in this site!!!
    tanks !!

  • PLT

    Don’t you ever get tired of being so endlessly negative, so obscessively against everything that might help Brasil, might bring Brasilians together and might, God forbid (does this reference to the almighty offend you as well?), lead to a better Brasil?

    I view the comment by Pres. Lula about China itself as the most important. China used Olympics as a focus for their development efforts and these games motivated the Chinese people to work toward a common goal which, in the end, will improve their lives and the lives of their descendents. These games have brought China into the wold spotlight like never before, and they have changed. Changed for the better. Certainly they have a long ways to go, but which is better – a move in the right direction or a move in the wrong direction? You don’t think the same would result in Brasil? Of course not, you don’t even want to see Brasil have the chance.

    I view the Brasilian effort to secure the 2016 Olympics in Rio as a similar venture as took place in China. One which has the potential to further unite South America, and which will unite Brasilians and instill the pride which obtaining a goal brings to people. This Olympic bid is already shining light where no light has yet shone, and it will illuminate and bring attention to problems in Brasil and thereby help lead to change. Brasil is on the verge of greatness, which is apparently much to your dismay. Certainly Brasil has obstacles to overcome, indluding the embarrassment of having so many corrupt and dishonest politicians. So many living under the control of courrupt police and/or drug and criminally financed gangs. However, believe it or not, progress has been made and is being made.

    With regard to Pres Lula himself, well, I have to say “better a Lula than a Bush”.

    All the best.

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    you tell it AUGUSTUS
    to say the money does not matter , that is very small minded of him
    where would brasil find the space in rio to build such a building complex .
    the air ports could not handle the people .
    public transportation would go bust ,
    not near enough police and real security to work the games .
    food , water, elecrity . hotel rooms , i could see all the motels in RIO filling up with familys

    france , brasil , cuba , china , vensula , and the UN have said nothing or very little about russia in georiga
    got to hand it to them to choose to invade during the games the old slide of hand

  • João da Silva

    Absurd, Embarrassing, and Unacceptable statement
    Thanks for putting my thoughts in very elegant prose! 😉


    Absurd, Embarrassing, and Unacceptable statement
    Although well intended, this latest remark by the unremarkable Brazilian president is not only ridiculous and embarrassing, but also a completely unacceptable & biased statement.

    One should attempt to assess oneˢ۪s rank and symbolism before uttering nonsensical, questionable, unqualified and biased statements, particularly during a State Visit, and specially during a world event witnessed my most other World Leaders.

    Using À¢€œbiblical referencesÀ¢€Â (creation) in reference to trivial issues is biased and displays the absence/lack of a type of sophistication required for the Leader of an Emerging Nation; making a religious based joke to substantiate his mundane agenda, during a ceremony hosted by an (officially) Atheist State is simply unacceptable and exceedingly embarrassingÀ¢€¦

    This and many of other À¢€œsimpletons-likeÀ¢€Â comments, made by the current Brazilian President (whose very “nick” name is objectionable) clearly display the well-publicized limited education, modest origins, and, quite frankly, À¢€œlower class backgroundÀ¢€Â of the man who sits in Palacio da Alvorada…


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