Tourism and Goat Farming, Priorities of Brazil’s Bank of the Northeast

Beach in Brazilian Northeast Micro and small companies in the Northeast of Brazil remain among the main focuses of the BNB (Banco do Nordeste – Bank of the Northeast), whose target for disbursement to the sector this year is 1 billion Brazilian reais (US$ 610 million). This challenge is being reached through work turned to specific market sectors, reduction of interest rates and differentiated treatment to economic sectors like retail trade and tourism, among others.

These actions were intensified after 2004, when the BNB signed a cooperation agreement with the Sebrae (Brazilian Micro and Small-Business Support Service). The document forecasts that both institutions promote the expansion and improvement of micro- and small-company access to credit, considering the enterprises located in the area of operation of the Bank of the Northeast, including the north of the states of Minas Gerais and Espí­rito Santo, and greater exchange of information, cooperation and other related activities.

In 2007, the volume of funds budgeted for credit to micro and small companies was 600 million reais (US$ 366 million). The volume of operations approved exceeded the forecasted budget by 25%, reaching 753.1 million reais (US$ 460 million).

For 2008, a budget of 1 billion reais (US$ 610 million) has been established. In June 2008, 49.5% of this total had already been reached, with disbursements of 495.4 million reais (US$ 302 million), in 32,551 operations.

The manager of the Financial Service Access Unit at the Sebrae, Alexandre Guerra, explained that the agreement signed between these two institutions prioritizes three axes: expansion of the analysis and concession process, credit advisory as well as support to priority sectors and activities – like tourism, sheep and goat farming and retail trade.

"The Bank of the Northeast is a bank with great knowledge of the reality of local micro and small companies," said Alexandre.

The superintendent of the business area at the BNB, José Walter Bento de Freitas, explained that a short while ago the 'Business Environment with Micro and Small Companies' area was established at the organisation, aimed at developing business strategies to expand the client base and business. "Supporting micro and small companies is promoting the development of the region and of the country," stated Walter.

In the areas that have demand, managers are dedicated to assisting micro and small businessmen. Today, of the 177 agencies of the BNB in the country, 60 have this kind of professional.

The bank also works with Development Agents who, at the site, identify the most productive chains in a given region. This work of prior structuring has contributed to supply more guided to the needs of micro and small companies.

"When we identify that businessmen need greater training, we call on the Sebrae. We invest not only on the pre-credit consultancy, but also in post-credit consultancy. In this sense, we have already established two partnerships with the Sebrae: one in Rio Grande do Norte, with the Live Company Program, and another in Ceará, for consultancy. The idea is that, in partnership with the Sebrae this work may be developed in all the states in which the organisation operates," explained José Walter.



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  • dnbaiacu

    On that note…

    Y’know, maybe they could combine the two and corner the zoophile sex tourism market.[/quote]

    I saw your interview in Jewells book.. Parabems! 🙂


    MICHAEL – there have been many strong objections before…
    It’s clear that you do not visit this blog nearly as often as some of us do…
    Four to five weeks ago, when I “discovered” Brazzil Magg &, I was completely outraged by the countless attacks entered by the Swiss Blogger; in fact, I find that I have even developed a strong dislike for Switzerland as whole (which, I must agree, is a bit drastic).

    Almost immediately, I started objecting to this gentlemanÀ¢€™s clear distaste for Brazil and Brazilians and my criticism grew exponentially as my distaste, disapproval, and outrage increased upon reading each new entry. Yet, I suppose I have recently moderated my criticisms to a certain extent, perhaps by virtue of association and discussions with other regular participants of this blog. FYI – he generally refers to me as “Augustus, the genius”

    For your convenience, I happen to have bookmarked some of these entries À¢€“ Just look for my name (generally at the end), and you will surely find them loud and clearÀ¢€¦.

    Please find below, a few bookmarked examples – for your perusal

  • Michael

    Uh guys…the Swiss blogger may be intelligent, but anyone who has written as much as he has on this site and has never said ONE positive thing about Brazil has issues…also, the way he goes on about how perfect his country is shows he lacks any kind of perspective…nothing is all good and all bad, which he basically demonstrates as his views in every single post.

    I would like to know the percentage of his life he has spent bashing Brazil…I also don’t agree that he is a ‘good’ guy.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Based upon your previous entry, you access certain threads only as they remain available, which explains the reason why there are so many of them where some of my answers to your entries or comments for which your views were expected, have never were answered or notedÀ¢€¦ HmmmÀ¢€¦ (live & learn À¯ÂÅ  )[/quote]

    I comment on threads that interest me only and I divide them into 3 categories a)Funny and cheerful where we can involve in harmless banter b) Serious issues that affect domestic and international affairs c) the ones where the Academics go on ranting and raving without giving any concrete solutions (many trying to reinvent the wheels) and inciting xenophobia .d) the ones with excess number of commentators who are trying to compete with each other to prove how good they are.

    I consider all the blogs to be a place to make good friends and agree to disagree (quoting you) and there is no need to prove how good we are. Because I know I am good and why put the others down?

    One thing Ch.c and I have in common is “why should we caress our navel”, when we are doing something wrong, yet we do not want to acknowledge the error and correct it? In all fairness, he does recognize though Brazil has brain power, but correctly says lacks management.

    I hope I have clarified your doubts 😀


    JOAO – Providing some comments and reflecting on human condition
    Based upon your previous entry, you access certain threads only as they remain available, which explains the reason why there are so many of them where some of my answers to your entries or comments for which your views were expected, have never were answered or notedÀ¢€¦ HmmmÀ¢€¦ (live & learn À¯ÂÅ  ) Unlike you, I save each and every significant thread to which I participate, identifying them by easily recognizable Key-Words (under À¢€œfavoritesÀ¢€Â), thereby enabling me to revisit any of them at willÀ¢€¦ In fact, after a while I accumulate so many that I am compelled to start deleting the oldest onesÀ¢€¦ Now I understand!

    As for the Swiss Blogger, you probably have not yet understood that I actually consider his mind exceedingly Brilliant, which is however unfortunately tarnished by so many biases and so much inflexibilityÀ¢€¦ For instance, because I do not even attempt to provide statistical data to support some of my views (which in any case are generally focused on À¢€œthe bigger pictureÀ¢€Â), he simply dismisses my opinions/responses as À¢€œinadequateÀ¢€Â thereby disregarding my positions altogetherÀ¢€¦ He calls me a À¢€œgeniusÀ¢€Â in the most ironic possible way, implying his despise for my reluctance to advocate to his obsession towards extreme detailsÀ¢€¦

    In fact, ch-c is an example of an abundantly predominant human characteristic which most people (even the brightest ones) tends to either overlook or simply refuse to consider: that individuals (almost by definition) inevitably perceive reality is so drastically different fashions that their world view is inevitably tarnished by a hidden conviction that only their views bear the À¢€œrightÀ¢€ÂÀ¢€¦ This obvious, but overlooked human feature, my good friend, represents the very essence of all disagreements and conflictsÀ¢€¦ Am I too much of a À¢€œfakeÀ¢€Â philosopher tonight, or what? À¯ÂÅ 

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Recently I have reached the conclusion that it would be highly difficult for any “line of thought” expressed, with alleged from À¢€œSwiss sourcesÀ¢€Â, to be considered either shocking or outright disturbing…[/quote]

    He isn’t a bad guy, though has a sharp tongue. I love to pull his leg, though. He has lot of stake in Brazil and is good to get his opinion while investing in any venture in Brazil. He has very bright ideas too and does not mind sharing with others. Ric and Forrest are great people with sharp mind.I like blogging with all that know Brazil,its problems and come out with some concrete solutions to fix them. I think we should learn to receive constructive criticisms and correct our course of action, instead of going into a self denial mode.

    My thoughts of the day. I hope you get to read them, before the article is LOST!


    Recently I have reached the conclusion that it would be highly difficult for any “line of thought” expressed, with alleged from À¢€œSwiss sourcesÀ¢€Â, to be considered either shocking or outright disturbing…

  • Ric

    Seriously, I am looking for a few good goats to keep the grass clipped, cheaper than hiring someone, on a couple of properties.

    I think parabems looks fine. Richer, fuller.

  • João da Silva

    My esteemed friend – a minor correction… You probably meant to type “Parabens” [/quote]

    That was not a minor correction,BUT..BUT, a thorough dressing down which young Dnb deserves. I am glad that you took initiative to correct him. Train them while they are still young. 😉

    As for Goat farming, I heard that the Swiss are leaders in this hi-tech area.Goat milk is very good for your health and you should reconsider your unwarranted (as well as unsolicited) criticisms of “Goats”. I don’t know if you are aware that in Switzerland, there is a NGO that fights for “GoatsÀ‚´s Rights”.


    GOAT FARMING???!!! (also brief remark for DNB)
    This is the second recent BRAZZIL MAGG article tonight which renders me nearly speechless… Is goat farming something to… “boast about”????!!!!

    My esteemed friend – a minor correction… You probably meant to type “Parabens”
    They have a silly rule in the Portuguese language, where by the letter M, when employed in the middle of a word, it can ONLY be follow by vowels (whichever) and just two other letters, namely “P” or “B” (for instance, eMBalagem / eMPrego)… In fact, this rule is so rigid that even if the word ends in a letter M (which is not uncommon, such as HOMEM = “man”), when the plural is used, the M becomes a N (HOMENS = “men”)

    Just a basic overview of Portuguese 101″ 🙂

  • Thaddeus Blanchette

    Y’know, maybe they could combine the two and corner the zoophile sex tourism market.

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